• Women finally get their complete independence from men with 100% absolution! Celebrate, Ladies! ^^

    Artificial Wombs to Make Women Obsolete - #BraveNewWorldNextWeek

    Come on, men! Everyone to Area 51 (and other bases world wide) where we don't need human women anymore just like they've always wanted. We'll date all the hot alien girls we want and they'll take us for interdimensional rides on their UFOs to any time and place we ask them to as they show off their AMAZING advanced technology. Woohoo! The Feminists can enjoy what's left of this planet on the surface like they've always wanted. :> Are you finally happy now, Ladies?

    PS: Seriously though: The image looks exactly like the alien breeding containers I saw long ago where all the hybrids were already created decades ago to replace this dead end planet killing radiation producing animal killing current 'version' of this project/experiment. Now humans are 'doing what Daddy does' and it's time to make the BIG decisions about these dangerous brats. That's right humans, racing to catch up to 'ET' was never in your best interests.
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  • WOT?! Nature left LEAVES, ON THE GROUND?! How dare she!!!! She obviously has no clue what she's doing! All that effort you created moving grass around to not feed a soul! What a waste of facade. Better burn more dead dinos FAST and blow them leaves in circles for MONEY! You are human, you know better than nature.

    mrrRRRRrRRRrrrrRRRrrRrRrrrrrRRRRRrrrRrRRrrrrrrrhh! mmrrrRRrrRRRRRRRRrRrrrrrRRRrrrRRRrrr!
    Don't forget your hearing protection. Gotta be safe. Gotta be secure.
    mrrRRRRrRRRrrrrRRRrrRrRrrrrrRRRRRrrrRrRRrrrrrrrhh! mmrrrRRrrRRRRRRRRrRrrrrrRRRrrrRRRrrr!

    Just leave me alone, I'm just doing "my job".
    mrrRRRRrRRRrrrrRRRrrRrRrrrrrRRRRRrrrRrRRrrrrrrrhh! mmrrrRRrrRRRRRRRRrRrrrrrRRRrrrRRRrrr!

    Damn all this nature - MUST.... CONTROL.... HER!
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  • I don't get the people of Pitcairn island. (Population 57 or something like that)

    They are 90% dependent on the outside world: Fuel imports for their power system (yes actual power lines), most of their food supply, ATVs to get around with. I mean, it's not like their can mine the place for resources since it's so small. Well, I guess they could eventually make a spoon or something without too much damage to an island the size of your local neighbourhood.

    So unless they are avoiding the 'cop culture' we all have to live with everywhere else or avoiding the entire internet or something like that... I just don't get wanting to be that remote and yet 90% dependent on the very thing you're trying to avoid. I'd much prefer a middle ground like a nice country road far off somewhere and a good functioning farm with 90% of what I need right there, even my own wind and solar powered battery system for most of my gear. Some ethanol brewing for fuel for equipment and so forth, like the old days, basic simple things without having to be a 3 day boat ride from the nearest sea level sand spit airport.

    And get this... "G"oolag street view has already been to Pitcairn and showed me photos of everyone at the dock getting their fuel and supplies. Yup, the almight "G" has already been there and walked around taking photos to show the whole world their faces... slightly blurred out for us but 'on file' for them and everyone in control of the planet of course! They are not as hidden as they assumed they might be because they are so 'special'. If you really want to 'hide', be average, common, boring, not that memorable, and be very independent somewhere common and yet remote. Pretty simple solution because that option exists almost everywhere.

    Island people are strange. They must be lonely too. They're offering free land to anyone who wants to move there. So if you want to be alone the rest of your life with no medical and neighbours you can never drive away from, unless you drive your ATV in a circle for about 5 minutes around the perimeter, then Pitcairn island is just right for you.

    No thanks. Far too visible and deadly for my liking. How many people who have several acres of farmland far off somewhere have their faces on "G"oolag's street view while they are on their front porch that you know of? Not many, I'm sure. Fences, dogs, geese and a bull or two can be very nice for your privacy.
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  • Just a reminder... the most deadly of these people have never been caught... they're still out there writing code against you and the companies that claim to be protecting you still (but failed many times before already).

    It's all so fragile.
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  • This guy gets me.
    This is my room-mate(s), right here, past and present in their own ways. Yup!
    I never used to have OCD, it's not something I was born with... I was just cleaner than the average slob.
    BUT THIS SHIT all adds up! The levels of disrespect and outright carelessness and even harassment causes damage over time because it's 'illegal' for me to RESPOND NATURALLY TO REPEAT OFFENDERS regarding MY THINGS, not just sharing the same bathroom, kitchen, etc!
    If I started a list of grievances (past, and present, 'dealt with' and repeat offences by the SAME people)... this platform would run out of character space in which to type them all out to be accurate and fair. *sighs* FML... because "room-mates".... and yes this is how many have treated me in the past when using MY PERSONAL THINGS. No respect at all, literally. Not all, not always, but even the 'good ones' have their moments, like I don't even matter in the SLIGHTEST to them after they do something incredibly insensitive to me (or they are so brain dead they 'don't even notice'). Hey, if I don't end up in my own place in Co-Op housing unit soon (1-2 years?).... well, tax payers may be paying A LOT MORE taxes where I'd probably end up. "Rent" is 1000 times more there than a Co-Op, just saying. Monthly rent here is more like DAILY there, and that would not come out of my pocket, that'd be impossible!

    /End #PWD rant.
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  • Open letter to "Dahboo7" from Purple Crow (someone brave enough to have their 'legal name' in public).

    D: The fallen angels are here and the guv is covering it all up, I'm TELLING YOU!

    PC: Yeah, we're here, D... but we're here for the fun of it. Humans destroy themselves while we enjoy some good music and epic memes. No need for 'holy wars' or books written by dead people about the bogey man to 'accomplish' what takes zero effort on our part. You do it to yourselves all by yourselves. Some of us just like a front row seat, like your friend George Carlin said. :>

    At least tune in to a more wild soundtrack than that crap you're still into (ugh)
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  • Rant about how deadly parents are to all of society and why they are the reason the world never changes.

    Human children who have parents are brainwashed by all their bullshit on a massive scale. That's why as teenagers they rebel so violently against everything the more they realize just how much they were all lied to... and what they were made to do or beLIEve in for so long. The more HONEST you are with kids from day one the less reactive they are as a teen and more responsible they are as an adult. But "Don't let any other people in society know" about your advanced thinking... because something even more powerful than propaganda is JEALOUSY!... and other 'adults' will DO JUST ABOUT ANYTHING to keep their place in stupidity and fear and get rid of you! Parents will blatantly and covertly MANIPULATE all kinds of children to do their bidding from fear and jealousy... worse than any politician, religious gang, or government (take your pick). This is why the world never changes: Parents. It's a global human genetic pattern that's unbreakable. Just try and 'fix' this... you can't do it. Every little tiny family is an almost air-tight unbreakable microcosm (they'll claim it's 'love' of course)... but it's merely a cancerous pustule of regurgitated global memes about senseless fear and perpetual manipulation of their own offspring. If you even try to break these patterns and start your own UNIQUE family you're a "dangerous cult" and the jealous will scream "think of the children!"... and you will perish ...or suffer for many years (if not the rest of your miserable life). Basically humans are monsters... and what little hope I have at times is with all those massively rebellious teenagers out there who do whatever they think is best, which is not usually the best decisions... sometimes quite the opposite... but it keeps all those 'parents' PROPAGANDA and JEALOUSY in check... sometimes. I know that's not much, but it's the only hope we've got to end such a planet killing pattern of lies, propaganda and senseless fear over the stupidest of things like fear of our own bodies and being forced to worship the bogey man in the sky in so many ridiculous ways "or else!" If anyone's going to 'smash the system', it's not adults, no way, never gonna happen, they have 'a plan', 'a mission', 'a purpose'... in other words "attachment" to a specific outcome! No, it's teenagers who have no idea what they are doing other than just wanting to be FREE from all the bullshit, and thus have more chaotic power to make real changes in the world by first collapsing everything that's already "stupid" to them. That's the key to rebuilding everything... first it must be cleansed... and they are just the people to do it, for many of them already have a sense of 'no hope, no future, just do it'... and that's where it begins. Everyone else just wants to take a piece of the old crap and 'make it new' where they benefit in some way... which makes sense.... but 'sense' will not save you as everyone else will disagree with you, attack you, kill you for your liberty and freedom anyway, so you go nowhere just spinning your wheels going in circles just trying to stay alive another day. No, it's the most rebellious of teenagers with their young virile bodies and crushed minds just breaking free from the garbage of a bullshit reality who get the biggest reactions and results from everyone else with a 'goal' who never get anyway (for long).

    Do whatever you want with this random rant. Decide if it's 'true' or not for yourself. I'm not suggesting anything.... you'll figure it out yourself eventually.

    Just note that I did all this at 13 years of age in the early 80's... and I've never changed... I just no longer 'look the part'. Call me "Boomer" all you want... but a more accurate nick-name is "The Joker". :>

    "The Reptoid" (Since 1982)

    #Anarchy means self-rule and 'to hell with recreating past traditions' (spiritual freedom to create YOURSELF).
    Edit: Additional: And I still think Skinny Puppy, Zoviet-France, Tangerine Dream and Throbbing Gristle are the best audio projects ever created (by rebellious 20-year-olds (when they first started / first few records / late 60's to early 80's underground)). You never hear THAT played as 'background music' in the dead malls of today while shopping for the basics.... BUT IT SHOULD BE! (Just my opinion of course).
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  • LIVE: "Astronauts repair cosmic ray detector".... uhhhh.... 4 hours later.... still dead air........(beeeeeeeeeeeee........).
    Me: "Hmmm"
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  • Free-men don't BEG their 'rulers' (liars and pedos) for 'help' with their natural born free will rights being 'stripped'.... while they 'strip' children n4k3d and ra3p them until dead. #IVoteForMyself #EpsteinDidntKillHimself #PrinceAndrew was there.
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  • "Based on his interactions with a staffer on a Senate intelligence committee, he believes there is an actual concern that non-humans could somehow infiltrate government, he reported."

    Hahahahaha! Silly human politicians.... if we've had that certain isotope of Uup 115 you've yet been able to synthesize all these years which enables space, 'time' and dimensional travel... you think we'd be even remotely interested in your minuscule interpersonal issues as a barbaric tribe with dead Pineal glands telling lies every day of your pathetic lives? .......Then again, you could be a lot of FUN to play with. *Brings out ET laser pointer and makes you chase "UFOs" for several millennia* Oooh! Hahaha! Did you see how high that one over there jumped?! Hahaha! OK, this might be fun after all. *Ponders getting his human DNA suit out to go live among them for a while just for a laugh as well* Believe me, you have little to worry about as you have nothing to offer us... but you sure are fun to mess with. ^^ Say "Meow" for us. Teeheehee. ^^ So cute (at least at a distance - up close yer kinda... well... gross, really)!
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