• Carcinogenic (death by cancer), Mutagenic (gene mutation illness (permanent)), impairment of fertility of humans (sterilization of the whole species)... but you're giving this to your kids??? Guess who thinks you SHOULD be if you aren't already! That's right... the FreeMasonic Baphomet worshiping Clinton Crime Family (and EVERYONE ELSE involved in that same cult).

    FDA.guv 13.1 Read it yourself. #Facts
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  • The confused: "...but the irony is you keep posting about all that you say you're trying to avoid."

    Chaos: I go to the 'show' to see if it'll actually be interesting to me... well, some shows. Not all. This is about my own amusement... no one else's. I have free will. If I find something only a couple layers deep, I become bored. It's my nature. I also dislike common pop music for the same reasons. It's boring as fuck. Many agree with me, but not all. The basic plot that some people get hooked on is only 2 or 3 layers deep. It's the really DEEP stuff that I enjoy, truly... along with beautiful nothing, non-existence, like falling asleep at night and enjoying doing so, where there's no more humans at all... just infinite nothing... until I dream... and those are usually just the echoes of all my disappointments in this human illusion everyone's so fucking addicted to. I'm not, however. Earth is just a place... and not even a very good one. If that bothers someone, that's fine. Their choice. Truth doesn't bother me at all though. There's nothing ironic about my action regarding triggering the general public to REACT and do even crazier things than they already are... it actually feed my interests. I take things from layer 1 and 2 and cram them into layers 3 and 4 and ignite actions at layers 5 through 9 (if all goes well), and THEN I am amused. :> See? If you can see all these layers then it all makes perfect sense. If you only "read" or "watch" what I do, you won't even 'get' what's happening. And this public posting shit... man... this is only a tiny little piece of what I do that you DON'T see posted anywhere. :> It's rather difficult to travel at the speed of light and through time... just as a fun little comparison. When one is stuck in time and space (illusion) and only reads and sees and acts solely upon such, well... that's all you'll ever know... but it's a FUN ride for many and they are happy about that, so I leave them alone... usually... not always. Sometimes I give them a good shake up as well as see if they are DEEPER at the core ...but that doesn't always work out so I don't really care as the results are usually terrible. I prefer to get Alex Jones saying things like "A Purple Pengin told me..." or David Icke saying "The Reptoids..." or Prince Andrew 'stepping down from all the public pressure', or back further having the Masons INVITE me into their lodges for a HIGH position while the OTO gives me death threats and the entire gothc community shit-posts about me until "something truly mysterious" happened to Kim McCann involving 'Reptoids' of all things..... what are the odds huh?... and things like that. I've done too much to share as this little post is already "TL;DR" for most people... and I've only scratched the surface of a massive Neutron star of details I've lived first hand. I have no hope this clears things up from the obviously simple into the amazingly complex truth to which it truly is.... because people will "interpret" whatever they 'want' anyway.... so truly... if I said nothing at all.... "What changed?" Thus no care or expectation about even my own words at this level. I don't expect anyone to ever figure all this out, what I do, or why. The multiverse is chaos, pure, simple, chaos. I like that. :>
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  • But I was told by humans that they "IMPROVED" society by creating official systems of 'red-tape' everywhere called government and corporate bureaucracy.

    Is this a faster short-cut once again to getting what's yours from 'the banks'? Has it come to this? Maybe it's time to remove one's self from all kinds of 'systems' and make life simple and direct again to avoid several months of 'hurry up and wait' for every damned thing that belongs to you already.

    South African family brings corpse to insurance company office to show proof of death.
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  • California is powerless. The slowest deaths possible for greatest condensed number of SJWs and Leftists. Leave CA now!

    New PG&E Rolling Blackouts to Affect 450,000 People In California Starting Today.
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  • Starvation for the masses who still think FreeMasons (#Baphomet worshipers) are "not an issue". Oh really? You probably also think Epstein 'killed himself' and Prince Andrew being on the same planes with Epstein was all just a 'coincidence' as well, huh?

    2020 Economic Upheaval: Mass Crop Failure In America, Europe Losing 1000 Farms A Day

    How long will 'society' last with no more food?! I'll tell you... THREE days maximum before 100% global riots.. and a week later mass deaths begin for a month. A very SWIFT 'cull' indeed! The rest ('survivors') are like 'poppin fish in a barrel' for the 'leet' (with ALL their ADVANCED gear).
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  • Johnny Carson, many years ago, during his evening program, joking about Prince Andrew needing a 'new girlfriend' as part of a written planned skit. FreeMasons, in this case a "Shriner", dropping clues in plain sight as a public "in-joke" for their own amusement as well as yours. They speak in layers. One for you, and one for themselves. "More sacrifices needed".

    Thanks to the person who saved this clip.

    #Epstein was close with Andrew. You've all seen the photos of them together. Royalty created Masons, Masons created countries like the USA and its 'legal system' ("The bar" (us and them), the Masonic gavel of judgment and the idea of words and evidence 'stricken from the record', etc). Royalty thinks their bloodline is "God-given" and yours is not, that's why they do all this to you. TWO systems, but you only get one... unless you swear an OATH above all others to THEM and serve #Baphomet (until death do you part - and beyond)!
    Owen Benjamin
    They joke about the truth so you don’t see it
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  • If you don't live your life PERFECTLY FLAWLESSLY 24/7 (No bad moods, mental disorders, never get drunk (even once), or not being able to get your seat belt off FAST ENOUGH while in your car and at gun point) eventually a cop will stalk you and KILL you in your flawed moment and get away with murder like the rest of them always do, because statistically that's exactly what they do (like it's their Raison D'Etre) and the whole world knows this. People who are 'too scared to mention these facts' KNOW this is all true... they know these truths most of all.... but they are cowards who foolishly think that by hiding what they know and really think about tax sucking hypocritical road pirate vampires they are somehow going to be 'safer'. Hahahaha! No one's gonna help you in your death by cop moment anyway, ya coward! it doesn't even matter - they're still coming for you! Your family, kids, parents, friends, neighbours, government, lawyers, strangers... none of them even matter - You know the decades of video evidence that I am 100% correct... we all are. Unless you are paranoid enough to live every moment of your life like this is about to happen to you if you fail to remain hyper-vigilant 24/7, it's only a matter of time until the CHAOS of COPS terminates your life randomly for one of your flaws and then they go and have doughnuts and coffee all paid for by you and your friends and family who used to love you (now you're just a memory).

    #CopLife .................. Still think paying taxes is 'a good thing'?! #Idiots
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  • Then: "Technology will save us all and make our lives better than ever!"

    The Next Big Blackout: Anger Rises As 1.8 Million People to Lose Power In California
    More fires, loss, deaths, many even CAUSED by the rolling black-outs.

    *Joker claps* "oh... bravo..."
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  • Humans are so quick to judge that when vegans became a public nuisance on the internet the general public started confusing vegans with vegetarians like a typical mob of psychopaths. They didn't even stop to ask vegetarians what their views on vegans are or what the difference is. One is far more political than personal health-related. Vegetarians don't go around telling you how to live your lives, that's what vegans do. Vegans often 'liberate' animals and destroy farmers' lives. Vegetarians let farmers chose their own lives and would rather just avoid them if they feel they are not necessary to them personally. (IE: Free market). Do you want to get into the core difference though since you're still wondering what that is? "If it has a brain it feels pain" (and has an Amygdala - Love/Fear part of the brain - "R-Complex" or 'reptilian brain'). If you had to choose between having your nipples played with or being killed, which would you choose? (Don't kid yourself). Cows truly enjoy being milked. Bees would rather not sting you as they know it means certain death for them, but they will defend their hive for the greater good, so the occasional loss of some honey is not as much of a threat as long as they know their hives are respected (however that comes to be) and only a portion is taken on occasion and no harm comes to their kind - it's just stored reserves anyway. Nature is what it is and it's a world of "eat and be eaten", but whenever any one species becomes too much for the world it kills almost everything else off and thus DIES itself (like a virus or cancer). Now, humans have SOME 'brains' about themselves (barely) enough to realize that in order to SURVIVE THEMSELVES from their own inevitable self-destruction from over-consumption and toxicity they have to be 'SMART' about what's left on Earth and what they are doing to the planet, so they figured out how much other animals eat (that they used to eat) (using their tools called 'science' and 'math') and what those same animals eat and how much MORE food there is for humans if they stopped eating 'meat' all the time and their little minds were 'blown' by the logical results... plus suddenly they had more 'milk, cheese, honey' and everything else out there in abundance following such a path. Some suggest that humans are 'cheating the natural order of the universe' by becoming vegetarian and are only prolonging their inevitable self-destruction anyway, but meh, you still have to decide if you want to live or die every day, and that's your problem, not mine. If you 'snuff it' there's more food for me, and I'm perfectly OK with that. I'm no 'vegan'! I'm not that 'political' (or short-sighted). Anyway, humans also created something called 'doctors' and asked them to study the difference in diets and again were 'mind blown' by the medical results of a vegetarian diet compared to meat-eaters. The thing about science and medicine though is it's not political... and that's where vegans took over and became EXTREMISTS rather than the common-sense realists that their vegetarian counter-parts still are to this day. But a few years later, they were no match for the 'breatharians' (food supposedly obtained by just breathing 'through the top of your head')... the only problem is, none of the breatharians live long enough to ever seriously over-throw the vegans.... as weak and malnourished as they are.... thus the vegans get most of the political arena with all their passive-aggressive whining and stolen medical and scientific facts from the vegetarians.

    Less confused now? :>

    51 years a vegetarian and would have been dead long ago if I wasn't. Billions of lives saved and thus more food for myself and YOU as well by mere proxy of my personal choices. You're welcome. Keep the change. :>

    #Science and #Medicine for personal survival - Fuck #Politics for weak temporary 'clicks and subscriptions'.
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  • Magazines on tape and the machine that plays them.
    Handheld cassette devices for the blind or partially sighted.

    Begin rant:

    No matter the situation, I do prefer buttons that are finger-sized that match my current body to anything else because I can use them in the dark or at night and even during the day I don't have to stop everything else I'm doing to scroll through menus and nonsense just to get one small important thing to change to stop me from throwing a device out the window. (My technician has seen me do that - it happens - poorly laid out gear and or computer programming gets a free flight on 'Chuck it' airlines - When I had my pool, sometimes I'd even leave the devices on and active for a really glorious death of the horrible creations - That's how important good swift sturdy reliable lag-free easy to find controls are to me - Imagine if your guitar had hidden strings you had to use a dimly lit computerized menu to get to mid-performance just to play certain notes, or if you had to use two hands in an awkward position much like some kind of gang sign just to be able to leave your own house on time or to be able to hold some change from the corner store... that's how ridiculous most modern gear is to me - it seems as if humans are creating more and more things that actually get in their own way (like drop-down menus covering other buttons you were about to press and then hit accidentally instead) than the way things used to be with dedicated reliable buttons that stay in the same place they've always been rather than always jumping about your screen constantly or having to press 12 buttons (steps) to get one simple task that used to take only one click to achieve previously).

    End rant.

    Note: Were you able to find my rant effectively? Does it stand out alright? See what I mean? Nice, large, easy to find, fully separated chunks of 'something' rather than convoluted difficult to access information solves everything. If only computer programmers and device creators could learn this, our world would be a far better place to live. Hint: SPACE is as EQUALLY important as items. Small compact layered CLUTTER sucks!

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