• The 'Galaxy Platform'

    Simply stated it is the Next Big Thing - bringing together the integration of 1000's of leading functions, apps, cyber-tools into one seamless platform known as the "Galaxy Platform". It combines the best of the internet now and many new never before seen innovations, in one simple to use fully integrated e-commerce app platform.

    The platform was designed to encourage the establishment, growth and development of businesses, to eliminate almost all the cost and complexity of marketing for SME's. The platform removes barriers to entry such as marketing complexity, money for advertising, business management, expense to capitalise, online expertise, challenges of expansion, staff management, customer service, training and development, 24-hour trading etc. - for millions of businesses and their billions of unique ideas.

    The trading power of the Galaxy platform does all the hard work by having a “one stop shop” for all business management and marketing needs, from sales pipeline management to instant marketing, staff management to archiving, customer service to online security, payment gateways to warranty assurance, event creation to advanced communication platforms never-before seen. The Galaxy Platform has done the big thinking so people and business can do the smart connecting!

    Corporations can communicate, solve, compete, find, manage, supervise, resource and sell at an unprecedented scale - while governments can close the business online taxation leaks and loopholes and strengthen many cyber security gaps while communicating at a capacity never envisioned before both internally and externally.

    Mr. Clive Ettia - World wide Agent for the 'Galaxy Platform'

    ~ Direct your communication via your preferred method of contact ~

    #FinancialServices #PaymentGateways #Charity #NGO #LackingGovernmentFunding #ChambersofCommerce #IndustryGroup
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  • Michael Huynh and Johnny Sharma of Vancouver BC Canada make THOUSANDS of dollars from several rental homes monthly ('easy money'), show up DRUNK (as landlords, on recording), tell tenants it's OK to do something for MONTHS, then serve them a false "Notice of eviction" in the middle of winter attempting to send people on ***medical disability*** TO THE COLD WINTER STREETS! (Homeless) Most humans don't care and won't help either. Monsters all. Need a 'Yellow vest' response to such HEARTLESS FASCIST LYING ABUSIVE HUMANS!

    #Realtor #Rent #Law #Tenant #PWD

    What their tenant does to us and WE get 'punished' for it!!!
    Kevin Priegnitz:
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  • Artificial Intelligence and the coming of the self-designing machine: Manufacturing is in the early stages of a state of disruption brought on by technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and 3D printing. "Additive manufacturing" has already worked itself into companies such as Porsche and Bugatti, and aircraft builder Airbus is experimenting with UAV THOR, a drone made entirely of 3D-printed parts
    Artificial Intelligence and the coming of the self-designing machine
    The Best in uncensored news, information, and analysis
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  • #Labor in #Victoria signed a secret deal with the Chinese #Communist Party. I smell a #DebtTrap designed to subvert Australian freedom. #auspol #ausfam
    Victoria's Labor Government Releases Details of its Belt and Road Agreement With China
    Victoria’s incumbent Labor government has released the details of the controversial Belt and Road Initiative agreement that it signed with the Chinese government last month.
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  • Gender 'X' has entered the realm of British Columbia provincial government ID.
    That means our hybrid identity is now even more 'official'. (Both physical and spiritual).
    #Praegender #Hybrid #ET #Spitirual #Reptilian Alien Soul

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  • Something wonderful has happened! Kim Cascone of Silent Records has sent Chaotic Resonance all of this year's new releases to be played on our wonderfully surreal internet radio station! Already I am planning a "Silent Records day" some time soon. This is exciting stuff! I first discovered Silent about 1992 at a friend's CD store called "Boom CDs" and was swiftly purchasing everything on their label, what I could afford at the time anyway. A diverse range of new and old of all kinds of genres were being explored. I have so many fond memories of sonic discovery back then. I truly hope to being to you that same feeling as I present Silent's latest 11 releases which you can listen to and hopefully will want to support by purchasing a few (or all of them) albums to add to your own special cherishes library of art. This day is most blessed with abundance! Wow! Thank-you, Kim. ^^


    My BandCamp purchase (and gift) list:

    And of course Chaotic Resonance (with 28,500 songs of fine art and madness):
    Play list (updated when I can):

    My own surreal ambient soundscapes and some noise art:
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  • Yet another dumb hyped up video with 20-something's in a dark abandoned location with a random noise generator and a home made "Yes Yes" (OuiJa) board scaring themselves silly and trying to make MONEY from your 'views' (suckers).

    If you stare at static long enough you'll see your own fears as well. Some use a 'black mirror' or 'crystal ball'. Some listen to 'white noise'. "The Devil" lives inside you... because YOU are the "Devil". You are carbon based beasts with 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. You are your DNA. Your fear is your own Amygdala staring back to you; your own reflection. You are but children to the real ETs and Hyperdimensionals to play with, and you'll never understand them no matter how you try. You are locked into your 3D containers... repeatedly... cyclically. Religion, politics, money, sex, everything is here to distract you from your Pineal gateway and truly knowing what you really are and what your true potential is (Gnowing things before time and space). You are playing with children's toys and ideas and promoting the same as 'cutting edge' entertainment, thus perpetuating the programming for the next generation as it's designed to do. This is nothing but promoting beastly 'self-manipulation' (like one handed typing). You are not ready for anything real, truly beyond this 3D illusion; your perpetual cages. Enjoy beLIEving your own inner 'ghosts' are real, yet another religion to keep you 'occupied'.
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  • 'Keep the cat under control!' Assange sues Ecuador over strict house rules which 'violate rights'

    If that's 'designed to drive him to a mental breakdown' then I've got a list of human monsters for you, like Kevin Priegnitz (upstairs) and 1000 others just like him from my past who are far worse! That's nothing compared to what I've had to endure and I don't get FREE LAWYERS do defend myself against these human monsters! Where you think my medical PTSD came from? I've been through 'war like conditions for many years' according to two doctors... and it's ongoing.
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    10 Best Pictures Which Prove That ‘Men Will Be Men
    History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives. A man’s life is usually enjoying what he loves to do and which he considers his sole purpose of existence. Which is wild and free but when he’s a gentleman, don’t be mistaken by his behavior he is simply a patient wolf. While they are officially considered the most hard-working still lazy at home, strongest but emotionally weakest and smartest but the silliest when enjoying, these contrasting things are what makes him interesting
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  • When they fought for 'Transgender Rights' and then attack other genders! I got one! Screen shot and link to their account.

    Canada bill C-16 invoked. They technically can be sued for this in court... and they claim they are 'trans'.

    Attack location:¬if_id=1539539581587369¬if_t=group_comment

    Their acct:
    Jayden Michalik

    My defense weapon:

    Do you see how this works now? :>
    Don't mess around with your ignorance in public assuming you know everything.
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