• It's a good design. Not their fault such a holy symbol was 'misused' in the past. :>
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  • August 12 2019.

    Once again someone who's life I saved from death (a couple times) about 15 years ago (and I've known them the entire time, minus this last year) has gone completely nuts and now claims "Purple Crow doesn't exist and never existed". Seems us hybrids have that effect on weaker human minds after they witness our skills. "Burn the witch!" *sighs* Yes, many of you are STILL exactly like that; you prefer your "bogey man in the sky" ("God" (religion)) to the REALITY of human hybridization with ETs (ongoing since your creation).

    It took over 15 people over a year to track this person down and get the TRUTH from them over the telephone. They were in tears I am told over just the mention of my name. They are doing their best to live the illusion that I never existed and are fighting their own memories to try to get through their remaining days. They went so far as to DESTROY anything I ever said (in text), images of me, items I'd ever sent them, etc, just to try to create this illusion they are making up in their psychotropic infested mind. Yes, humans, psychotropics are BAD for you! But your "Doctors" are greedy humans as well and want their perk money! So you're all screwed and lied to by "professionals".

    The moral is that any one of you reading this right now might do the exact same thing to me in the future, as many have before this new person just did last year, and so I am fully prepared for this 7th or 8th time, whatever number of "missing persons" we are at now, and you must realize that this is why I do everything that I do the way I do it. If this is "confusing" to you, just forget about me right now and let's get this over with, OK? I'd appreciate that. It's easier on me, although, after years of abandonment from people who once claimed they "love me" and "can't live without me" I hope you also understand why I laugh at you when you try to project that nonsense at me in your human way. Just stop. You're wasting your time trying to hype yourself up over "nothing", literally, according to your own future-self. I don't beLIEve you anyway. I know better.

    This is why I no longer do anything "important" or "deep" for or with anyone who fails to prove to me personally that they are indeed far more than just another human being. (And I just stated that in the most polite terms possible, rather than how I really feel, it's so you are not "offended" and miss the point of the core of this message). This is also why I keep my OWN copies of everything and would never "permit" you to have any form of control over anything I do, whether it be mutual art and music we both worked on, or my own food supply (I purchase and cook my own food, thanks), and everything in between.

    In the words of a few of these "Missing Persons" from my past who swore oaths of deep love, loyalty and devotion unto me: "I would never leave you and love you deeply and I do not understand why anyone would do THIS to you!" With the facts of reality that I have learned over 51 years of "playing human" amongst you, scales and all, I know these are total lies spun by your own frightened limited egos for your OWN personal sakes and nothing more... although often you are totally unaware of what you are doing or why you are doing it, so of course you think those feelings are meant for "me" (the non-existant one) when they are merely your own crying out for something you are creating inside your own heads ultimately, your own self-created "Bogey men" in all their unique diversity inside each and every one of you humans. The reason the entire world is "fake" is because you are all making everything up... everything... even your "love" for each other... and maybe one day you'll learn the truth of your own reflections as I have.

    Again if this does not "make sense" to you, move along, this message is beyond your comprehension level. Do not fight yourself or your extreme limitations... you'll end up like the rest of my "Missing Person" ("friends and lovers") out there, desperately trying to cling to yet another illusion or dream, rather than accept what they have witnessed first hand themselves and the truth of their own limited reality and their own genome.

    Humans are puppets for the entertainment of ETs... because they can, and they do, and there's absolutely nothing you, human, can do about it... unless they really like you, or they already KNOW you, or they "gave birth" to you personally. The entire multiverse is one massive distraction from being "nothing at all", and "nothing" more, but there is a distinct "pecking order" and it's fine and natural. Accept it.

    Meanwhile... if you feel "fear" now over what you just learned... laugh, because that's about all you could ever do about this, realistically. Pretending I "do not exist" is just stupid... but perhaps that is your true and final place in the universe... right at the bottom of the pit of self-delusion.

    The more "doubtful" you are, the more "useful" you are as a puppet. (ETs: Sorry for spoiling anyone's puppets, guys, but there are a billion other puppets out there, so don't hate me too much for being "too much like you"... we share the same scales after all... and I just want to see if they can actually grasp what I just told them or not. Thanks.)

    Eternal individual family independence, personal sovereignty, and
    perpetual vigilance in honourable absolution, always and forever.

    Their Omnipotent Highness, Lord Purple Crow.
    (The higher form speaking through, the lower hybrid container)
    Our legal Praegender title/name (Bill C-16 Canada) - Protected expression.

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  • Fantastic summer music for wandering through warm estuaries to mountain trails around cool lakes.

    Cloak of Summer by Robert Davies on the Data Obscura label in Canada.

    A deeply entrancing album of pastoral ambient, with the qualities we have come to expect from Robert Davies. Refreshing, enigmatic, and immersive music for the soul.

    Composed and performed the first half of 2019.

    Album design, photos, and audio mastering by APK.
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  • Fun with graphic design. :>

    Trying to Sell Obviously Fake Games to GameStop.
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  • Updated with amazing video.

    Open letter to ALL LANDLORDS in Vancouver BC (etc)
    "On the turning away..."

    On the turning away... Pink Floyd - Animation
    Original & lyrics
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  • Open letter to ALL LANDLORDS in Vancouver BC Canada.

    PERFECT credit rating and long term relationships DO NOT MATTER if you are a PWD... according to MOST "Landlords".

    The blatant passive-aggressive discrimination is screamingly loud and all-pervasive.
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  • Speaking as a Praegender entity under the rights and protection of bill C-16...

    It's like me playing human as an 'equal' and being able to use my Pineal gland to help me make decisions about people before they do things and being right all the time. I may be broken, but I'm one hell of a fucking fighter and always know when to step into or out of situations before something happens that no one else saw coming.

    ...I just wish I could move back home away from this entire species and be with my own kind again... but I suspect without mass contact or a personal evacuation I'm stuck leaving Earth the same way I arrived. And that sucks most of all. But if I see my kind, believe me, I'm on their side WHATEVER their plans are for humanity.

    Remember, my words are protected by bill C-16 as a Praegender Entity as signed by Justin Trudeau and the Human Rights Tribunal. If you discriminate against me you can and will be charged with a hate crime in a Canadian court.
    ...and I can PROVE we exist in court because I already have more than once on record, globally (medically and metaphysically). Now back away from this dragon slowly with your hand where I can see them.... Good.... Thank-you for your understanding. :>
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  • New music that sustains me, my only reason to exist. (PC)

    The Russian prophet of dark sonic surrealism Igor Potsukailo (Bardoseneticcube) once again teams up with the Japanese master of dark ambience Manabu Hiramoto (Shinkiro). "Beyond the Edge of the Universe" is their third collaboration work after "Four Noble Truths" (2011, Athanor) and "Inner and Outer Space" (2015, Zhelezobeton). Like both previous albums, the new release continues to explore the ghostly dichotomy of inner and outer worlds, this time shifting the focus to the border of the known universe and beyond.

    Unknown landscapes full of diverse acoustic phenomena are slowly unfolding before the aural gaze of the listener: from dense layers of synthetic sound and industrial samples to the finest emotional melodies, sensual female voices and echoes of a prepared koto. Such a rich sound palette allows the musicians to create incredible images, in the intricacies of which listeners can spend hours each time discovering something new. Beautiful, delicate and complex cosmic dark ambient music.

    Artwork was created by the St. Petersburg based designer Cyril Kazanov. The physical edition of the album is presented in two versions: a CD limited to 300 copies in a glossy 4-panel digisleeve and an audio cassette limited to 50 copies.
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  • Michael Huynh - World's WORST Landlord!
    HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSER!!! - Vancouver BC Canada.
    *** Lawyers need to HEAR THIS EVIDENCE!!! ***
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  • July 1 2019. 5:10 PM PST.
    Michael Huynh attacked Purple Crow and Rene Clarke again!
    Mental abuse and harassment of PWD!
    We got it all on recording as well.
    Past evidence:
    We're trying to find a good mental abuse layer right now for a case worth millions against Michael!
    Know any in Vancouver BC? Contact us right now!
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