• Purple Crow - Realists make terrible sheep.

    Just to be a realist about things... (No BS of any beLIEf system, including religion, government or societal)

    Those "AA" apologies you get...
    1. They were programmed to do so.
    2. They are doing it to clear their own conscience.
    3. The religious people involved in creating these programs are the same, they do so as a goal to 'get into heaven' (proving their worth to some kind of invisible bogey man in the sky).

    I'd be more likely to believe people who are without 'Programs' and 'Religion' if they discovered things on their own about themselves and then were able to help themselves by themselves. Takes a lot of human will it seems to achieve such, and that's worthy of my attention and respect. However...

    Just like the phrase "I'm from the government, I'm here to help you." Just not worth trusting - especially if we have NO CHOICE (anti-free-will human sheep (government)). Just look at all those cop videos out there - Proof I'm right because it's true. Programmed humans are just not trust-worthy, especially those who are so 'kind' and 'good' in their presentation and plastic attitude... They have the most to hide and are just better actors... sometimes... but I see right through them... even when I'm playing along for my OWN personal benefit. Free humans at least stand a chance, MAYBE, at getting my serious attention for more than a minute. Only THEY stand a chance at truly learning who I really am and thus gaining my deepest respects. (No names, but some internet chatters have actually met me in person at great distance and have claimed to me they left as 'changed people' after only a week together. And that's me in my casual mood for a brief period with a stranger I don't really trust in my home. There's your perspective. They know who they are.) :> (The rest of you... not even on the board yet... apply yourselves, if you wish.)

    Just letting everyone know that I am a realist - I face things head on as they really are, not with 'hope' and other self-created or externally programmed illusions. My OWN WILL has saved my life many times more than anyone else ever bothered to care to bother to seriously attempt.

    If it's your 'job description' it's not real... it's your money talking. You would not give a crap about a total stranger, me, under most if not all circumstances, normally... unless you had convinced yourself (or were programmed) to believe that your chosen 'career' means something to me, and that somehow I'd believe in the same belief system as you, and that somehow that would actually work effectively in 'changing the world for the better'... but frankly I think that assumption is short-sighted... unless you're dealing with sheep. Sheep will beLIEve just about anything - Just look at this world. I've been a 'terrible sheep' all my life. I walk with eyes open and do my best to keep humans away from me after all I've learned. It sucks... but I'm not going around forcing humans to believe me and do as I say at gun-point like the government goes and say "I'm trying to do my job, a career I chose because I care about people". (Groans) Put a sock in it, Lady! Push your keyboard buttons and write your internal memos, fellas! No sheep falls for those games, good or bad. It doesn't amount to anything to the free other than fanciful distractions and 'things to be momentarily occupied by'. It doesn't matter what type of programming you have... "Good or bad", killer or healer, I've never bought into that illusion.

    If you don't KNOW ME, I mean really know me, deeply, personally, directly involved in my life for years, living with me, spent half your life understanding me.... Sorry... it's just scratching the surface of my being... barely even tickles. I honestly think people should rediscover their core motivations to discover just how much their minds have been programmed from society in every way. Religion, government, copying everyone around them ever since they were 2 years old like the little sponges they once were. Language... a meme... or a mental infection that's impossible to ever rid the planet of?... I wonder... I truly wonder. Perhaps this little 'game-breaking' code of words on this plastic screen before your eyes right now 'means something' to you. I don't know... I'm not looking (not even with my Pineal gland right now). But all these 'sincere apologies' from people I've never met who rarely if ever even type to me (digital crap) has got to stop because you're wasting your time. All I read is 'baa baa baa', even if it feels 'so right' to you (subjectively)... you're not even CLOSE to me, stop pretending you are - If you TRULY want to be close to me, apply yourself, TRULY! It'll take YEARS to get there, because that's just how real I am. I'm no sheep. Just brutal honesty from a realist who has no fear about what you 'think'. That's all. I know too much to be a sucker for the suckered or the truly manipulative. No worries though, you've got a billion other 'clients' and 'friends' out there to play with. Considering your life-span I'd say you'll never run out of them. :>

    Realists make 'terrible' sheep.
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  • Etoka records - Various artists 6

    I've been getting into this whole Minecraft thing (late arrival with that very intent) and have been really enjoying myself in that world. The soundtrack is rather nice, but as you all know I run my own radio station and have all kinds of genres playing 24/7... but there's moments where certain songs appear and fit perfectly into my exploring, landscaping and building. It's a vibe that's different for everyone, but there's aspects of these songs in this sampler that seem to fit rather well to my 'crafting' experience as a possible soundtrack as I go about assorted projects or just ride my carts around my domain both above and below ground taking in the whole experience of such a vast space. You will probably get something completely different from these works than myself, or perhaps relate partly in some other way. I just find that certain soundscapes suit a hybrid digital-physical-emotional environment rather well, especially when constructing new objects and buildings, and this is one of those soundtracks for me right now. I would subtitle this release for myself as "Four different soundscapes for four different projects and explorations". Track one: Water world. Track two: Crevasse becomes cavern becomes days of underground mine battles. Track three: A massive build. Track four: Farming... sunrise to sunset.

    Not the description you expected, I'm sure. :> I am chaos... expect me. (I'm 'weird').

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  • PC blocked by Dahboo7. LOL (And I don't care why - still sharing some of your reports).

    Is it because of your addiction to reLIEgion, D?

    See what I mean where everyone has SOMETHING they just can't let go of on Earth and how it LIMITS them from the deeper truths? There's always a crutch of some kind: reLIEgion, Poly-Ticks, Moan-ee, dopamine trips from being a passive-aggressive a$$hole... whatever... there's always a crutch for humans... a habit they can NEVER quit or free themselves from. I tend to respect those who chose beer or music or some other form of personal amusement over some MEGA-addiction like a global meme like reLIEgion or Poly-Ticks. I mean, here's Dahboo and Brian exposing how "BAD" governments are for your personal health while they tote the LIE of religion. There's channels that expose religion but kiss the government's A$$ by the bag full. It's disgusting how those who rant about how bad something is, like AJ bitching about "Globalists" while ignoring the Z10n1st$ completely, while kissing an equally sized HOLE and sucking back the contents there-of. *SMH* But alas... you're only human after all... and I can forgive slaves for not having a clue what they are doing to themselves or each other... as gross as that truly is.

    Meh. Don't care anyway, just want to see who gets 'pissed off' again at the truth being dropped on the digital public street here (internet - anti-social media). :> Hahahaha. Hey... made myself laugh ^^

    #Dahboo7 #Dahboo77 #Dahboo777
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  • Global Masonic actors planning global currency collapse (it's fake anyway, by the way) to implement even more RESTRICTIVE 'money' system (digital) (which is even MORE FAKE). Surprised? Probably not.
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  • What's another name for an obsessed hacker?

    A "CTRL Phreak". :> (*Place digital rim shot sample here*)
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  • See why I don't try to 'save' STUPID people?! THIS is what they are really like when your IQ is several millennia ahead of theirs and far more advanced. Just not worth saving them from losing another several thousand dollars when you only get your life in danger for making a good-hearted attempt. Death threats for being a "Good Samaritan" on YouTube? Forget it! Save YOURSELF from BOTH these scammers AND their ***dumb victims***! Same for all kinds of 'criminal' behavior you want to poke your heads into, humanity. You think you're a hero? Is this crap really worth dying over or wasting all your time over? Other than some FUNNY videos (as a result, sometimes, maybe)... the police never do anything about this, especially in India!.... there's zero value here trying to mess around with the level of corruption and utter stupidity in humans in most regards. It's not going away, things never change, humans are circling the drain and the sink is almost empty. Accept it - be at peace with your fate. The days of Shakespear, Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde are LONG GONE! The few of us who are left at that level of intelligence and wit are all alone living at great distances from each other and stuck communicating through HEAVILY TRACKED and CENSORED digital technology... unless you're living in a commune or couple/family somewhere far off and would never read this message anyway because there's no 'internet' where you are. Maybe YOU have a fighting chance to last a few days longer than the rest of us... but again... for what? Why? Dirt? A polluted planet? A permanently destroyed wasteland? Nah... have a beer, smoke a plant, and LAUGH NOW, while you still can. *Cheers*

    When Scammed American Victims Don't Want Help... How to save them?
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  • Cop thoughts paraphrased globally: How dare you have rights I don't like or agree with! I'm a cop, I'
    m better than you! If you claim your rights which you already have I consider you a CRIMINAL SUSPECT! All those war vets died for NOTHING and I don't care what they gave you! I do what I want to you and will take little fake notes (system computer check) about you in my digital book that I share with all of us blue line cult members (and all other corrupt agencies world wide)... but I'm too dumb to work anywhere else (low IQ requirement to become a cop) and I don't even know that half the force are FreeMasons and Satanists who worship Baphomet and slaughter children for a hobby. (Hampstead Cannibals UK, Officer Michelson Burnaby RCMP (Picton farm native murders and snuf films), etc.)

    This normal healthy citizen handles that blue one's approach rather well. But honestly the best answer is "Am I under arrest?" (Then silence if you are). Or "What am I being detained for?" (And more silence). Let them get BORED and just be a total nothing to them. Don't give them the FREE DOPAMINE HIT by doing ANYTHING at all. Just be the most boring person ever and wait them out. They CRAVE DRAMA and TENSION (XXY and XYY chromosome affliction) and MURDER (that's why they became a cop at the core, they love it or they LEAVE it)... so never give them that. Not once not ever. Be BORING as fuck and have nothing to say. Leave their brains as EMPTY as when they arrived. You've done nothing anyway - so be that nothing from the start of the interaction to the finish. Let someone else 'take them out for coffee and doughnuts' (not you).
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  • A momentary lack of 'reason' (rant)...

    In over 50 years of life on this planet, NOT ONCE has a single "politician" ASKED ME for help in how to represent me IN THE SO-CALLED LEGAL SYSTEM what so ever! And whenever I have gone into their offices, half the time I AM REJECTED from even having the so-called "privilege" of speaking directly with them, let alone having a detailed telephone call to sort serious matters out that impact thousands of people just like me. What does that tell you about these #FreeMasonic #Baphomet club members and their minions? So why would I ever seriously vote for them other than to fuck the entire system up that has NEVER, NOT ONCE IN OVER 50 YEARS, even considered my life as having any value what so ever! I do a lot more than simply "don't vote", I create memes that collapse worlds (eventually), I plant seeds that cast enough doubt that formerly 'stable' agendas collapse, I speak freely as if every day could be my LAST, because in this shitty nightmare world, it very well could be... and I have been through enough HELL to KNOW exactly what I'm speaking about and why I do what I do. I have no specific details to share, and most I've probably forgotten about over the years anyway because I really don't care about a species that I have not been really that attached to since I was 13 years old - there's SO MUCH MORE to this multiverse (and I've LIVED IT MYSELF, DIRECTLY) that it makes the temporary human paradigm and even their 'containers' appear like nothing at all by comparison. There really is no reason to get attached to this place, any place, anywhere, at any time, let alone anyone in particular. Blame doesn't matter, this planet and species is what it is - whether I was alive or not - the ONLY things that truly change this world, and only barely, are doing what I do, as I do it. You can choose your own path and 'reasons' as you wish, I don't care either way... just make sure you get my direct face to face permission before you do ANYTHING against my will (interdimensional spirit and other non-human lives) otherwise David Paulides might end up talking about your mysterious vanishing along with the other THOUSANDS of 'vanished' people who are no longer in this dimension or timeline. :> Maybe I'm 'just joking'... maybe I'm more powerful than I portray myself in this fake digital public arena, but you'll claim whatever you want about me anyway, and even that I gave up on LONG ago when I retired from the paranormal (with a professional global non-government organization of many years). "Will the real Purple Crow please stand up, please stand up, please stand up" (dances). Now, ask me again why I do or don't 'vote' or beLIEve in 'government' even if I'm playing along to get through another day to see what else collapses tomorrow... or to give 'the system' a little push.... over the hill... to watch it crash below (reboot now!)... and I'll just dance some more as I crank the music on my 'insane' radio station of pure Chaotic Resonance. Hahahaha!

    ...but this is just a piece of something even beyond my own conscious comprehension... and...... WOW!!!!!!!!
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  • This is one of Steve's best albums I think, and I've only skimmed through it. It contains so many of his styles and elements throughout, I think it's sure to impress.

    Trance Archeology by Steve Roach

    "Trance Archeology is an album I’ve poured every molecule of my being into over the past 2 years. Very excited about this journey that expresses the magnitude, beauty and mystery of life in all its fleeting glory. I want to share this release with as many of my friends of the music as possible, so it’s offered as a name-your-price digital release at Bandcamp this week. The CD is here as well. There’s also a beautiful T-shirt and 12x12 poster featuring the powerful cover image.
    All my best from the deep end of the soundcurrent."

    Steve Roach

    #Free music this week only.
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  • If you go around bragging about being censored on the internet you are basically advertising that you're the bitch of a faceless digital master.

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