• UN Demands Immediate Fiscal Stimulus to Save World from Crises, Central Banks Out of Ammo.
    "No one will be able to buy or sell ANYTHING without the (digital) mark of 'pure evil' (the death of all free will)" (Or something like that).
    #Globalists #FreeWill #NWO
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  • A digital video editor responds to the common person about their 'genius'.
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  • I Sent PewDiePie's Animals... TO THE RANCH!

    #Epic digital life-saving. :>
    #Interdimensional travel.
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  • Greetings Soundcurrent friends,
    While still resonating from the Ambient Church Concert in LA on August 30th, a spontaneous desire emerged to offer you my Live at Grace Cathedral double album - digital version for a few days at a name your price special.
    All my best!

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  • In Tenebris Ratione Organi by MICHAEL BONAVENTURE

    Give this one a listen. Thanks to Raffaele of Unexplained Sounds Group as well. :>

    The organ: in popular association, both the ‘God Instrument’ and the ‘Devil Instrument’, a purveyor of myriad densities and shades of massed tone, elemental fire and inexhaustible air, capable of inspiring wonder, awe, profound mystery and sinister darkness. The essential nature of the organ, as a synthesizer layering sound upon sound, is controlled by an alchemy very similar to that which generates electronic music. The natural hybridization of these phenomena allows one to explore ever more unearthly dimensions of darkness and mystery, and gives rise to new and bizarre concepts of what organs might be – organs of voices, bells or digital noises and samples, such as those you will encounter on the journey through the imaginary realms of this album.
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  • Advice for everyone who creates audio of any kind, ESPECIALLY VOICE!

    Get a fucking compressor for your AUDIO! Your voice levels are all over the fucking map and sound like shit. Compress AS YOU RECORD to digital, and then compress more after ONLY if certain clips need it. Reduce clips also as needed for BALANCE (No shocking scene change massive level shifting!). Man, this shit is almost FREE today and NO ONE has any excuse for TERRIBLE AUDIO LEVELS.

    One pissed off old dragon who's sick of you kids having EVERYTHING and sounding like CRAP when we grew up with crappy analogue gear and we all still sounded better than YOU!
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  • Purple Crow 50% off sale on all digital music.
    Code name: ThursdayAfternoon (Respect to the album title by Brian Eno)
    Expires: Aug 17, 2019
    Start collecting here:
    Purple Crow
    Dark, Electroacoustic, Experimental, Drone, Noise, Phonography, Soundscape, Surrealism, Voice, Ambient. Music Production. Digital editing. Album mastering. Radio station 24/7: Chaotic Resonance
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  • "I couldn’t have wished for a better introduction to the work of Purple Crow." Psymon Marshall.

    Purple Crow - Blue Grey.
    August 10, 2019

    Album: Blue Grey
    Artist: Purple Crow
    Label: Self-released
    Catalogue no: N/A

    1. Blue Grey
    2. Pipe
    3. Flowing
    4. Blue Grey (Radio edit)
    5. Pipe (Radio Edit)
    6. Flowing (Radio edit)

    You know you’re onto something when the first track (‘Blue Grey’) by this Canadian project opens with a shimmering plane of ebbing and flowing ringing tones that swing in from nowhere, hovers somewhere between your ears, and has the effect of transporting you outside yourself. You find yourself floating somewhere in the timeless interstitial spaces between being/non-being, knowing/not knowing, active/static. It’s a place where all states exist, and simultaneously where nothing happens. Here is where you swim, insensate and yet aware, existing in a condition of euphoria and beatitude, borne along by unfelt currents. All conditions pertain here: not only is there the feeling of bliss but it’s chased by an undercurrent tending towards chaos, a soft but insistent growling emerging through breaks in the roiling background. It’s not threatening, but it still carries a thrill of warning, signalling it shouldn’t be ignored.

    ‘Pipe’ steals in stealthily, a gentle humming occasionally broken by vibrating drones that hang suspended like motes in sunlight. As it progresses one imagines a blue sky against which white clouds drift past and evolve in slow motion, transforming, breaking apart, and reforming. Shapes and stories can read into the gradual billows and curls unfolding, expanding and contracting, revealing and hiding in a progressive unveiling. It’s a secret language, a natural one, the key to which could lift the obscuring curtain from our eyes to reveal the hidden things. Imperceptibly, however, the clouds grow greyer and darker, perhaps a note of caution that everything changes and nothing stays the same.

    In the last offering ‘Flowing’, a low bass drone flies in as from a distance, a granular buzz that, swirls, gyrates, and propels itself through the stratospheric heights above our heads, perhaps an obscure call from the remote cold and frigid boundaries. It’s an all-pervasive blanket of sound, embracing and enfolding, energising and invigorating. It’s the species of drone that seeps into the skin and settles, suffusing the system with a thrilling intensity. One cannot help but feel carried along with its flow, a liberating cascade of thoughts and feelings, letting the streams propel us wither it wants to roam. It’s exhilarating yet precarious, comforting but simultaneously disconcerting.

    These are scintillating creations, awash with subtle textural nuances and microtonic variations, always hovering somewhere between divine and earthy, free-flying and gravity-imprisoned. Each of the compositions lasts twenty minutes or longer, allowing each one to unfold gradually and logically, but never losing their focus or impetus. I found the suite as a whole strangely compelling, yin and yang in equal measure but with graduated shades in between. The art here though is that, despite an apparently limited palette, there’s still a sense of a broad spectrum of colour and detail, nuanced inevitably of course, but still there. I couldn’t have wished for a better introduction to the work of Purple Crow.

    (The final three tracks are shortened, edited versions specifically engineered for radio broadcast, a précis if you like of the full track.)

    Available as a digital download from:

    Psymon Marshall 2019
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  • From a Russian friend with a great music label.

    Within seconds I am inspired to do more music... when I have time after a big stressful move. I really need to find more unique locations for new field recordings to process first. Meanwhile, this album is worth paying for the effort they made to bring us such beautiful remote location recordings of nature with such delightful layers of music. :>

    "Today is a good day to present you a new album by Med Gen, who is known for his wanderings in the woods and recording lots of nature sounds to incorporate his ambient meanderings. This album is probably the calmest work in the project's catalog so far ~ its slowly emerging drones were made with an old broken accordion and besides these slow waves of harmony, some percussive elements and occasional clay flute melodies the voices of nature reign this 75 minute-long journey."

    It's pay-what-you-want and digital-only for now:
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  • I may have a place and not be on the street August 1st! Dragons helping dragons (PC helps himself).

    Meanwhile use my radio station address for all physical mailings.
    Chaotic Resonance
    Unit 72
    3345 Kingsway
    Vancouver BC Canada

    Phone number may change... and for that you'll have to ask me directly if you want it. (And if I respect you, you'll get it).

    *** Hermit level increase to maximum (while still in a city). ***

    Rants will still be posted on anti-social media accounts on occasion and as certain news items interest me (when available).

    And of course I'll be editing all forms of digital audio 60% of my days almost every day. Need something done for your albums (after the 5th of Aug)? Just ask, and offer a fair rate (I'll need the donations).

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