• I don't get the people of Pitcairn island. (Population 57 or something like that)

    They are 90% dependent on the outside world: Fuel imports for their power system (yes actual power lines), most of their food supply, ATVs to get around with. I mean, it's not like their can mine the place for resources since it's so small. Well, I guess they could eventually make a spoon or something without too much damage to an island the size of your local neighbourhood.

    So unless they are avoiding the 'cop culture' we all have to live with everywhere else or avoiding the entire internet or something like that... I just don't get wanting to be that remote and yet 90% dependent on the very thing you're trying to avoid. I'd much prefer a middle ground like a nice country road far off somewhere and a good functioning farm with 90% of what I need right there, even my own wind and solar powered battery system for most of my gear. Some ethanol brewing for fuel for equipment and so forth, like the old days, basic simple things without having to be a 3 day boat ride from the nearest sea level sand spit airport.

    And get this... "G"oolag street view has already been to Pitcairn and showed me photos of everyone at the dock getting their fuel and supplies. Yup, the almight "G" has already been there and walked around taking photos to show the whole world their faces... slightly blurred out for us but 'on file' for them and everyone in control of the planet of course! They are not as hidden as they assumed they might be because they are so 'special'. If you really want to 'hide', be average, common, boring, not that memorable, and be very independent somewhere common and yet remote. Pretty simple solution because that option exists almost everywhere.

    Island people are strange. They must be lonely too. They're offering free land to anyone who wants to move there. So if you want to be alone the rest of your life with no medical and neighbours you can never drive away from, unless you drive your ATV in a circle for about 5 minutes around the perimeter, then Pitcairn island is just right for you.

    No thanks. Far too visible and deadly for my liking. How many people who have several acres of farmland far off somewhere have their faces on "G"oolag's street view while they are on their front porch that you know of? Not many, I'm sure. Fences, dogs, geese and a bull or two can be very nice for your privacy.
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  • "Western Infidels are dogs"
    Woof woof, ISIS leader. :>
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  • Hey furries!... Remember several years ago (1995-2010) when I told you this would happen to you and your entire 'community' the way you were all headed? I was right...and you knew somewhere in the most hidden malfunctioning parts of your minds that I was right all along, and that's why you "HATED" and FEARED me all along and did everything you could to get rid of me while catering to your most SHALLOW and ignorant of 'friends'... you fucking weak cowards. Where are you now, you ignorant shallow fearful sheeple? You're finished! Not even 4Chan tolerated you for long... the most debaucherous, disgusting place on the entire global internet. I warned you... but you never listened to me... to any of us. You had one hand in your pants while you were half-listening to me... until I said something true that 'offended' you, then suddenly I was 'Literally Foxler' (to use a phrase you might understand). Now you're finished... there's nothing left of the "Furry Community" but some artists who do commission art for you who 'don't identify as furry' (why would they?) to keep you feeling like life is almost worth living. Do you honestly beLIEve there's more going on at your events? Do you actually beLIEve your own hype and propaganda? *SMH* And if you had only LISTENED to me and taken my words to heart and acted upon them with seriousness, wisdom, and intelligence, as with most other cultures (non-furry, such as "BDSM" or whatever else I've passed through over the years while exploring your strange world), you could have been so much more. A culture you could have actually been proud of instead of suicidal about. But I feel no pity for you as your own kind tear you apart. You chose this of your own free will. You just wanted "fun", and that's what you got... a quick shallow fling in the world... and now you've got nothing of ANY value to show for it that you couldn't have obtained better or more effectively elsewhere. "Furry" has become a bad word... Pile it in with the N-word now because that's how people react whenever they hear it.

    Just today I was in Milo's little chat room on Telegram and witnessed a staff member of a gay 'occasionally furry' man who likes black cock and is a Jew (Milo himself, the 'snow leopard', haha (Look it up)) THROW A FURRY OUT (Banned for a WEEK!) for talking about your kind on "the wrong day"! (Unless it's Friday, "Furry" is ILLEGAL! Even in Milo's own chat room - it's that hated. Not even the underdogs of the underdogs want you around. How terrible is that?!)

    I warned you......... I warned you........... but you, too, denied me.

    Three brutally honest articles by three different actual "Furries" who were involved (probably longer than you were, if at all) since the beginning.
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  • Yup, it's human technology alright.

    Comment: 3:05 When wolves were added to Minecraft and if you friend them they become a dog and they could teleport... it was a 'leak' of what dogs really do when you're not around watching them all the time.
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  • Humans are hypocrites by conscious selection.
    Cop Kills His Own K-9.
    Creatures bred specifically to be SLAVES to humans (in this case) = #AnimalRights action required!
    Police dogs HARM / KILL humans because humans MAKE THEM harm / kill humans. (Slavery!)
    Human cops MAKE UP "LAWS" to protect their GANG STATUS SYMBOLS. (Their slaves).
    "Two legs better than four, unless it's this dog here, then his four legs are BETTER than YOUR TWO LEGS!" ("Animal farm" INSANITY (George Orwell)). "Our two legs beat your two legs and our four legs are in between us both."
    "That'll teach humans not to be evil!" (Human logic at stopping themselves by creating even MORE MADNESS is fucking INSANITY!)
    XXY and XYY chromosome screening for "government positions" can't happen soon enough! (Look it up - they THRIVE on violent crimes, whether they are a 'cop' or not!)
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  • Do you support Q?

    Q supports Trump, Trump is a Zionist.

    Trump loves militarized police.

    I think every cop involved in every home invasion, arrest of people and murder of dogs and humans needs to wear a big letter "Q" on the front of their uniform like Superman wore a big "S". Maybe then people will understand what's really happening. Q worship is the latest ruse for trendy weak minds who always need something to worship as they get roasted alive.
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  • OMG, the President doesn't have a dog....WATERBOARD HIM!!! Who does this bitter, ugly wench think she is? I don't care if the President doesn't have a dog...I don't care if he hates dogs...I care about getting the globalists out of power...
    Barbra Streisand Uncovers Bombshell: 'Donald Trump Has Never Owned a Dog'
    Singer Barbra Streisand has discovered a huge new piece of information about President Trump Wednesday--he doesn't have a dog.
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  • Human monster with no functioning Pineal gland!
    Officer ID'd Who Came Home to Wrong Apartment & Killed Neighbor - LIVE COVERAGE

    Can you believe humans still let this kind of crap happen and hand out even more deadly weapons to 'protectors' who are worse than ever and often are more dangerous than life without them?

    Cops are not known for the intelligence, but rather their getting away with MURDER of innocent humans and dogs! NO MORE! A badge means WORSE than no badge today! Stop calling 911, use other means.

    She's "Sorry"?!?! I'm "sorry" your TAX DOLLARS go to MURDERERS who hide behind the "Thin blue line". Cops never tell the truth. 100% lies to protect THEMSELVES. Dead victim has no chance to speak the other side of the story (truth).

    The cop will LIE about the most important moment in question (at the neighbour's door, not her own home, wrong place, sees a black man, and SHOOTS HIM!). GUARANTEED! Fear and "Thin blue line". EVERY TIME! A badge does NOT grant "honour"!

    From Heavy:
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  • Payout by Soros mob to disturb Kavanaugh first hearing caught on video !
    Dirty dogs the Dems !
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