• Yup, it's human technology alright.

    Comment: 3:05 When wolves were added to Minecraft and if you friend them they become a dog and they could teleport... it was a 'leak' of what dogs really do when you're not around watching them all the time.
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  • Humans are hypocrites by conscious selection.
    Cop Kills His Own K-9.
    Creatures bred specifically to be SLAVES to humans (in this case) = #AnimalRights action required!
    Police dogs HARM / KILL humans because humans MAKE THEM harm / kill humans. (Slavery!)
    Human cops MAKE UP "LAWS" to protect their GANG STATUS SYMBOLS. (Their slaves).
    "Two legs better than four, unless it's this dog here, then his four legs are BETTER than YOUR TWO LEGS!" ("Animal farm" INSANITY (George Orwell)). "Our two legs beat your two legs and our four legs are in between us both."
    "That'll teach humans not to be evil!" (Human logic at stopping themselves by creating even MORE MADNESS is fucking INSANITY!)
    XXY and XYY chromosome screening for "government positions" can't happen soon enough! (Look it up - they THRIVE on violent crimes, whether they are a 'cop' or not!)
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  • Do you support Q?

    Q supports Trump, Trump is a Zionist.

    Trump loves militarized police.

    I think every cop involved in every home invasion, arrest of people and murder of dogs and humans needs to wear a big letter "Q" on the front of their uniform like Superman wore a big "S". Maybe then people will understand what's really happening. Q worship is the latest ruse for trendy weak minds who always need something to worship as they get roasted alive.
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  • OMG, the President doesn't have a dog....WATERBOARD HIM!!! Who does this bitter, ugly wench think she is? I don't care if the President doesn't have a dog...I don't care if he hates dogs...I care about getting the globalists out of power...
    Barbra Streisand Uncovers Bombshell: 'Donald Trump Has Never Owned a Dog'
    Singer Barbra Streisand has discovered a huge new piece of information about President Trump Wednesday--he doesn't have a dog.
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  • Human monster with no functioning Pineal gland!
    Officer ID'd Who Came Home to Wrong Apartment & Killed Neighbor - LIVE COVERAGE

    Can you believe humans still let this kind of crap happen and hand out even more deadly weapons to 'protectors' who are worse than ever and often are more dangerous than life without them?

    Cops are not known for the intelligence, but rather their getting away with MURDER of innocent humans and dogs! NO MORE! A badge means WORSE than no badge today! Stop calling 911, use other means.

    She's "Sorry"?!?! I'm "sorry" your TAX DOLLARS go to MURDERERS who hide behind the "Thin blue line". Cops never tell the truth. 100% lies to protect THEMSELVES. Dead victim has no chance to speak the other side of the story (truth).

    The cop will LIE about the most important moment in question (at the neighbour's door, not her own home, wrong place, sees a black man, and SHOOTS HIM!). GUARANTEED! Fear and "Thin blue line". EVERY TIME! A badge does NOT grant "honour"!

    From Heavy:
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  • Payout by Soros mob to disturb Kavanaugh first hearing caught on video !
    Dirty dogs the Dems !
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  • greer is a virulent racist who happens to be indoctrinating our kids with secular humanist/marxist philosophy...she's an ideologue...I almost hope we have an attempted violent revolution so we can put this kind of ilk down like rabid dogs...
    Professor Christina Greer Apologizes for Calling Mollie Tibbetts 'Just Some Girl from Iowa' | Breitbart
    Fordham University professor Christina Greer came under fire and subsequently apologized for minimizing the tragedy surrounding Mollie Tibbetts' death during an appearance on MSNBC.
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  • Why do some humans feel the need to help themselves survive this world in this way? Because humans are hypocritical monsters, vile betrayers of loyalty and family - That's something dogs don't understand and would never do, even to a human! #Loyalty #UnconditionalLove
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  • You all think you're 'so different', but you're not.

    New room-mate talks about security risks in my home (hard to believe). We come to an agreement. We both don't want Kevin Thunderfoot wandering into our private space from the garage.

    Yesterday, I'm about to water the nearby dead lawn (no one else ever will!!!!!), I'm dressed, ready to go, door is open, someone in Discord starts talking important shit I need to deal with for 5 mins, and I can SEE the door from here. New room-mate comes out and calls me a 'hypocrite'. *sighs* I yell "I'M RIGHT HERE!!!" (Not good enough to not be bitched at again). *sighs*

    Today I see them leave with their vehicle. I don't think anything about it (not my business anyway - and SICK of being everyone's fucking "Daddy" with ZERO return benefits!!!!! Why do I have to always check up on everyone?!?! - Oh right, to SAVE MY OWN ASS!!!!)

    30 minutes later I go to make some food, I place some garbage by the door and PTSD and OCD makes me do something 'crazy'... I check the door to see if it's locked so Kevin (attacker), who's RIGHT THERE BY MY DOOR ("his garage"), can't walk right in and do whatever he wants to us. GUESS WHO LEFT THE DOOR UNLOCKED FOR 30 MINUTES WHILE THEY WERE NOT EVEN IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!! *sighs again*

    And so I get to my cooking. New roomie comes home and nearby BOUNCES off the door expecting it to be open... has to fight their pockets to get their keys out... eventually gets in. NO WORD ABOUT THAT!!!! but what do I get? "OMG there's so much SMOKE in here from your cooking (veggies)!!! Why is this window locked?!?! (As they scramble to open it... the door wide open across the room). *Sighs again*

    Yeah... you ALL 'SO DIFFERENT', aren't you? You're NOTHING LIKE THAT yourself, right? you're all so NON-hypocritical and SO SECURE and TRUSTWORTHY and would never DIS-respect me when AGREEMENTS ARE MADE! (See second paragraph as I'm sure you're failing short term memory can't even remember that far back to get the POINT of this message.)

    See how I ended up with PTSD and OCD?!?! GET IT NOW?!?! ****THIS IS WHY I AM ALWAYS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!**** (Because I AM!)

    Humans are all TALK and NO POSITIVE ACTION!!!! Self-awareness = ZERO! (And all I get from you is bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch - like the dogs you are - woof woof woof woof woof!)

    My 'long detailed rant' makes more sense than your quick fix bitching! I'm a survivor of you (humans)!
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