• The confused: "...but the irony is you keep posting about all that you say you're trying to avoid."

    Chaos: I go to the 'show' to see if it'll actually be interesting to me... well, some shows. Not all. This is about my own amusement... no one else's. I have free will. If I find something only a couple layers deep, I become bored. It's my nature. I also dislike common pop music for the same reasons. It's boring as fuck. Many agree with me, but not all. The basic plot that some people get hooked on is only 2 or 3 layers deep. It's the really DEEP stuff that I enjoy, truly... along with beautiful nothing, non-existence, like falling asleep at night and enjoying doing so, where there's no more humans at all... just infinite nothing... until I dream... and those are usually just the echoes of all my disappointments in this human illusion everyone's so fucking addicted to. I'm not, however. Earth is just a place... and not even a very good one. If that bothers someone, that's fine. Their choice. Truth doesn't bother me at all though. There's nothing ironic about my action regarding triggering the general public to REACT and do even crazier things than they already are... it actually feed my interests. I take things from layer 1 and 2 and cram them into layers 3 and 4 and ignite actions at layers 5 through 9 (if all goes well), and THEN I am amused. :> See? If you can see all these layers then it all makes perfect sense. If you only "read" or "watch" what I do, you won't even 'get' what's happening. And this public posting shit... man... this is only a tiny little piece of what I do that you DON'T see posted anywhere. :> It's rather difficult to travel at the speed of light and through time... just as a fun little comparison. When one is stuck in time and space (illusion) and only reads and sees and acts solely upon such, well... that's all you'll ever know... but it's a FUN ride for many and they are happy about that, so I leave them alone... usually... not always. Sometimes I give them a good shake up as well as see if they are DEEPER at the core ...but that doesn't always work out so I don't really care as the results are usually terrible. I prefer to get Alex Jones saying things like "A Purple Pengin told me..." or David Icke saying "The Reptoids..." or Prince Andrew 'stepping down from all the public pressure', or back further having the Masons INVITE me into their lodges for a HIGH position while the OTO gives me death threats and the entire gothc community shit-posts about me until "something truly mysterious" happened to Kim McCann involving 'Reptoids' of all things..... what are the odds huh?... and things like that. I've done too much to share as this little post is already "TL;DR" for most people... and I've only scratched the surface of a massive Neutron star of details I've lived first hand. I have no hope this clears things up from the obviously simple into the amazingly complex truth to which it truly is.... because people will "interpret" whatever they 'want' anyway.... so truly... if I said nothing at all.... "What changed?" Thus no care or expectation about even my own words at this level. I don't expect anyone to ever figure all this out, what I do, or why. The multiverse is chaos, pure, simple, chaos. I like that. :>
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  • Many jailors (people who work in jails) are AS BAD AS those they place in those cages... which brings to mind: WHAT is the true purpose of a 'jail' other than to pick and chose their victims for even greater crimes (internal global corruption) and at the very least to emotionally feed off of other people's suffering (Schadenfreude paid for using YOUR tax dollars)? It all sounds rather typically human to this hybrid... especially since it's a BUSINE$$!!!

    And now, some more Epstein details you might not have read about elsewhere...

    #BusinessOfPunishment #HumanNature
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  • You may listen to these ironically, as musical history or in their truest form as if you were there and loving every minute - either way they're a lot of fun to enjoy and not something you'd ever expect me to share with you..... ironically. :>


    "In the town of Overijse, Belgium, there's a special place called The Boogie House. It's the home of radio personality Walter De Paduwa aka Dr. Boogie. He has turned his home into a private museum, dedicated to the preservation of Boogie music"

    The first half of the '60s was a perfect test ground for whoever wanted to make a record for a fistful of dollars.

    The 45 rpm was the king of the place and among the other genres of the day, instrumentals occupied a sizeable chunk of the production.
    The best-known instrumentals came from California in the late '50s, thanks to the surfers who quickly adopted this new guitar sound from Texas. Another compilation this series will be devoted to some of those artists.

    Simultaneously, all over the United States bands started recording lots of diverse and surprising instrumental tracks. They did so for various reasons: lack of a good singer, filler for a B side, a shot at the charts with a different, jukebox-ready mix of an already released song. This Heavy Jelly collection focuses on tunes mainly dominated by a sax and organ, and always backed by a strong rhythm section.These tracks were shamelessly designed to fill up the dance floor. The mark of a good instrumental was often a gimmick, i.e. that little something - a riff, an intro, a repetitive chord - that would act as the piece's signature item. This compilation has been culled from the original 45s.

    Dr Boogie.

    Ahh, the sound of old vinyl crackle.
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  • "There's a Nuke COMING!" Predictive Program Scheduled for Nov 3rd.

    Creepy numbers and images. Maybe this is what I've been expecting... but maybe this is not the day. Could be though. Not getting much of a Pineal hit on this one (although I've been intentionally numbing myself from almost everything unless it directly impacts my life). I don't want to be 'wrong' though, so I'm staying neutral. It could be somewhere else (like when I thought 9 1 1 was going to be in my home city... 'maybe'... or 'somewhere where I knew people who lived there, but turned out to be NYC... and yes, I knew people who saw it all play out from their bedroom windows)... or it could be on a different day. I'd book it outta there tomorrow though if I loved there, just to be safe... like I warned in 2001 3 days before 9 1 1. Who needs a better opportunity to go visit relatives far from the area? This is an easy one.

    Seattle. USA. November 3rd 2019.
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  • The future of the Hydraulic Press Channel and others related will be "How many planets can we throw down this black hole?" or "How many Supernovas does it take to split this Neutron star?", etc. HPC obtains "God mode" for our entertainment.
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    Internet Unleashes FURY on Washington Post Article #WaPoDeathNotices

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  • Historic Midwest Blizzard Has Farmers Seeing "Massive Crop Losses As Devastating As We've Ever Seen"
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  • Brought to my attention through a source.

    Positive Reptilian Contact group on FaceCrack uses CIA lingo to dismay anyone who's ever had a negative reptilian encounter

    "If you follow any conspiracy theories that the reptilian species (and there are hundreds) are out to dominate, harm, to 'take over the Earth'... you will be banned."

    That's not at all one-sided, is it? Doesn't anyone besides myself have a neutral view on this subject? All this 'good and bad' crap is a human way of thinking... and that's the problem with most humans pretty much.


    "Positive Reptilian Contact Private Group"[0]=68.ARCL1r-nX9RffWxEC3qrMxsiQFdjowVT1P8uqjL3dWk8wyLKlVCN2rn7gIc4g-kEMP3zWrAYtmFtBHY_4w-Nr8-nVtbvk73kz34ARkRRxaIpZcFlqkwbU8WBwhPWM2nRXrSoK98DAwkPJOkUhknF-XYJRhQ4upW_ek-oc2YSQUahuEyeJBHb3VyKZZdgxE8REDZviilQl0NGNXu0KZkW5hZKC0L7LRA_4AkgoKWHg9LY8FQgYj-aHKPn8ZUZPfDnkuzxhKCHdBregD5eurWwqpUJT0RB72Ik5mlyEN5qfj46l1F6eZ32jsageBRcT0uziq6mJxNQcoGaeBU2X-JbKvPELQ&__tn__=HH-R
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  • Remember what I said, all my life?...

    "Proof humans are "The beast": Humans are the only animals that intentionally create nuclear waste, and are afraid of their own bodies." Carbon atom: 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons. Pretty obvious. 3D 'reality' is 'Hell' by its very existence.

    Go on, have your nuclear toys on the rough seas during global Earth changes... I welcome your fate and destiny.
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  • I really enjoy reading Psymon Marshall's reviews. :>
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