• "I couldn’t have wished for a better introduction to the work of Purple Crow." Psymon Marshall.

    Purple Crow - Blue Grey.
    August 10, 2019

    Album: Blue Grey
    Artist: Purple Crow
    Label: Self-released
    Catalogue no: N/A

    1. Blue Grey
    2. Pipe
    3. Flowing
    4. Blue Grey (Radio edit)
    5. Pipe (Radio Edit)
    6. Flowing (Radio edit)

    You know you’re onto something when the first track (‘Blue Grey’) by this Canadian project opens with a shimmering plane of ebbing and flowing ringing tones that swing in from nowhere, hovers somewhere between your ears, and has the effect of transporting you outside yourself. You find yourself floating somewhere in the timeless interstitial spaces between being/non-being, knowing/not knowing, active/static. It’s a place where all states exist, and simultaneously where nothing happens. Here is where you swim, insensate and yet aware, existing in a condition of euphoria and beatitude, borne along by unfelt currents. All conditions pertain here: not only is there the feeling of bliss but it’s chased by an undercurrent tending towards chaos, a soft but insistent growling emerging through breaks in the roiling background. It’s not threatening, but it still carries a thrill of warning, signalling it shouldn’t be ignored.

    ‘Pipe’ steals in stealthily, a gentle humming occasionally broken by vibrating drones that hang suspended like motes in sunlight. As it progresses one imagines a blue sky against which white clouds drift past and evolve in slow motion, transforming, breaking apart, and reforming. Shapes and stories can read into the gradual billows and curls unfolding, expanding and contracting, revealing and hiding in a progressive unveiling. It’s a secret language, a natural one, the key to which could lift the obscuring curtain from our eyes to reveal the hidden things. Imperceptibly, however, the clouds grow greyer and darker, perhaps a note of caution that everything changes and nothing stays the same.

    In the last offering ‘Flowing’, a low bass drone flies in as from a distance, a granular buzz that, swirls, gyrates, and propels itself through the stratospheric heights above our heads, perhaps an obscure call from the remote cold and frigid boundaries. It’s an all-pervasive blanket of sound, embracing and enfolding, energising and invigorating. It’s the species of drone that seeps into the skin and settles, suffusing the system with a thrilling intensity. One cannot help but feel carried along with its flow, a liberating cascade of thoughts and feelings, letting the streams propel us wither it wants to roam. It’s exhilarating yet precarious, comforting but simultaneously disconcerting.

    These are scintillating creations, awash with subtle textural nuances and microtonic variations, always hovering somewhere between divine and earthy, free-flying and gravity-imprisoned. Each of the compositions lasts twenty minutes or longer, allowing each one to unfold gradually and logically, but never losing their focus or impetus. I found the suite as a whole strangely compelling, yin and yang in equal measure but with graduated shades in between. The art here though is that, despite an apparently limited palette, there’s still a sense of a broad spectrum of colour and detail, nuanced inevitably of course, but still there. I couldn’t have wished for a better introduction to the work of Purple Crow.

    (The final three tracks are shortened, edited versions specifically engineered for radio broadcast, a précis if you like of the full track.)

    Available as a digital download from:

    Psymon Marshall 2019
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  • Article: "Elon Musk claims robot surgeon will sew electrodes into human brains in 2020".

    My thoughts: Star Trek, 1960's. "Spock's brain" Worst episode ever, but the point is this might be it for the future of humans, and all caused by human hand itself, no alien invasion required.

    Someone else's thoughts:

    A kicker for Elon Musk: the Culture is governed by powerful AI entities. They're called Minds, and they're basically God: all powerful, all good. They control the economy and produce everything; no need for entrepreneurs any more, and no financial reward for them either.

    There are no laws in the Culture, because the Minds sit in judgment of everyone. In serious cases — crimes of passion still exist, apparently — they will follow you around with drones to make sure you don't do it again.

    What could possibly go wrong with that system?

    In effect, Culture residents are house cats in a house the size of the universe. Lace or no lace, the AIs are large and in charge. And they've got a pretty dry sense of humor about this stuff that organic beings stick on their brains.
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  • Migrants pushed three 16-year-old Germans in front of train – mainstream media covered up the murders.

    How long until my people have had enough of these attacks and censorship?! Our lives matter!!!
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  • Global Chip Supply In Jeopardy As Trade Feud Erupts Between Japan and South Korea
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  • Music that sustains me, my only reason to exist. (PC)

    We are pleased to present the debut full-length album of the Berlin-based project Notum! Despite releasing a debut full-length only now, Notum is not a newcomer to the world of experimental music. The first digital EP "Wooden Grandmother" was released back in 2015 and was followed by a series of self-released EPs, last year there was a joint cassette with Neznamo, and a while back the project’s mastermind Ikk Ygg even played a couple of times in a live line-up of Lunar Abyss Deus Organum.

    It's damn hard to describe the music of Notum in just a couple of succinct words, although the author himself uses the terms "experimental / free-form". The unwillingness to follow any particular musical style creates an interesting multiverse in which the listener moves from room to room, sometimes without even noticing how this happens. Here you are crinkling from noise and shrill frequencies (one track is recorded with the drone-noise project Kryptogen Rundfunk), then you are relaxing from a soft piano, totally sinking in an odorous floral drone – and bam! – jumping from an unexpected sample, foolishly giggling, and then starting to tap your foot, sometimes breaking into a real dance.

    It all sounds like a psychedelic labyrinth built by a sonic architect with a brisk imagination and a peculiar sense of humor, or a bright morning dream in which scenes are changing in an unpredictable way, completely absorbing the dreamer. The oneiric theme is also emphasized by the incredible artwork created by the Californian artist and musician Matthew Waldron (irr. app. (ext.)). The physical edition of the album is available in two versions: a CD limited to 100 copies in a glossy 4-panel digisleeve and an audio cassette limited to 30 copies.
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  • Massive Eruption of the Raikoke Volcano - Russia - Jun. 21, 2019
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  • Certain albums I feel resonate deeply with the feeling of summer and all that encompasses. Projects by Fictions and Poetics fit perfectly into this theme as do most of the albums released under the Data Obscura label. Here's a few perfect examples I think you should buy.

    Fictions and Poetics - A Clear Day And No Memories

    Fictions and Poetics - Almost Understanding

    Robert Davies - Sylvan Glen

    The Circular Ruins - Curious Geometries

    Nunc Stans - Eurydice Suite
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  • Or he finally stood up to his Baphomet goat dick sucking FreeMasonic buddies and they set him up as a 'fink' and encouraged one of their shared victims to 'speak up for the greater good', etc, etc, as they are all known to do in a Masonic cult like ALL of Disney is!
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  • I'm going to call my senators & tell them to suspend the section 230 protections of the CDA for giant tech firms...I'm going to record the calls & make a video...I challenge everyone to do the same & post it...let's neuter censorship!
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  • God's favorite beasts, "the chosen ones", according to the writings of the beasts in question, carbon based life with 6 Protons, 6 Electrons and 6 Neutrons, are killing off their God's planet and themselves and refuse to change their ways. Now, what does that tell you about these creatures? (ET teacher teaching their students). :>
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