• SJWs murder comedy, and then complain that comedians are "no longer even funny anymore".
    "Well, imagine my shock!"

    SNL Cancels Shane Gillis.
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  • If you were born English, Canadian, Australian or are a USA citizen (etc)... you have no excuse to not know this (even with your 'funny accents')... Cuban born on the other hand... well........... OK. This comedy bit s what it's like for someone "Not from around here" (and at least he's TRYING)... but the rest of you have no excuse for "terrible English" (especially with all this nearly FREE technology helping you every step of the way, better than any "Good wife" could ever do (Nods to the last few rare 'Good wives' out there, somewhere...)).

    #Language #Grammar #Pronunciation
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  • 5:15 *Transformation* Meme React Couch turns into Spider React Couch. LOL
    Those poor arachnophobes. I'd have picked it up and set it free outside to eat things I dislike a lot more than spiders. Also it keeps beta males away from my home. Love ya, guys, but DAMN!... Ya lost yer spines. I guess dealing with 8 foot tall Insectoids makes an itty bitty spider seem like nothing to me.

    Also: Great memes, everyone! Damn funny! ^^

    "IGHT IMMA HEAD OUT" - Meme Couch

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  • "Good news" (You know me, I'm also being dark about this)...

    We have internet at the place we ended up at, so here's a message about that... "Ooooohhh, wow." (Whatever) It's not set up well, but it seems to work for now.

    The station might work 'sometimes' but also be tweaked for a few days this week, so you know. I won't be doing anything special with it (have not in a while anyway) so it's being its usual chaotic self and choosing amazing music randomly as per its name. I love this station... best 'radio station' on Earth!

    I'm having one hell of a time adapting to all this crap here after 35 days of EXTREME STRESS while having 3-4 disabilities and no help what so ever! (Isn't life just so 'wonderful'? *Rolls eyes*) I'm taking 'drugs' just to try to sleep. (Yea, self-medication!)

    I'm an anti-social hermit so I'll leave it at that.

    And now, back to posting random news from my sources plus making fun of a collapsing civilization and the occasional funny video and of course news about crows and other superior friends. :>

    Purple Crow
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  • Pewd's is unironically addicted to Minecraft in 2019 after not wanting to become a Minecraft channel in 2015... and it's funny AF.
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  • These are really funny well set up pranks.
    Next Generation Elevator?
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  • Too funny - had to share. :>


    Ex tenant exposes corrupt landlord in Vancouver BC.

    $650 / 3br - 710 ft squared unit #208 - 1330 W 71st Ave & Grandville St. (Vancouver, B.C)

    Looking for a big one bedroom with a view of planes?
    Buildings Full of Drug Dealers.

    302, 107, 203, 201.

    If you're looking for crazy & drugs... this is the place!
    M.P.A. approved!

    Your caretaker was born nuts in 1946.

    Bring your drugs & pimps.
    Let's have a hoot of a good time at El Rancho Apts.
    Controlled by Mexico finest.

    We can be found at 1330 W 71st & Grandville!
    VPD - Come join our family!... if you D.A.R.E..!

    Love ,
    Bob Peterman
    Landlord #102

    Written by:
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  • 0:58 Best high jump I've ever seen!
    ...and other random funny shit.
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  • Automatic Record Changers: We used to like them - Technology connections.

    "8:11 Fun fact - Record albums. HAHA I love your posture and expression here. And yes my dad had one of those automatic record players back in the early 70's and the damn thing used drop the needle and hold it there at the lead in groove for about 1.5 seconds and then the thing would release tension (or something) and would scootch across half of the first song on half the records we owned (Bvvvvrrrrrp!), so we ended up doing it manually anyway. Meh, but funny looking back."
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  • Answer me this: if gender is so "fluid", how come it's only flowing one way (from biological to confused)? never here of gender "fluiding" back from confused to biological...funny that...
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