• Some old jokes...

    I was playing tennis with my friend Doug. I got really frustrated with myself. No matter how good I got I realized that I'd never be as good as a wall.

    I like rice. Rice is great when you're hungry and you want 2000 of something.

    Every book is a children's book if the kid can read.

    I'm against picketing... but I don't know how to show it.

    All vitamins are 'chewable', it's just most of them taste shitty.

    You can't please all the people all the time... and last night all those people were at my show.

    I like an escalator... it can't really break... it only becomes stairs. 'Sorry for the convenience'.

    They say the recipe for Sprite is lemon and lime. I tried to make it at home... they lied... there's more to it than that.

    I was at a casino and a security guard came up to me and said I had to move because I was blocking the fire exit... like as if there was a fire I wasn't going to run. If you are flammable and have legs you are never blocking a fire exit.

    I like to drink red wine. This girl says "Doesn't drinking red wine give you a headache?" I said "Yeah... eventually. But the first and middle part are amazing. I'm not gonna stop doing something because of what happens at the end. 'Mitch, do you want an apple?' 'No, eventually it'll be a core.'"

    Sometimes I think of something that's funny and I go get a pen and write it down. Or if the pen is too far away I have to convince myself that what I thought of ain't funny.

    I'm hearing too much applause... it's throwing me off... it's like you're trying to trick me into thinking I'm done.

    Thank-you to Mitch Hedberg. :>
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  • 500 men, mostly cops, rape 11 year old girl, then refuse to help her and even sue her in court for speaking out (of course). Not one "FreeMason" bothers to help save her life. This happens by the THOUSANDS world wide in every country. Voting and prayers have never changed human behavior.

    Telepathic ETs shall read human minds and decide human fate. "Appono astos" (Written in a crop circle in secret Masonic coded text directed to FreeMasons: "We are opposed to cunning and deceit")
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  • One side of the story of women... (Image)

    And then the rest: ...and yet they always go for the 'bad boy' over Mr Stable - 'stepping out' on Mr Stable every so often if they married him. They are more attracted to and indeed enticed by strong, independent almost brash men. ('Eyes wide shut', fellas, never forget). Their fantasies and fetishes go beyond that of most men... but they keep it all more secretive than the CIA, not even telling most of their 'girl friends', but the stories get out eventually, here and there, through doctors and other 'entertainment'. Some women, even having had a small taste of BDSM "can't stop". Some go so far as to join Islam to solidify their fetish for domination. There's so much more than all this as well, but I've said enough, and have studied enough to know these are true, even if not easily 'visible'. They are far stranger than most men care to know... it disturbs men far too much to learn of the depth of their fantasies and secrets... and their lust for men even disturbs themselves at times, so they FIGHT to keep control over their desires CONSTANTLY in the most extreme ways possible... or they just give in and... you get the idea. Mr Stable is just their 'beard'... and yet he is necessary for the continuance of the species and fulfills women's need for a child... something she'd never allow with "The rebel" (her favorite).
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  • Time to wake up, baby-girls and little boys... like the rest of us already did decades ago.
    Trump: "I Am The Chosen One" Internet: GOES NUTS!
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  • But the police are "The good guys" (they keep telling us - Yeah, right!)

    Rory Carroll, the father of three, took his daughters to see the game between Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory, but they didn’t get the chance to finish watching the game. They were evicted from the stadium by 10 police officers after the man tried to take his disabled daughter to a toilet in a restricted area. Apparently, the area in which toilets for the disabled were located was declared off-limits. Mr Carroll was infuriated with the police and later posted on Twitter about how his encounter with law enforcement traumatized his daughters. 'If a young girl with special needs is not allowed to climb ten steps to the toilet she uses every other week, then what can I say?,' he wrote. Many soccer fans replied to his post, giving the family their support and condemning police actions.
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  • If you want to know about police corruption in the Victorian police, if she is still alive ask Christine Arnott she was a Sargent during the 70s. She saw so much corruption in the Vic police she moved to the Northern Territory police. After going through the police academy there she was given the same rank there. She was a close friend of mine. One night in the mid 70s I received a phn call from her, she was in a terrible state. She told me she had just been raped by corrupt Vic police. She refused my help & said 'This call never took place ok". I had another girlfriend who's uncle was retired Vic police Commander Frank Holland, so I told her what had happened to Christine. A while later that girlfriend told me that Christine had been held down & raped by at least 8 Vic police. I never heard any more about it as Christine would never talk about. It was after that she moved to the Northern Territory, but she eventually returned to Melb & the Vic police. She ultimately retired on Physiological grounds with a lifetime police 'medical pension'. During that time in the 80's she told me that she wasn't going to be silent any longer & she was going to write a book & name names etc about the corruption in the Vic & Northern Territory police. The last time I saw her she had a daughter & bought a home in Bendigo, Vic to be near her brother..
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  • Enjoy your sexuality, at any age. This 11 year old drag queen does. So are laws gonna change to match? ...or is this a blatant hypocrisy cash grab? Does anyone really understand human nature yet besides me?

    The most oppressive thing against humans are other humans - thousands of years worth of proof. Hypocrisy always been exploited for fun and profit by other humans. Say one thing, do the other, create laws, refuse to enforce some while over-stepping others. It's all human nature.

    Currently, this season, it's OK for me to say "He's cute" but not "That's gross". In the 60's my first comment would have got a strange look but also would have been accepted, but my second comment might have had the same reaction as well. (Remember, I was there). Humans were more open and less critical back then, but also were really trying to change the world by opening themselves up more rather than today's world of "See how many people you can oppress at once" through passive-aggressive Social Justice Warrior imposed control under the claim of 'liberating everyone' type of thinking.

    In ancient Greece my first comment would have got a huge grin and head nod in agreement, and my second probably a frown of disapproval. In a Satanic cult like today's Hampstead Cannibals or our local chapter run by officer Michelson of the RCMP my first comment would have garnered a response like "Do you want him?" and my second something along the lines of silence and a stare meaning I'd no longer be invited to 'parties' and would probably have 'no where to hide' if you know what I mean. In Indonesia... well it's 'illegal' to chew gum in public and yet there's an occupation men can obtain where they screw girls and teach them how to suck on them 'properly' before they get married o their wedding night is 'perfect' for the male they are about to marry. (Unless that's changed). We have an all ages (1 to 100) nude beach just one bus ride away from me right now that has no fence or membership required to walk right in and enjoy, and yet if someone comes to my private home front door selling cookies and I'm naked just like at the beach earlier, some kind of 'law' has been 'broken' suddenly. And yet those 'enforcing' such 'laws' are naked under their facade of clothing at the time. I don't even had to get into what 'religions' get into about attire and human sexuality, both public and in secret, do I? You've heard it all by now, I'm sure.

    These are all the same species at different points in time and location and nothing more than that... so what does that tell you about yourself? All these traits live inside you, it's proven to be true... only you are programmed mentally, one way or another, to allow some thoughts and activities to manifest while denying others, for one reason or another... and it's these so called 'reasons' that shape the world around you... which are constantly evolving, shifting, moving, changing... so what is 'real' and what are these 'laws' but a total facade of self denial of our true nature at the core of absolute freedom and the desire to stop others from stopping us from being 'free'... whatever we think of as 'freedom' at the time? And it remains that all language is a highly infectious virus that constantly morphs with each and every sentient being's interpretation, forever.

    Ultimately, we all know nothing, and yet here we are... doing whatever we want anyway, whether in secret, publicly, or somewhere in between in a calm casual manner.

    The moral of the story is: There is none - it's all an illusion - and humans love telling other humans how to 'live' as long as they get some kind of benefit in doing so. You can tag this "evil" or "good" if you wish, but there it is, the truth of the entire hypocritical species. I proclaim no 'solution' to any of your problems what so ever... I see no 'problem' with any of you, other than your global pattern of refusing to accept what I have always known about your kind.
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  • This is another con of porn by Everard & no doubt his foul mouthed 'girlfriend' . I've never been into this channel but it's a front for gangstalkers, microwave weapons & spies..
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  • If you can watch this girl & still think guns are "eville" (that's evil said the way Vincent Price would say it) then there's something fundamentally moronic about you...
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  • Years ago there was an up market Chinese restaurant in Carrington rd Box Hill. I was walking passed one day, there was a red carpet leading to a car, when the door opened & some Chinese body guards came out & opened the door to the very expensive car parked near the entrance Then a Chinese man who looked like Chinese mafia walked out...A few months later I read that that 'restaurant' had been raided as it was an illegal brothel with young Chinese girls. I suspect that illegal activity has continued..hence so many young unhappy Chinese girls..Most of the businesses in Box Hill Centro are scams, they sell them on & on as under the deal with the TPP they only have to have a 'family' member run that business for a short time, then they can bring in their entire 'family'. The staff are frightened young Chinese girls..
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