• Still the best late night talk show ever devised.
    Thank-you Scottish former addicts who barely remember the 80's. :>
    Nothing perks me up more than a pretend horse doing pretend cocaine while the host makes Nazi Kraftwerk jokes.

    The Late Late Show Neil Patrick Harris 20 September, 2013

    PS: "CBS cares" :>
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  • I really miss this late night TV show. It's half improvised, stupid, doesn't give a crap, and has punk rock humour, which makes it brilliant... Oh, and it's hosted by a Scot who used to be a drummer in a punk band. Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. If only more YouTube shows were this awesome. It's time for me to watch every episode all the way through I think. Here's a good introduction of a few episodes to start you off.

    Description: " The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson was something truly special. You could try to explain it, but it's something you just had to watch. There were skits. There were puppets. There was musical intros. There was a gay robot skeleton. There was not a real (tootsie-fruitsie) horse. With a rip of the prepared questions, there was the best interviews in late night television. It was truly not like any other late night show. Thank you Craig, Geoff, Secretariat and the Racist for giving us this."

    This opening and monologue. Madness. :> A cat? LOL
    Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 4/8/2013 Max Greenfield, Debbie Reynolds.

    Some of the best zany and raw interviews ever recorded. Guess who makes a surprise appearance. Robin Williams! ^^
    Craig Ferguson & Robin Williams - Tweetmail Nov 2011

    And again... These opening moments are ridiculously edgy and stupid. :> Puppets talking with random members of the audience brought on stage? LOL
    Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 4/15/2011 Robin Wright, Dan Riskin

    These openings! The last show is a great one. :>
    Also says a lot about the history if you missed it.
    Craig Ferguson Show Final Episode 19 December 2014 Jay Leno

    So many episodes to get through. Heck, I might as well get the whole show somewhere, every single episode. I could watch them all for years many times over and still laugh.

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  • The Box Hill masonic building/black cube Whitehorse rd Box Hill
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  • The best Western Tudor on the cnr of Whitehorse rd & Simpsons rd
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  • The Black Cube taxation building in Whitehorse rd Box Hill the Whitehorse council approved.
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  • The Box Hill cemetery front entrance is in Middleborough rd on the right of Whitehorse rd outbound/away from the city
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  • What is the significance of the Whitehorse to them??>>Whitehorse<< city council, Whitehorse rd
    Wiltshire - Avebury, Silbury, West Kennet pre-historic history, White Horses etc
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  • This is oddly delightful to watch after so many recent losses.
    Pewdiepie finally finds his missing horse who wandered off a few days ago in Minecraft.
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  • This is the dangerous monstrosity the Chinese were given permission to build.
    It has 7 underground levels & 35 floors & almost sitting on top of the Box Hill underground rail tunnel, the underground car park under Box Hill Centro, & jamming in the major Box Hill Bus exchange. There is NO way emergency services could access that building, the rail tunnel or car park as there is no space for emergency vehicles..
    How that past safety issues is beyond me without bribes.
    The Whitehorse council should be placed under administration for corruption..
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  • Herr mueller has done more damage to the regressive liberal globalists agenda than they're letting on...they know the jig is up & their attempted "soft" coup is all but it's time for the pain...if you're going to back the coup horse, it better win!
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