• Carcinogenic (death by cancer), Mutagenic (gene mutation illness (permanent)), impairment of fertility of humans (sterilization of the whole species)... but you're giving this to your kids??? Guess who thinks you SHOULD be if you aren't already! That's right... the FreeMasonic Baphomet worshiping Clinton Crime Family (and EVERYONE ELSE involved in that same cult).

    FDA.guv 13.1 Read it yourself. #Facts
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  • As I kid I thought 'lead guitars' must have been pretty heavy to hold while playing them vigorously, and that's why they called it "Heavy metal music". It made sense... until I got the pronunciation correct later that year. In retrospect I like my childhood description better. :> *Does 'air guitar' but slowly leans over and then has to sit down a moment wiping sweat from brow*

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  • What do you think, folks? In protest of the corporate sales bullshit called "BlackFaceFriday" or whatever I RAISE the prices of all my albums by 200% to 300% until January 1st. Idea? .............Meh... not even that's worth the effort of clicking a few buttons. Kinda the same way I feel about BlackFaceFriday when postage and hidden fees exist. Some "Deal" buddy! I'd rather toboggan down a snow embankment with some kids instead, even if I risk breaking something. (Not me... their toboggan probably, the speed I fly).
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  • Stories from my life.

    13 year old cyberpunker kid check-mates massive jocks in school in one move.
    (Alt title: "I've never changed")

    "The law" is a mess, better to just highly disturb people directly, in person, to get them to stay away from you (peace through their fear of your unpredictability - has to be real though - no acting). :>

    Me at 13 walking up to the biggest jock in school. "I can ruin your life." He's PISSED and confused, asks me "How". Me: "I just have to tell you I'm bisexual and you beat me up before all these witnesses and then get expelled by the principal and then you never get into college and thus become a criminal and eventually get shot by cops at an early age.... Or you have to accept that I exist and this knowledge drives you completely mad because you're a fucking dumb idiotic Neanderthal. (long pause) See?" *Waves and walks off as he stands there in shock, lost about what to do, or even think* I was such a punk.

    I still am. You call me a "Shit poster" or a "Boomer" or a "Jerk"... but it's just mixed up words attempting to describe the indescribable chaos of absolute free will. No 'purpose', no 'meaning', no 'reason', just 100% free will.

    Another month at that school: Ernie (big football jock) eventually became my friend from this shit, he used to slam me into the lockers... maybe twice before I took direct action (not using "the system" that I knew was badly broken already (like EVERYTHING ELSE is as we all know by now))... so I made him my pet. He YELLED down the whole corridor once that "If anyone touches my friend Purple in a way he doesn't like I'LL KICK YOUR ASS!" That made the school newspapers. He was 'given a warning' by staff. I never had any attacked for years there. Seems he was smart enough to appreciate my gift and we had a nice mutually beneficial situation there... until I left that school.

    There was another jock who secretly loved me... How would I know? He pretended to beat me up and kept 'missing' and dragged me into the bushes... then cried about his secret confession and flattered me about my bravery. Don't worry Denny, your secret is still safe with me about what you really wanted to do for me next. *Pets your head tenderly* If only you could have come out of the closet... that stress was too much for you, and you only wanted to be free like me. You deserved better... but you never gave yourself the permission in this fearful blind dumb world of planet killers when love is all that really exists if they really wanted to be free, truly.... like me.

    Was the same at home... my 'old hood'. Had a bro. Gang of two. Big thug of a guy. Half Ukrainian half native. Knew each other since we were 7. He was huge. Dude loved my brains - saved his life a few times using only my mind. His brawn was talked about 'down town' where lots of 'stuff went down'... if you know what I mean. Cops later called him "Magic man" because they never figured out how he escaped from jail that one time - since it wasn't me, all they could do to this day is glower at me whenever we were seen together 'just hanging out'. Anyone who talked shit to me ended up with my bro messing up their.... well... their 'everything'. Hahahaha. :> ...unless it was a 'smoking cop' whom Greg had a business arrangement with. Wot?! My past room-mates involved in organized crime with crooked cops and lawyers and judges? No way! (chuckles) I've learned a lot because I started young, folks... Very young. Lived on my own since I was 16 years old - Full time job and all. Anyway...

    There's your story for the moment.

    #NoFear because #LifeIsShort anyway, whatever you do. If life is short anyway, might as well be Joe Pesci short, if you know what I mean.

    #JokerWasRight - Everything really is #Chaos because free will is love is free will.
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  • I've met the witnesses who state right to my face what "The Queen" is really like (50's 60's 70's 80's 90's 00's, etc) and how she 'rules' the roost (men). I've researched along side Kevin Annett in person as well. Mention my name if your Pineal gland doesn't work (that's 99% of you reading this on Prison Planet Earth in a fake reality). I've consulted for that New Age weirdo David Icke as well... before I was warned about him by other researchers. I've done a LOT of sharing in my lifetime, kiddies. More than your internet can hold because it didn't even exist yet and most of my witnesses are killed off (figure out why and you'll maybe get what's going on... eventually). Let's say call it another kind of "Arkancide". "To have been Seth Riched" Or "Jullian Assanged". If you want to take them on in that regard folks, go right ahead... but you'd better make sure you see things before they happen first... or you're next. I'm not stopping human slaves from doing so anymore, not in a long time. That way everyone gets what they want and what they deserve. If you like being food, that's your fetish, not mine. be their guest. There are 'workarounds", but it's not just the power in your mind, your will... far far more than that layer of illusion... far more. Good luck 'brave souls' messin' with that global lot of Baphomet goat dick worshipers. My clan is far different and well beyond this little singular planet and it's several little time lines. Again... Hybrids (already here)... and the 'elite' are PISSED! Time's up.
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  • YouTube: *New rules* If it's a cartoon it's clearly 'made for kids'.
    Me: Uhhhhhh.... so they are to watch Hentai now? Cool. :>
    YouTube: (Has to call their lawyers, again, for the 5th time today)
    Me: Hahahahahaaaa! This is awesome. ^^
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  • Rant about how deadly parents are to all of society and why they are the reason the world never changes.

    Human children who have parents are brainwashed by all their bullshit on a massive scale. That's why as teenagers they rebel so violently against everything the more they realize just how much they were all lied to... and what they were made to do or beLIEve in for so long. The more HONEST you are with kids from day one the less reactive they are as a teen and more responsible they are as an adult. But "Don't let any other people in society know" about your advanced thinking... because something even more powerful than propaganda is JEALOUSY!... and other 'adults' will DO JUST ABOUT ANYTHING to keep their place in stupidity and fear and get rid of you! Parents will blatantly and covertly MANIPULATE all kinds of children to do their bidding from fear and jealousy... worse than any politician, religious gang, or government (take your pick). This is why the world never changes: Parents. It's a global human genetic pattern that's unbreakable. Just try and 'fix' this... you can't do it. Every little tiny family is an almost air-tight unbreakable microcosm (they'll claim it's 'love' of course)... but it's merely a cancerous pustule of regurgitated global memes about senseless fear and perpetual manipulation of their own offspring. If you even try to break these patterns and start your own UNIQUE family you're a "dangerous cult" and the jealous will scream "think of the children!"... and you will perish ...or suffer for many years (if not the rest of your miserable life). Basically humans are monsters... and what little hope I have at times is with all those massively rebellious teenagers out there who do whatever they think is best, which is not usually the best decisions... sometimes quite the opposite... but it keeps all those 'parents' PROPAGANDA and JEALOUSY in check... sometimes. I know that's not much, but it's the only hope we've got to end such a planet killing pattern of lies, propaganda and senseless fear over the stupidest of things like fear of our own bodies and being forced to worship the bogey man in the sky in so many ridiculous ways "or else!" If anyone's going to 'smash the system', it's not adults, no way, never gonna happen, they have 'a plan', 'a mission', 'a purpose'... in other words "attachment" to a specific outcome! No, it's teenagers who have no idea what they are doing other than just wanting to be FREE from all the bullshit, and thus have more chaotic power to make real changes in the world by first collapsing everything that's already "stupid" to them. That's the key to rebuilding everything... first it must be cleansed... and they are just the people to do it, for many of them already have a sense of 'no hope, no future, just do it'... and that's where it begins. Everyone else just wants to take a piece of the old crap and 'make it new' where they benefit in some way... which makes sense.... but 'sense' will not save you as everyone else will disagree with you, attack you, kill you for your liberty and freedom anyway, so you go nowhere just spinning your wheels going in circles just trying to stay alive another day. No, it's the most rebellious of teenagers with their young virile bodies and crushed minds just breaking free from the garbage of a bullshit reality who get the biggest reactions and results from everyone else with a 'goal' who never get anyway (for long).

    Do whatever you want with this random rant. Decide if it's 'true' or not for yourself. I'm not suggesting anything.... you'll figure it out yourself eventually.

    Just note that I did all this at 13 years of age in the early 80's... and I've never changed... I just no longer 'look the part'. Call me "Boomer" all you want... but a more accurate nick-name is "The Joker". :>

    "The Reptoid" (Since 1982)

    #Anarchy means self-rule and 'to hell with recreating past traditions' (spiritual freedom to create YOURSELF).
    Edit: Additional: And I still think Skinny Puppy, Zoviet-France, Tangerine Dream and Throbbing Gristle are the best audio projects ever created (by rebellious 20-year-olds (when they first started / first few records / late 60's to early 80's underground)). You never hear THAT played as 'background music' in the dead malls of today while shopping for the basics.... BUT IT SHOULD BE! (Just my opinion of course).
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  • 2:09
    Watch out, kid... no one likes a genius. Expect a short ride in Hell.
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  • Answer to someone's question...
    A Real Invisibility Shield | How Does It Work?
    Had these as a kid. Even some vinyl records had them on the cover to see both images 'shape-shift'. Collector's cards as well. No biggie. Nothing 'new' here.
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  • Government, do you think you'll drop the bomb?
    Government, do you think I'll like this song?
    Government, will you try to break my balls?
    Government, should you build a wall?

    Government, should I run for president?
    Government, should I trust my family?
    Government, will you put me in the firing line?
    Is asking you questions just a waste of time?

    Hush now slave, slave, don't you cry.
    Guvy's gonna make all of your nightmares come true.
    Guvy's gonna put all of our fears into you.
    Guvy's gonna keep you right here under our wing,
    We won't let you fly but we might let you sing.
    Guvy's gonna keep slave cozy and warm.
    Oooh slave
    Oooh slave
    Oooh slave, of course Guvy's gonna help censor you all.

    Government, do think she's good enough... for me?
    Government, do think she's dangerous... to me?
    Government, will she tear your little slave apart?
    Government, will she break my heart?

    Hush now slave, slave, don't you cry.
    Guvy's gonna check out all your girlfriends for you.
    Censorship won't let anyone dirty get through.
    Guvy's gonna wait up till you get in.
    Guvy will always find out where you've been.
    Guvy's gonna keep slave healthy and clean (brain-washed).
    Oooh slave
    Oooh slave
    Oooh slave, you'll always be a slave to me!
    Illuminati, did it need to be so high?

    Sung to:
    Pink Floyd - Mother (1979) (When we were kids in school)
    More true today than ever.
    To sMothers and Guvy's everywhere!
    Epic 'Boomer' history.
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