• Someone needs to tell that militant imbecile (aggressively stupid) @davidhogg111 that while Bible verses may not keep kids from getting shot, neither, it would appear, do "gun free zones" or the Broward Co. SO...armed teachers might though...
    David Hogg: Tell Marco Rubio Bible Verses Don't Protect Kids from Bullets
    Student gun control activist David Hogg is asking someone to tell Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) that Bible verses do not protect kids from bullets. 
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  • Human trafficker smuggling kids over the US-Mexico border
    Nice video... so why no one got shot? Stinks like propaganda. You can see it but you 'can't do anything about it' = bullshit!
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  • It's the same story on a different day...soetoro dog separates kids from criminals at the border, disperses violent invaders, weaponizes gov't against political opponents - it's okay, Trump tears families apart & gases peaceful migrants...
    Graham Attacks Trump, Obama Double Standard On Using Tear Gas To Protect The Border
    'It undercuts the argument that if the Obama Administration used tear gas to protect our border from being overrun'
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  • List of companies making MONEY from hyper-sexualized children.
    Support these companies if you enjoy hyper-sexualised kids like they do.

    Edit: Gay dude on the left (right of the kid) MURDERED a young man over a drug debt, chopped his body up into little pieces and threw his former friend into a river and did 20 years for that violent crime... and the kids parents are "OK" with this.
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  • OK, so.... hmmm.

    1. Dude goes trans, takes hormones, becomes 'female'.
    2. Trans female meets male, dates, gets engaged.
    3. Trans female won't adopt but wants kids... Huh? OK, so... hmmm.
    4. Trans female goes off hormones to get sperm back and wants to get random surrogate female 'pergante' (yes, I used the meme word) so they can pass on their specific genetic line. OK, so... hmmm. Why did you trans in the first place? Too young to do so? OK, there might need to be laws put in place so doctors stop harming the species as they are. Just a thought.
    5. What about your male sex partner? Do they get to do the same (Get another random female surrogate pregnant)? Do they even want to?
    So is this not over all just a really strange way to adopt, technically? Why is your specific DNA so important to you of your own cells are/were not originally? What about love (the real universal family kind)?
    Is this even going to work out for the trans female? Their poor sperm has already been mangled. Is this even safe for the kid? What if it turns out... you know... 'totally non-viable'? *Yikes*
    The strange decisions that stem from free will, huh?
    I say all this and I'm not against their free will... I just find it all so very... strange... surreal even. Oh well.

    For me it's simple. Male body, male cells, healthy sperm, no interest in kids unless VERY SPECIFIC genetic details are first proven, could easily adopt, very particular about mate's mental states especially loyalty and BS free natural traditional roles, but as for sex and fkng goes I'm in it for the PLEASURE and FUN and nothing more so whatever you got as long as it's sexy to me I'm just fine with it! :> "S/He's hot! Show us what ya got!" LOL (I've more in common with dolphins and ETs than humans in these regards, no surprise there).
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  • This must end stop all unamerican pricks and remove them !
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  • Who the fuck asks questions like this?!

    "Hey everybody! What would you do if there was anything dangerous near your place?"

    What a retard!

    What the fuck does that even mean?

    Could they be just a little more specific?

    Seems like the same kind of person who would say something like: "Oxygen is pretty weird", or "cheese has some interesting colours". You know, totally useless bullshit like that.

    To answer my own question as to who asks such utter nonsense? They call themselves "Bright Side"... I'm not kidding! They really do.... and they have the world's most pedantic condescending dumb voice on Earth to match their world's dumbest questions.

    Don't believe me? See if you can get through even 2 minutes of this without wanting to beat the shit outta this smug downtalking fucker. I'll warn you though... if you disagree with me about his voice... You know how to duck fast... right? Dude could piss off kids talking like that to them in person... and I hope they all kick his ass!
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  • OK, so... there's plenty of "Parents destroying kids computers/game consoles" and "Kids destroying parents computers / cell phones (revenge)" videos out there... but where are the "Kids react to parental attacks and (set fire to the house) or (steal parents car and trash it) or (call parent's boss and scream rape to get them charged)" videos at?!

    Just wondering. It's fun to watch humans keep trying to 'one up' each other at all ages over their stupid technology battles and monetary items. ^^ (Does age matter any more these days? nope)
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    Bring your kids to see this movie 🍿
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