• Mention being a vegetarian all your life and random insecure meat-eaters post passive-aggressive bitchiness and act like smug religious zealots. It's cute though, they are like teenagers; they still act like kids sometimes as they are not fully mature yet. :> Chosen #Ignorance is not a 'lifestyle'.
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  • "Judge" refuses false ILLEGAL charges by CORRUPT COPS. Well, DUH! What else do you think any rational human being would think of this crap? I'd do more than just 'refuse' the charges, if I were a judge (Non-Masonic, of course), I'd have that cop CHARGED with harassing innocent citizens and make sure that any 'payment' for bail comes from his personal paycheque and is NOT paid off using TAX DOLLARS (like they usually do).

    Man Arrested for "Obscene" Window Sticker Beats Charges!!

    Sick of the MILLIONS of sicko #BadCops everywhere! And this bastard is 'tame' by comparison to the rest of these creeps!
    Stupid god damned "little kids" argument for ADULT HUMANS TO CONSTANTLY OPPRESS EACH OTHER!!! George Carlin is RIGHT about "Child Worship". Fuck that BULLSHIT! Is this an ADULT world run by ADULTS or not?! Damned kids get in the way of EVERYTHING thanks to RETARDED ADULTS USING KIDS AS A WEAPON!!!!
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  • Science-Fiction?... Or truth?

    "Did you have fun playing this video game with me?", said Uncle Mason to their extended family member.
    "Yeah, you're better at it than I am.", said the child.
    He then pressed 'UP' 'DOWN' 'LEFT' 'RIGHT' on the controller and placed it down and watched her eyes as they looked back to the screen and found the altered image. O.O "...Why is she doing THAT.....?" A moment later the image reverts back to 'normal'.
    He looks to the screen, "Doing what?...", asks Uncle Mason as he smirks and follows her description and questioning. (You can imagine the rest).

    Hidden in code, in plain sight, for those 'in the know' and for no one else to discover. That's how they roll, only it's not just video games where they've been doing this since their inception as the world's biggest cult of Baphomet worshipers.

    Is Uncle Mason taking care of your kids right now somewhere? What buttons is he clicking while you're away? Creepy huh?

    ...and who would ever believe your 'conspiracy theories'?... Or her 'wild imagination'?
    ...And how could you ever prove it anyway, without the codes that they gladly kill to keep secret under the strictest of oaths?

    Again... Science-Fiction?... Or truth?

    (Censored pictorial evidence obtained through public resources - Oops, I guess it leaked somehow after all.) :>

    (Don't even get me started about Walt Disney...) *Sighs* (Club 33).

    Ref: "Shocking Easter Eggs in Kid Games Analyzed & Ranked"
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  • Advice for everyone who creates audio of any kind, ESPECIALLY VOICE!

    Get a fucking compressor for your AUDIO! Your voice levels are all over the fucking map and sound like shit. Compress AS YOU RECORD to digital, and then compress more after ONLY if certain clips need it. Reduce clips also as needed for BALANCE (No shocking scene change massive level shifting!). Man, this shit is almost FREE today and NO ONE has any excuse for TERRIBLE AUDIO LEVELS.

    One pissed off old dragon who's sick of you kids having EVERYTHING and sounding like CRAP when we grew up with crappy analogue gear and we all still sounded better than YOU!
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  • I heard from a YT poster that if you 'bleep tone" your YT videos the YT AI will still count that as 'bad words'. The YT AI is a Nazi worse than Hitler and needs to be blasted out of reality for good.

    By the way, this whole 'bad word' thing is because of god damned 'child worship', which is SICK! You're not 'protecting' anyone by CURSING YOURSELVES your entire lives with this CHILDISH bullshit! Adults are BETTER than stupid dumb kids, unless they 'worship' kids, then those adults are WORSE than stupid dumb kids.

    And if you 'don't like' our opinion, then fuck off, child! Go whine to your ROBOT MASTERS, slave!

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  • "We hired a ninja to scare people in Cinemacity, Beirut Souks! The kids seemed to enjoy it most and the security guys trying to catch the ninja probably enjoyed it the least."

    Ninja in a box prank.

    "This is a promotional prank video for the upcoming Checkered Ninja movie - in theaters on June 27, 2019."

    Decent skills. :>
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  • The most fucked up human piece of trash (movie) you've ever seen! 100% lowest level bullshit hypocritical propaganda brainwashing to generate as many DUMB SLAVES to the "system" as possible.

    And you know what? Humans DO fall for this crap!

    Reality: Hampton Cannibals and Jimmy Saville! 500 kids raped by one man alone, and there's hundreds more out there in "show biz" brainwashing and even KILLING and EATING kids. Reference: Ask Officer Michelson RCMP Burnaby Canada, head Satanist for that region.

    Fuck all hype, kids! It's ALL LIES!!!! They really are out to get you!
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  • The desperation of the pathological liar known as burnie "private" sanders is amazing...I have to say, letting felons & kids vote is just hard up...
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  • commie core had one objective & one objective only: to make American kids stupid...I'm guessing all the people to administered this & forced it down the American people's throats sent their kids to private schools that actually taught them shit...
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  • Vodafone have a $40 credit for 12 months before you have to top up your credit, if you pay another $40 that will last another 12 months before you have to top up..You can add as much as you want to last for 12 months. The best one's to ask about phn credit are kids..I'm with vodafone as kids told me they had the best credit deals..You can keep your same phn number, just ask them & it doesn't cost anything to change telco's. They have increased their phn range now..I've been with them for years & I have never had an issue with them.
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