• KILLER cigarette corporations are BANNING smoke-less healthier choice vape products.
    Do you support known killers? It's time to quit at all costs! Starve all cigarette corporations to DEATH! Call it 'karma' or 'justice'... whatever... just DO IT.

    ...and don't get me started on "Big Pharma"!!!!!!! (Fuck those fuckers too)
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  • The Z10nist (not"J3w1sh people") plot exposed, and Glenn Beck's CUCK to the "Z".
    #Evidence of #harm by #religion. #Belief is a mind-killer (more so than fear).
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  • If you thought humans were already planet killers... Read this report for a reason to do whatever it was you were only prepared to do "IF" things got this bad.

    Breaking: Japan says TEPCO will dump more than 1 million tons of radioactive water from Fukushima nuclear plant into Pacific Ocean | 10 Sept 2019 | Japan's environment minister announced Tuesday that the country will have to dump radioactive water from the Fukushima power plant into the ocean because it is running out of space, Reuters reported. According to Reuters, Tokyo Electric, or Tepco, has collected more than 1 million tonnes of contaminated water from the cooling pipes used to keep fuel cores from melting since the plant was crippled by an earthquake and tsunami in 2011. "The only option will be to drain it into the sea and dilute it," the minister, Yoshiaki Harada, told a news briefing in Tokyo...The government is awaiting a report from an expert panel before making a final decision on how to dispose of the radioactive water. (The Hill, Reuters)

    I told you (2011) they were just buying a few years time before the really BIG planet killing disaster kills everyone off. I was right, and I told you then I'd HATE being right in the future... and here we are... and I hate what humans have done to THE ENTIRE PLANET already! I seriously will take the side of ANY ET force that wants to 'fix' human cancer upon this planet. No problem, no fear, no worry - Just get this over with. This 'human experiment' is a TOTAL FAILURE! Whatever you think is 'important' right now, don't matter no more... AT ALL!
    Japan's environment minister says country will dump radioactive water from Fukushima into ocean
    Japan's environment minister announced Tuesday that the country will have to dump radioactive water from the Fukushima power plant into the ocean because it is running out of space, Reuters
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  • 100% pure bullshit (human-shit).
    #Propaganda by #planetkillers
    If I ate meat all my life there'd have been at least a few hundred less humans around by now. (Figure it out - "I like people" (Carlin))
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  • Are humans still trying to figure out the difference between natural attraction and mental illness? Being attracted to people, sure, fine, whatever you like that your partner agrees to, no worries mate. Do what you will. Believing you're an imaginary creature (that has as yet to be scientifically or even historically proven to exist (or have existed previously)) and forcing others to obey your direct orders breaks so many already existing laws that I can't believe people are even taking them seriously at all to begin with let alone accepting them under the same 'protective banner' as basic natural attraction and sexual freedom and liberty. There is a point where the free will to be yourself clearly crosses over into the abuse of the innocent and unaware purely for psychopathic personal gain (IE: Zealot). If your biological cells are male, but you feel you're female, fine, whatever works for you, no worries mate... but claiming you have 'female parts' when that's clearly a penis you've got there, that's just fucking delusional. As much as I might believe that if I wash my hair today the sun won't come up tomorrow if I do, it won't stop the world from spinning (Phobias, fears, delusions = mental illness). Science is the stable reality we should adhere to regarding sexual research, not belief systems like it's all some wacky religion. Get down to work on the science, humanity. Study this stuff. Study all aspects of human sexuality from the boring to the downright taboo and unknown... but use SCIENCE not belief systems (religion, bad, incomplete, ignorant, incomplete science)! Don't make 'laws' around other people's personal belief systems alone, because that's just a mind-fuck on the entire species and makes the government appear as if they are only doing so FOR THE MONEY and to remain in power and nothing more. It's evil, it's stupid, and it's killing the planet faster than pollution and our own solar cycles. And even if someone is 'mentally deranged', go easy on them, they need help, don't be needlessly rude to them, it helps no one, not even yourself. But really, humanity, stop pretending you are something you're not and then going so far as to believe your own imagination and then going even further to IMPOSE LAWS against the innocent based on your own personal imagination. It's just not healthy for anyone, anywhere, ever.

    Having said all that... Clearly there's several common aspects of human sexuality that humans refuse to face and accept about themselves... still. And that's idiotic and cowardly. Heck most people can't even accept their own bodies or being seen by their OWN FAMILY or the general public while naked. The fear of their own basic bodies is well into the ludicrous level of paranoia... and yet everyone loves sex for the most part. Get over it, humanity! You're ridiculous. The deeper stuff humans can never face will never go away, and until you study them professionally, scientifically, you're all gonna fight over those subjects while you still refuse to even accept the most BASIC natures of your own selves. So, truly, all this other legal crap is just a waste of your time as a species since it's a house of cards with zero foundation anyway. You're building crap on absolutely nothing. Stop it! Figure your basic sexual natures out FIRST, ALL OF IT, not just what some age old dead religion told you is 'permitted'. Everything! Especially what you fear the most! Fear is the mind-killer. Grow up before you worry about 'space exploration' if you're still afraid of each other's nude bodies in any way. All the really deep stuff will pop up once you get past the most basic of your true natures. Only THEN will you be ready to accept the rest of your true natures and sexual liberty... and only THEN will you be able to see what I see about all this 'legal crap' you're all having to deal with in today's broken 'society' that you're all fighting about. Garbage.

    Purple Crow, July 23 2019 (Again and again as always since 1987! - I never get through to you!)
    "TEAR DOWN THE WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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  • Rant on radio about humans being LOST and IDIOTIC planet killers = Don't get cut from my own station.

    Rant on radio some more and talk about my past military (family) connections and other agencies and paranormal stuff and suddenly the whole internet goes down for 2 minutes right as I drop certain names and key events many don't know about.

    No such thing as #coincidence at that level.

    I doubt humans will ever know just how screwed they really are... or who (what?) I really was when I'm gone.
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  • Planet killers!
    Will they 'produce' themselves to death before they finish the planet off completely? Stay tuned to find out!
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  • Humans are planet killers!
    Radiation 6,000 Times Higher In Giant Clams Near Runit Dome Than In Open Ocean.
    Murdered food chain = suicide = Why save this species after this 35,500 year quarantine?!
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  • Some amazing new albums donated to Chaotic Resonance that you absolutely must listen to!

    Deep experiments in social disenchantment.
    Various artists - "Le Danger d'Engendrer"

    Absolutely killer noise! Fantastic!
    Various - "La Gamme du Vide"

    Sounds to destroy a society of facade.
    Un Regard Froid - "Palinodie (Anticinema)"

    Soundtrack for a dysfunctional species.
    Camecrude - "Enclave I"

    Thank-you Cioran Records! :>
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  • I wouldn't put anything past those filthy masonic pedovore serial killer psychopaths
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