• How YouTube Destroys Channels:
    Lie, cheat, steal, betray, harass, confuse, annoy, have zero honour or consistency, etc...

    How you get your power back: First, stop giving it away in the first place! Secondly, get your own website (and PO Box address) through a domain service that actually stands for 100% freedom and independence, then create a private email subscription service for your 'subscribers'. The direct route is the only way to go. Yes, we have to go back to 1993 style internet one way or another because the current internet style is a DEAD END.

    My own PO Box for direct written letters is on my own private website for my radio station: I don't have a 'subscription news/email service', but there's no need at this time, but I do respond to emails every week (as I get very few), and I do have a PRIVATE (closed) Discord channel for friends and fans I respect. We do just fine this way... without random trash/trolls fucking around where we hang out and share 'sick memes' and 'hot news items'. (Better then me talking on the air all the time - that way you get 100% commercial-free music and art without talk radio in the way... although I hear some of you enjoy my "Art Bell"-like approach to news. Anyway... There you have it. that's where it's all leading and I have to say it... "I told you so" (long ago, if you were around back then).

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  • Turning all Flat Earth and Fake News memes into a GLOBAL CHAT DESTROYER meme.
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  • Someone:

    Hi Purple, hugely controversial facial recognition technology is spreading like wildfire in Canada. And right now, there are no laws to govern how it’s used.

    Facial recognition technology works by scanning images or surveillance video of your face, and using computer algorithms to match it to images in a database.

    It’s already being used by law enforcement in some cities in Canada, as well as a chain of popular shopping malls, who use it to monitor the age and gender of shoppers.1,2

    Facial recognition technology is a huge threat to our privacy, and there are major issues with accuracy and bias within the software that’s used, which can have serious implications for anyone wrongly matched. But if enough of us speak out right now, we can put the brakes on before this goes too far.

    Tell government: We need a full moratorium on the use of facial recognition by law enforcement, and a proper review of our privacy laws to address the risks of this technology.


    No, I don't serve Baphomet goat dick sucking FreeMasons or their "Government", nor do I BEG for THEM to HELP ME help myself. What I do is cover my face however I wish and fuck the "System"... and a lot more. I also flood them with hundreds of "False positives" in other ways. I am no slave who BEGS for "help" from a Baphomet goat dick sucking FreeMasonic "Government"... that's everyone else's bad habit. I'm no "Bridge jumper"... I don't give a fuck how TRENDY that global meme still is to "beLIEve in something". I am me; I am free. I do as I wish without opinion of any 'peers'. Oh but I do enjoy 'playing the game' sometimes. :>

    You know The Plot already. Nothing else matters.
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  • 5:15 *Transformation* Meme React Couch turns into Spider React Couch. LOL
    Those poor arachnophobes. I'd have picked it up and set it free outside to eat things I dislike a lot more than spiders. Also it keeps beta males away from my home. Love ya, guys, but DAMN!... Ya lost yer spines. I guess dealing with 8 foot tall Insectoids makes an itty bitty spider seem like nothing to me.

    Also: Great memes, everyone! Damn funny! ^^

    "IGHT IMMA HEAD OUT" - Meme Couch

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  • This meme idea 'bugs' me:
    Head - Thor Axe - Abdomen
    Care to draw? ^^
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  • Minecraft memes and Pewdiepie and an epic music video about "life (is what you make it)".
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  • 8:43 Uh oh.... It's Cern! I blame Cern... Messin' with space time again - bleeding wormholes, 'n' stuff.

    Pewdiepie Minecraft memes and 'coincidences'.
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  • No matter what you do, some opinionated egotistical religious person who needs their virtue-signalling dopamine fix will tell you what you're doing wrong and how to fix it, and if you show them you are already doing what they just suggested and their whole world falls apart with your brutally honest non-addicted logic, they call you 'evil' or 'stupid' because you are not a member of their beLIEf system.

    Four examples of replies to the 'suggestion' that I get to know birds better (LOL, the ignorance is fucking staggering), and the 'suggestion' that I 'discover the real Jesus, (Here we go with yet another cult member trying to CONVERT everyone in their path as usual), and the 'suggestion' that I 'learn more' about their specific particular method of dopamine fixation (sighs), and that I'm 'stupid' for not 'understanding their wise messages correctly' about the bogey man in the sky meme as they have decided 'god' SHOULD BE and have publicly told me "buh bye" as a result (wah wah cried the tantrum baby).

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  • Praying to Jebus didn't save him before the event, and I see no evidence of any paranormal activity after the event. So it's just a personal belief system; a meme. Everything else you say is actually good knowledge, but the Jebus talk is worthy of a response from George Carlin.
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  • I saw this one coming. Took a while though... at least on my list of Tubers to point this obvious one out.

    PewDiePie Promotes The NEW WORLD ORDER | Nimses

    He doesn't know everything, he's just a gamer who likes memes, he's not a journalist, and corporations love to have Pewds promote their strange new crap for them. But really, most of us saw this original video and thought "Uhhhh, HELL NO!".
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