• Purple Crow - Realists make terrible sheep.

    Just to be a realist about things... (No BS of any beLIEf system, including religion, government or societal)

    Those "AA" apologies you get...
    1. They were programmed to do so.
    2. They are doing it to clear their own conscience.
    3. The religious people involved in creating these programs are the same, they do so as a goal to 'get into heaven' (proving their worth to some kind of invisible bogey man in the sky).

    I'd be more likely to believe people who are without 'Programs' and 'Religion' if they discovered things on their own about themselves and then were able to help themselves by themselves. Takes a lot of human will it seems to achieve such, and that's worthy of my attention and respect. However...

    Just like the phrase "I'm from the government, I'm here to help you." Just not worth trusting - especially if we have NO CHOICE (anti-free-will human sheep (government)). Just look at all those cop videos out there - Proof I'm right because it's true. Programmed humans are just not trust-worthy, especially those who are so 'kind' and 'good' in their presentation and plastic attitude... They have the most to hide and are just better actors... sometimes... but I see right through them... even when I'm playing along for my OWN personal benefit. Free humans at least stand a chance, MAYBE, at getting my serious attention for more than a minute. Only THEY stand a chance at truly learning who I really am and thus gaining my deepest respects. (No names, but some internet chatters have actually met me in person at great distance and have claimed to me they left as 'changed people' after only a week together. And that's me in my casual mood for a brief period with a stranger I don't really trust in my home. There's your perspective. They know who they are.) :> (The rest of you... not even on the board yet... apply yourselves, if you wish.)

    Just letting everyone know that I am a realist - I face things head on as they really are, not with 'hope' and other self-created or externally programmed illusions. My OWN WILL has saved my life many times more than anyone else ever bothered to care to bother to seriously attempt.

    If it's your 'job description' it's not real... it's your money talking. You would not give a crap about a total stranger, me, under most if not all circumstances, normally... unless you had convinced yourself (or were programmed) to believe that your chosen 'career' means something to me, and that somehow I'd believe in the same belief system as you, and that somehow that would actually work effectively in 'changing the world for the better'... but frankly I think that assumption is short-sighted... unless you're dealing with sheep. Sheep will beLIEve just about anything - Just look at this world. I've been a 'terrible sheep' all my life. I walk with eyes open and do my best to keep humans away from me after all I've learned. It sucks... but I'm not going around forcing humans to believe me and do as I say at gun-point like the government goes and say "I'm trying to do my job, a career I chose because I care about people". (Groans) Put a sock in it, Lady! Push your keyboard buttons and write your internal memos, fellas! No sheep falls for those games, good or bad. It doesn't amount to anything to the free other than fanciful distractions and 'things to be momentarily occupied by'. It doesn't matter what type of programming you have... "Good or bad", killer or healer, I've never bought into that illusion.

    If you don't KNOW ME, I mean really know me, deeply, personally, directly involved in my life for years, living with me, spent half your life understanding me.... Sorry... it's just scratching the surface of my being... barely even tickles. I honestly think people should rediscover their core motivations to discover just how much their minds have been programmed from society in every way. Religion, government, copying everyone around them ever since they were 2 years old like the little sponges they once were. Language... a meme... or a mental infection that's impossible to ever rid the planet of?... I wonder... I truly wonder. Perhaps this little 'game-breaking' code of words on this plastic screen before your eyes right now 'means something' to you. I don't know... I'm not looking (not even with my Pineal gland right now). But all these 'sincere apologies' from people I've never met who rarely if ever even type to me (digital crap) has got to stop because you're wasting your time. All I read is 'baa baa baa', even if it feels 'so right' to you (subjectively)... you're not even CLOSE to me, stop pretending you are - If you TRULY want to be close to me, apply yourself, TRULY! It'll take YEARS to get there, because that's just how real I am. I'm no sheep. Just brutal honesty from a realist who has no fear about what you 'think'. That's all. I know too much to be a sucker for the suckered or the truly manipulative. No worries though, you've got a billion other 'clients' and 'friends' out there to play with. Considering your life-span I'd say you'll never run out of them. :>

    Realists make 'terrible' sheep.
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  • Open letter to "Dahboo7" from Purple Crow (someone brave enough to have their 'legal name' in public).

    D: The fallen angels are here and the guv is covering it all up, I'm TELLING YOU!

    PC: Yeah, we're here, D... but we're here for the fun of it. Humans destroy themselves while we enjoy some good music and epic memes. No need for 'holy wars' or books written by dead people about the bogey man to 'accomplish' what takes zero effort on our part. You do it to yourselves all by yourselves. Some of us just like a front row seat, like your friend George Carlin said. :>

    At least tune in to a more wild soundtrack than that crap you're still into (ugh)
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  • "By any memes necessary!" Boomer.
    I laughed. "You can quit but you can never leave" (Joins Twitter instead).
    Good ending about the cake. My OCD agrees.
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  • Me: Everyone needs to stop the "everyone" "me" meme posts.
    Everyone: (About to read my 'everyone' 'me' meme post)
    Me: (Realizes irony ...Deletes post before sending)
    Also me: (Forgets and accidentally hits 'post')
    This post: (Exists)
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  • Rant about how deadly parents are to all of society and why they are the reason the world never changes.

    Human children who have parents are brainwashed by all their bullshit on a massive scale. That's why as teenagers they rebel so violently against everything the more they realize just how much they were all lied to... and what they were made to do or beLIEve in for so long. The more HONEST you are with kids from day one the less reactive they are as a teen and more responsible they are as an adult. But "Don't let any other people in society know" about your advanced thinking... because something even more powerful than propaganda is JEALOUSY!... and other 'adults' will DO JUST ABOUT ANYTHING to keep their place in stupidity and fear and get rid of you! Parents will blatantly and covertly MANIPULATE all kinds of children to do their bidding from fear and jealousy... worse than any politician, religious gang, or government (take your pick). This is why the world never changes: Parents. It's a global human genetic pattern that's unbreakable. Just try and 'fix' this... you can't do it. Every little tiny family is an almost air-tight unbreakable microcosm (they'll claim it's 'love' of course)... but it's merely a cancerous pustule of regurgitated global memes about senseless fear and perpetual manipulation of their own offspring. If you even try to break these patterns and start your own UNIQUE family you're a "dangerous cult" and the jealous will scream "think of the children!"... and you will perish ...or suffer for many years (if not the rest of your miserable life). Basically humans are monsters... and what little hope I have at times is with all those massively rebellious teenagers out there who do whatever they think is best, which is not usually the best decisions... sometimes quite the opposite... but it keeps all those 'parents' PROPAGANDA and JEALOUSY in check... sometimes. I know that's not much, but it's the only hope we've got to end such a planet killing pattern of lies, propaganda and senseless fear over the stupidest of things like fear of our own bodies and being forced to worship the bogey man in the sky in so many ridiculous ways "or else!" If anyone's going to 'smash the system', it's not adults, no way, never gonna happen, they have 'a plan', 'a mission', 'a purpose'... in other words "attachment" to a specific outcome! No, it's teenagers who have no idea what they are doing other than just wanting to be FREE from all the bullshit, and thus have more chaotic power to make real changes in the world by first collapsing everything that's already "stupid" to them. That's the key to rebuilding everything... first it must be cleansed... and they are just the people to do it, for many of them already have a sense of 'no hope, no future, just do it'... and that's where it begins. Everyone else just wants to take a piece of the old crap and 'make it new' where they benefit in some way... which makes sense.... but 'sense' will not save you as everyone else will disagree with you, attack you, kill you for your liberty and freedom anyway, so you go nowhere just spinning your wheels going in circles just trying to stay alive another day. No, it's the most rebellious of teenagers with their young virile bodies and crushed minds just breaking free from the garbage of a bullshit reality who get the biggest reactions and results from everyone else with a 'goal' who never get anyway (for long).

    Do whatever you want with this random rant. Decide if it's 'true' or not for yourself. I'm not suggesting anything.... you'll figure it out yourself eventually.

    Just note that I did all this at 13 years of age in the early 80's... and I've never changed... I just no longer 'look the part'. Call me "Boomer" all you want... but a more accurate nick-name is "The Joker". :>

    "The Reptoid" (Since 1982)

    #Anarchy means self-rule and 'to hell with recreating past traditions' (spiritual freedom to create YOURSELF).
    Edit: Additional: And I still think Skinny Puppy, Zoviet-France, Tangerine Dream and Throbbing Gristle are the best audio projects ever created (by rebellious 20-year-olds (when they first started / first few records / late 60's to early 80's underground)). You never hear THAT played as 'background music' in the dead malls of today while shopping for the basics.... BUT IT SHOULD BE! (Just my opinion of course).
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  • If winter 'starts' December 21st, then it could also be summer warm in Seattle USA while 50 degrees colder like winter just across the Canadian border less than 4 hours drive away because of the imaginary line called the 49th parallel - but that's cartoon meme nonsense of course just for humour to show how stupid that idea really is. The logic of people today is such a waste of oxygen though as THOUSANDS of humans actually beLIEve 'Winter starts December 21st' every year! Headlines in late November and early December like "Snow covers USA prior to winter" are ONLY meant to scare you and keep you stupid (tax slaves to the elite)! #FuckHype And learn the NATURAL Pagan calendar from whence you twisted this false information from. Solstice is NOT "the beginning of winter", it is the SHORTEST days and LONGEST nights (SOLAR planetary clockwork) and is considered "Midwinter" by the farmers who feed you and your family. (I'd be pissed off too feeding people who stopped understanding NATURE generations ago as well if I were a farmer. However I am one of the last few bloodline Pagans who's used to being misquoted, misunderstood, attacked physically, spiritually, etc, for being correct about 'too many things'.) *Refusing to watch or read ANYTHING with such stupidity as a headline - even sources I used to enjoy*
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  • If you still believe in the invisible bogey man in the clouds in ANY way (religion) and you state that the government is a 'faith based farce' that you can 'live without', you need to be laughed at publicly. Sorry, man, tough love here. I enjoy some content from some people sometimes, but I have NEVER enjoyed all content from any one producer (any kind) every time! This is a prime example. If you talk anti-guv because it's a 'farce' but still 'beLIEve in god' (because everyone else does; it's a MEME; reLIEgion), then you're a hypocritical idiot. End of story. Humans are typically so VERY short-sighted. One person's pleasure is another's evil, and one person's evil is another's right to life, free love and liberty. Belief is a PERSONAL mental state; not something to IMPOSE on others, not even to guilt them with for ANY reason, ever. STFU and keep it to yourself! That's your 'right to religious belief', that's all it covers. Once you GO PUBLIC with your mental imagining and meme promulgation you get what you deserve... just like who you 'voted' for like the sheep that you are!... Choosing which Master you prefer to beat you with! BOTH IDEAS ARE WRONG if you are truly free! You can't have one and not the other because indeed they are BOTH BELIEF SYSTEMS and 100% not necessary for your own survival and as long as you permit even ONE of these things (or other belief systems) into your life, you have no 'right' to publicly bitch about someone else's beLIEf system! "Separate of church and state" is "Animal farm" by George Orwell all over again. Hasn't anyone ever learned from this?! "Two legs bad, four legs good" (Church good, government bad - Or government good, church bad). It's all BULLSHIT, folks, and it's bad for you. Humans are a TYPE ZERO species because they have amazing gifts and WASTE IT on beliefs and barbaric tribal fighting over those unique (and meme based) personal beLIEfs!


    PS: If you think this is 'bad' 'negative' or 'triggering', re-read my delightful banner image that's been there for a few years now to remind you what the deal is regarding fairness and EQUAL treatment. :> Have a good one, humans.
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  • Fresh meme.
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  • Epstein and Andrew, meme buddies forever. :> "Oh my!" There goes the "Royal" (God says we're better than you) family. 12 years they hung out together and he 'honestly had no idea' what was going on. No one's gonna buy that... expcept the utterly stupid and legally 'retarded'.

    Here's the "odd" thing about all this... 17 is an ADULT by ancient standards as most girls were getting married by then. And in many countries today it's still normal, and the age gap can be as much as 25 years in many cases of fully consensual marriage and is fully legal in those countries. (No I'm not talking about the Middle-East, that get far far stranger of course). So again humans all disagree on "exactly when" someone is "alive" and "born" versus even the idea of "consensual relations" anyway. Just going to point those facts out here as they are facts and history and NOT m 'opinion' in any regard. Just history and today's 'science' accoding to whole nations of humans who agree with that. And I'm really tired of women who DO all these things with others for YEARS and then suddenly need 'help' and a pile of cash and attention for stuff they never complained about a few years ago... until someone got new ideas into their heads. It seems to happen to women about the time when thyey need a 'perk' in their lives... never when they reach 50 or 60 does it 'suddenly all come flooding back to them' and they need some kind of 'revenge'. And yes I've done my own in-person research over my whole lifetime and many women are NOT complaining at all about being 17 and with an older man back then, they seem to rather ENJOY telling me those stories and "WISH" it was someone as famous and powerful as a 'Prince' or whatever. Again, I'm just adding facts here, not my opinion. But those women never get the MASS MEDIA attention nor do they even want it - far too classy for that 'fame' nonsense. Of course it seems they were never 'threatened' or felt 'scared' and I think that's all it comes down to. One slip in that direction and they start getting 'ideas' from others about 'what you COULD do about it' (etc etc). It's a mental game more than anything it seems in most instances... a 'social-media' game more than ever these days, which I think lessens any power a women could have had by maintaining some honour and keeping things private and if she really felt it was necessary, private legal action or whatever suits her fancy... but 'fame' is often part of the equasion far too often and I'm tired of that whole human situation.

    Anyway, carry on.

    PS: I still think the Baphomet worship and FreeMasonic crap is far more important than 17 year olds liking older powerful men for secret sexual hang-outs who later bitch about it for public attention and 'revenge'. Far too many liars out there ruining it for everyone else when they play that game. (Yes, I know all about those liars making shit up just to get ATTENTION far too well!!!! - The only time I truly want a "Hell" to exist is just for women like that - I'd gladly be in charge of such a place myself after what I've been through)
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  • PC blocked by Dahboo7. LOL (And I don't care why - still sharing some of your reports).

    Is it because of your addiction to reLIEgion, D?

    See what I mean where everyone has SOMETHING they just can't let go of on Earth and how it LIMITS them from the deeper truths? There's always a crutch of some kind: reLIEgion, Poly-Ticks, Moan-ee, dopamine trips from being a passive-aggressive a$$hole... whatever... there's always a crutch for humans... a habit they can NEVER quit or free themselves from. I tend to respect those who chose beer or music or some other form of personal amusement over some MEGA-addiction like a global meme like reLIEgion or Poly-Ticks. I mean, here's Dahboo and Brian exposing how "BAD" governments are for your personal health while they tote the LIE of religion. There's channels that expose religion but kiss the government's A$$ by the bag full. It's disgusting how those who rant about how bad something is, like AJ bitching about "Globalists" while ignoring the Z10n1st$ completely, while kissing an equally sized HOLE and sucking back the contents there-of. *SMH* But alas... you're only human after all... and I can forgive slaves for not having a clue what they are doing to themselves or each other... as gross as that truly is.

    Meh. Don't care anyway, just want to see who gets 'pissed off' again at the truth being dropped on the digital public street here (internet - anti-social media). :> Hahahaha. Hey... made myself laugh ^^

    #Dahboo7 #Dahboo77 #Dahboo777
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