• Open letter to "Dahboo7" from Purple Crow (someone brave enough to have their 'legal name' in public).

    D: The fallen angels are here and the guv is covering it all up, I'm TELLING YOU!

    PC: Yeah, we're here, D... but we're here for the fun of it. Humans destroy themselves while we enjoy some good music and epic memes. No need for 'holy wars' or books written by dead people about the bogey man to 'accomplish' what takes zero effort on our part. You do it to yourselves all by yourselves. Some of us just like a front row seat, like your friend George Carlin said. :>

    At least tune in to a more wild soundtrack than that crap you're still into (ugh)
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  • "By any memes necessary!" Boomer.
    I laughed. "You can quit but you can never leave" (Joins Twitter instead).
    Good ending about the cake. My OCD agrees.
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  • Rant about how deadly parents are to all of society and why they are the reason the world never changes.

    Human children who have parents are brainwashed by all their bullshit on a massive scale. That's why as teenagers they rebel so violently against everything the more they realize just how much they were all lied to... and what they were made to do or beLIEve in for so long. The more HONEST you are with kids from day one the less reactive they are as a teen and more responsible they are as an adult. But "Don't let any other people in society know" about your advanced thinking... because something even more powerful than propaganda is JEALOUSY!... and other 'adults' will DO JUST ABOUT ANYTHING to keep their place in stupidity and fear and get rid of you! Parents will blatantly and covertly MANIPULATE all kinds of children to do their bidding from fear and jealousy... worse than any politician, religious gang, or government (take your pick). This is why the world never changes: Parents. It's a global human genetic pattern that's unbreakable. Just try and 'fix' this... you can't do it. Every little tiny family is an almost air-tight unbreakable microcosm (they'll claim it's 'love' of course)... but it's merely a cancerous pustule of regurgitated global memes about senseless fear and perpetual manipulation of their own offspring. If you even try to break these patterns and start your own UNIQUE family you're a "dangerous cult" and the jealous will scream "think of the children!"... and you will perish ...or suffer for many years (if not the rest of your miserable life). Basically humans are monsters... and what little hope I have at times is with all those massively rebellious teenagers out there who do whatever they think is best, which is not usually the best decisions... sometimes quite the opposite... but it keeps all those 'parents' PROPAGANDA and JEALOUSY in check... sometimes. I know that's not much, but it's the only hope we've got to end such a planet killing pattern of lies, propaganda and senseless fear over the stupidest of things like fear of our own bodies and being forced to worship the bogey man in the sky in so many ridiculous ways "or else!" If anyone's going to 'smash the system', it's not adults, no way, never gonna happen, they have 'a plan', 'a mission', 'a purpose'... in other words "attachment" to a specific outcome! No, it's teenagers who have no idea what they are doing other than just wanting to be FREE from all the bullshit, and thus have more chaotic power to make real changes in the world by first collapsing everything that's already "stupid" to them. That's the key to rebuilding everything... first it must be cleansed... and they are just the people to do it, for many of them already have a sense of 'no hope, no future, just do it'... and that's where it begins. Everyone else just wants to take a piece of the old crap and 'make it new' where they benefit in some way... which makes sense.... but 'sense' will not save you as everyone else will disagree with you, attack you, kill you for your liberty and freedom anyway, so you go nowhere just spinning your wheels going in circles just trying to stay alive another day. No, it's the most rebellious of teenagers with their young virile bodies and crushed minds just breaking free from the garbage of a bullshit reality who get the biggest reactions and results from everyone else with a 'goal' who never get anyway (for long).

    Do whatever you want with this random rant. Decide if it's 'true' or not for yourself. I'm not suggesting anything.... you'll figure it out yourself eventually.

    Just note that I did all this at 13 years of age in the early 80's... and I've never changed... I just no longer 'look the part'. Call me "Boomer" all you want... but a more accurate nick-name is "The Joker". :>

    "The Reptoid" (Since 1982)

    #Anarchy means self-rule and 'to hell with recreating past traditions' (spiritual freedom to create YOURSELF).
    Edit: Additional: And I still think Skinny Puppy, Zoviet-France, Tangerine Dream and Throbbing Gristle are the best audio projects ever created (by rebellious 20-year-olds (when they first started / first few records / late 60's to early 80's underground)). You never hear THAT played as 'background music' in the dead malls of today while shopping for the basics.... BUT IT SHOULD BE! (Just my opinion of course).
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  • A momentary lack of 'reason' (rant)...

    In over 50 years of life on this planet, NOT ONCE has a single "politician" ASKED ME for help in how to represent me IN THE SO-CALLED LEGAL SYSTEM what so ever! And whenever I have gone into their offices, half the time I AM REJECTED from even having the so-called "privilege" of speaking directly with them, let alone having a detailed telephone call to sort serious matters out that impact thousands of people just like me. What does that tell you about these #FreeMasonic #Baphomet club members and their minions? So why would I ever seriously vote for them other than to fuck the entire system up that has NEVER, NOT ONCE IN OVER 50 YEARS, even considered my life as having any value what so ever! I do a lot more than simply "don't vote", I create memes that collapse worlds (eventually), I plant seeds that cast enough doubt that formerly 'stable' agendas collapse, I speak freely as if every day could be my LAST, because in this shitty nightmare world, it very well could be... and I have been through enough HELL to KNOW exactly what I'm speaking about and why I do what I do. I have no specific details to share, and most I've probably forgotten about over the years anyway because I really don't care about a species that I have not been really that attached to since I was 13 years old - there's SO MUCH MORE to this multiverse (and I've LIVED IT MYSELF, DIRECTLY) that it makes the temporary human paradigm and even their 'containers' appear like nothing at all by comparison. There really is no reason to get attached to this place, any place, anywhere, at any time, let alone anyone in particular. Blame doesn't matter, this planet and species is what it is - whether I was alive or not - the ONLY things that truly change this world, and only barely, are doing what I do, as I do it. You can choose your own path and 'reasons' as you wish, I don't care either way... just make sure you get my direct face to face permission before you do ANYTHING against my will (interdimensional spirit and other non-human lives) otherwise David Paulides might end up talking about your mysterious vanishing along with the other THOUSANDS of 'vanished' people who are no longer in this dimension or timeline. :> Maybe I'm 'just joking'... maybe I'm more powerful than I portray myself in this fake digital public arena, but you'll claim whatever you want about me anyway, and even that I gave up on LONG ago when I retired from the paranormal (with a professional global non-government organization of many years). "Will the real Purple Crow please stand up, please stand up, please stand up" (dances). Now, ask me again why I do or don't 'vote' or beLIEve in 'government' even if I'm playing along to get through another day to see what else collapses tomorrow... or to give 'the system' a little push.... over the hill... to watch it crash below (reboot now!)... and I'll just dance some more as I crank the music on my 'insane' radio station of pure Chaotic Resonance. Hahahaha!

    ...but this is just a piece of something even beyond my own conscious comprehension... and...... WOW!!!!!!!!
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  • RvdB memes need to happen - This is nutty New Age crap.
    Paint dot net file for your editing:
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  • My reply deserves its own post.

    What caused the world to be so fucked up today?

    Internet memes caused this - Language is a virus - Infectious thought-forms - Ideas with a life of their own that humans adopt and mutate constantly, spiraling out of control in clusters.

    It's a massive slow explosion on a global scale (technology) and collapse (society in ruins).
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  • Bogey man wars!

    Blame the invisible, it's the cause of everything you dislike in the world. Humans are 'victims' of the invisible. Uh huh.

    What do the global and ancient memes say about today's situation? Quick! Quote some shit from 1500 years ago to solve everything!

    (Nothing changes, ever)

    Well... that was stupid.
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  • How YouTube Destroys Channels:
    Lie, cheat, steal, betray, harass, confuse, annoy, have zero honour or consistency, etc...

    How you get your power back: First, stop giving it away in the first place! Secondly, get your own website (and PO Box address) through a domain service that actually stands for 100% freedom and independence, then create a private email subscription service for your 'subscribers'. The direct route is the only way to go. Yes, we have to go back to 1993 style internet one way or another because the current internet style is a DEAD END.

    My own PO Box for direct written letters is on my own private website for my radio station: I don't have a 'subscription news/email service', but there's no need at this time, but I do respond to emails every week (as I get very few), and I do have a PRIVATE (closed) Discord channel for friends and fans I respect. We do just fine this way... without random trash/trolls fucking around where we hang out and share 'sick memes' and 'hot news items'. (Better then me talking on the air all the time - that way you get 100% commercial-free music and art without talk radio in the way... although I hear some of you enjoy my "Art Bell"-like approach to news. Anyway... There you have it. that's where it's all leading and I have to say it... "I told you so" (long ago, if you were around back then).

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  • Turning all Flat Earth and Fake News memes into a GLOBAL CHAT DESTROYER meme.
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  • 5:15 *Transformation* Meme React Couch turns into Spider React Couch. LOL
    Those poor arachnophobes. I'd have picked it up and set it free outside to eat things I dislike a lot more than spiders. Also it keeps beta males away from my home. Love ya, guys, but DAMN!... Ya lost yer spines. I guess dealing with 8 foot tall Insectoids makes an itty bitty spider seem like nothing to me.

    Also: Great memes, everyone! Damn funny! ^^

    "IGHT IMMA HEAD OUT" - Meme Couch

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