• In every country where Marxist ideology has been implemented, the first rule of consolidating power has been HISTORICALLY DOCUMENTED (i.e., it HAPPENED in fact) to be the rounding up and subsequent elimination (read it as you wish...primarily S-L-A-U-G-H-T-E-R) of the following classifications of CITIZENS of that country:

    (1) Anyone with a master's degree or higher;
    (2) Anyone with a Bachelor's degree who does not IMMEDIATELY submit to authority in EVERY WAY;
    (3) Intellectuals in higher educational institutions who do not conform to #2 above;
    (4) Military veterans and active duty military personnel of rank 0-4 & above;
    (5) Military veterans and active duty military personnel of rank E6 & above who do not conform to #2 above;
    (6) Immediate family members (who are domiciled with the aforementioned) age 16 and over;
    (7) Political officials democratically elected who are of the opposition party;
    (8) Family members over the age of 16 who are domiciled with #7 above;
    (9) Professionals who do not conform to #2 above.
    (10) Along the way, anyone the kill squad leadership has an axe to grind with.

    THIS is what our...

    (A) Democrats;
    (B) MSM;
    (C) LEFTist Attorneys & Judges;
    (D) Former President Barack Obama & every member of his cabal;

    ...have instigated or otherwise put into play in America today. Their military arm(s) include organizations titled:

    (i) ANTIFA &
    (ii) BLM.

    Hide in your closets, attics, or cellars as you wish, it is playing out before your eyes. There are but two outcomes: victory or communist dictatorship.

    How YOU act and behave will determine the outcome you get.
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  • To return to my hilariously broken starship, that laundry list of tasks ahead of me is the equivalent of falling into a hole in Animal Crossing—intentional, memorable friction on what would otherwise be a smooth, boring road. In their development updates, Hello Games calls No Man’s Sky players “explorers”. That word choice is significant. These moments of repetition and routine, misfortunes along the life lived, are what No Man’s Sky’s fluorescent planets, and constant churn of tiny activities serve to evoke.
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  • The rotation direction of the fan is determined by observing the fan from the drive end. The drive end refers to the side where the fan or motor shaft passes through the fan casing.

    For DWDI or SWSI fan with No. 3 arrangement, it is the side of the fan housing where the belt drive sheave is installed.

    For centrifugal fans, the air outlet direction is the direction indicated by the fan outlet.

    When ordering a centrifugal fan with a casing, you must indicate the direction of rotation and the direction of the wind so that the fan can be correctly installed in your system.

    For specific product information, please contact us:
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    A List of Celebrities Donating to Social Justice Causes Since Floyd Protests Began
    Celebrities are opening up their checkbooks and PayPal accounts to give money to social justice causes, including Black Lives Matter, in the wake of nationwide protests and riots over the death of George Floyd.
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  • Here's an excerpt...I'll attribute it in comments:
    Below is Goldenberg’s list of companies that have defended BLM, the vast majority without condemning the violence and looting that has accompanied demonstrations.

    Abbey Road Studios:
    The Academy (the Oscars):
    Activision Blizzard:
    Alaska Airlines:
    American Airlines:
    American Express:
    American Apparel:
    Apple Music:
    Astro Gaming:
    Atlantic Records:
    Barclays Bank:
    Barnes & Noble:
    Bank of America:
    Bergdorf Goodman:
    Ben & Jerry’s:
    Boost Mobile:
    Burger King:
    Burt’s Bees:
    Call of Duty:
    Capitol Records:
    Canada Goose:
    Cartoon Network:
    Chips Ahoy:
    Coca Cola:
    Colourpop Cosmetics:
    Conde Nast:
    Creative Commons:
    Criterion Collection:
    DHL Express:
    Devolver Digital:
    Dollar Shave Club:
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  • Generation Zero is a co-op FPS for up to three gamers about people fighting to survive against hordes of opposed robots that have overrun Earth. It turned into evolved as a side task at Avalanche Studios, and even as it wasn;t excellent it did nicely sufficient to justify spinning off the improvement crew into its very own standalone outfit, called Systemic Reaction, which teased its first game (below that name) back in March.
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  • Just finished watching all the Rocky movies for the 1st time. Went in expecting dumb simple entertainment (& some of it is that) but found a lot more character depth than I had thought. I don’t even like sports movies which is why I can’t believe how much I love these movies.
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  • Warning: This comment contains description of blood that be disturbing for younger viewers. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

    I was going to the bathroom, and after I take a piss and shit, I wipe my ass to realize it has a ton of blood of it. And my body got anxious so much that it felt like I was going to pass out if I continued sitting. So, I literally got off the toilet seat and lied down on the lfoor for a few minutes, and I felt better. I can't believe how much blood I've wasted just by taking a shit in my ass. It feels like every day blood is coming out of my ass.
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    A reporter gets the Mr. & Mrs. Parker treatment
    As a fan of  A Christmas Story movie, I remember how Ralphie and his brother used to get reprimanded by their parents.  It was a two-step strategy:  Dad, or the old man, would yell at you and Mom, the absolutely wonderful Mrs...
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    All of a sudden, the media is worried about partisanship in government
    The Obama Administration used the IRS to violate the constitutional rights of political opponents and most of the media and other Democrats didn't care.  The Obama Administration used government agencies to illegally spy on thousands of A...
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