• "To murder and NOT protect" (Cops)
    "Hello, I'm here to accidentally KILL you" (Cops)
    "Think? Training? What's that?" (Cops)
    "We're the first SJWs on Earth (Twisted Baphomet 'logic')" (Cops)
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  • Control and safety 'guaranteed'! (Says your government tax sucking vampires)
    Metal detectors.
    Police everywhere.
    Fences around the entire perimeter.
    DEFENSELESS humans murdered 'randomly' once again is the result.
    "Creating a better world through control by government".
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  • Lawsuit brings murder of DNC staffer back into spotlight
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  • Elite child murdering demons are all after each other now. The pyramid cracks have lead to collapse as I mentioned in 1987 - These days have arrived!
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  • Migrants pushed three 16-year-old Germans in front of train – mainstream media covered up the murders.

    How long until my people have had enough of these attacks and censorship?! Our lives matter!!!
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  • I've been telling the public for YEARS that this is way worse "at the top" then it is anywhere else! Are you starting to wake the F up finally? You laughed at me when I was on FM radio with Kevin Annett talking about this stuff in the 90's.... at least the sp00ks and idiots did... and they are not laughing now! Of course Jim Pattison PURCHASED that whole station and kicked all the free speech out for that 'leak' (as they saw it).... So much for "the people's radio" (publicly funded)... now just another corporate station owned by yet another FreeMason.... Anyway.... Watch this video.

    Pentagon Pedophiles Targeted in New Proposed Bill.

    #Hampstead #Cannibals are not just in "Hampstead". Duh!
    #Picton farm murders? He was just the 'garbage man'... Officer Michelson RCMP was the head Satanist behind it all... Of course he's still 'employed' and answers your 911 calls and is inside your homes.
    Getting how this all really works yet? Welcome to Earth.
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  • I love fucking with stalkers on Craig's List.
    Post a normal ad. Get attacked by random local strangers. Then the games begin. :>
    Offer home address and they never show up for some "odd" reason, each new fake account they use.
    Maybe it has something to do with our reply, hmmmm.


    Them: "Spencer Dennis: I’m going to make fake accounts and send you emails with interest in the room and make appointments to view it the apartment and not show up. Sooo suck it"

    Us: "Two applicants already chosen, but now we're awaiting your false threats to manifest so we can all have dinner. ^^

    Oh go right ahead. Then you can get brave enough one day so suck on my dragon cock and drink my seed like a good boy for once.

    Meanwhile we have two people both interested in our private room in our private home and we're deciding which one now, but go right ahead. Tell ya what... I'll keep posting the ad just for you, dear, so you can feel your life has at least a tiny little piece of meaning in it, OK babe? *Bugs Bunny kisses to the sweet little boy* My friend right next to me also added they'd LOVE to MEAT you as well. *Nudge wink*

    Oh and be sure to greet the cops if you decide to show up at one of your fake appointments. Officer Michelson doesn't like to be ignored or you end up as his next meal, since he's the head Satanist for BC Canada. See ya here maybe some time, baby boy.

    Maybe we're all just having fun with you and you really do have 'nothing to worry about'.... and those wack-a-doodle conspiracy theorists are just 'mad'. :>

    So go right ahead and make threats and harass us randomly, it's not like we have insiders in national security or anything who already have your IP and are all over your home lines and cell phone already. Just keep talking and by all means PLEASE drop by when you fake us out and get our private home address. Again, be sure to greet the dirty cops when you get here or they'll 'fear for their lives', if you know what that even means. *More kisses to the little innocent know it all boy*

    Hampstead is larger than you think."



    PS: Hey "Spencer Dennis", if you see this elsewhere on the internet, like right here, by all means, the INVITATION to come over for DINNER remains, sweet little boy, that is, after you service all of us first. Then you get to be the feature guest for our meal. Show up, 'buddy'. Be sure to ID yourself so you get to meat everyone. They can get here very swiftly with a tiny little message or one 3 digit phone call.
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  • Shri Lanka Muslim terror strikes let’s call them what they are murderous pricks
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  • Murdered five children found this dead illegal in cell
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  • I'm letting everyone know that if anything happens to me Mark Schwartz of 5/4 Simpsons rd, Box Hill, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia & his cohorts are attempting to murder me with microwave energy weapons. This has been ongoing since 2013. I have reported that my home has been broken into to the Victorian police at Box Hill & NO interest or help was given to me by them. My phone line has been cut twice with NO explanation from Telstra or anyone else as to the cause.. 2 of his cohorts are pictured below.
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