• Guess he uses a crystal ball like most Globalist asshats if you look out the window no sign of global warming at least for 89% of the planet!!!
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  • This is why I sent Jesse Ventura after David Icke over the whole reptilian thing, using Alex Jones (having Icke on as a regular guest on InfoWars) as a lead in to a live interview with David. Hard questions gets CLOSER to the truth than just (head nodding) to New Age fandom crap. If Jesse went after John Rhodes or Jim Sparks or several others I used to share research with there'd be NO PROBLEM. They DO THEIR WORK! ...Icke just COPIES their data and adds the general public Internet chatter to it and then MAKES MILLIONS selling home made books and doing expensive live tours from everyone else's research. Listen people! WE ARE ALL DAVID ICKE and he's just our collective face. Sort it out! Stop falling for the Wogan show man and his false promises that never came true THAT YEAR OR THE NEXT! Icke is NOT A PROPHET but is indeed a PROFIT! (Keeps David rich to always settle out of court for all his cases of theft and plagiarism - that's where half your money goes. How would I know? I was one of his consultants for YEARS (Start of his reptilian phase of operations), to which I must once again sincerely apologize. Don't worry, Icke will never admit it, and neither will a few other SERIOUS reptoid researchers merely because I shared our research with David. So don't worry, I'm paying the price, all my life, for the rest of my life!)

    Jesse Ventura Bursts Alex Jones' Bubble.
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  • Coddling Islam must stop !!! Left is doing this they must be stopped!
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  • You can simply read the title of ross' article to know it's a bunch of regressive liberal, radical environmentalist propaganda...he cites another article (apparently he didn't read it as it seems to support the rollback) at odds with his own...
    Clean water: the latest casualty in Trump's attack on the environment | Ross Barkan
    His administration’s latest proposal to weaken federal clean water rules chips away at decades of environmental protections
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  • This is a bad deal for UK..may is playing the odds (leaving with the deal leaves the EU in almost complete control of the UK), & leaving Brexit are the 2 options may is hoping for but they should leave with no deal & force the EU to the table...
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  • As I was writing this TWO PARAGRAPHS WENT MISSING (from TWO devices!) and so I'm NOT re-writing them! I hope you understand why! It has to do with location and details of the 'scene' itself and other 'financial' matters before 'vanishing'. I will NOT say anymore about this.

    Onward... (sighs)... this is not good.

    Want to know the strangest thing about my own missing "X-Files"? Not the ones the police raided in 1988 and stole from me (Photos on film from cameras and letters from military experiencers including some of my own personal 'alien' artifacts) but other ones that many other from the public also once had. Not only are my photos of this particular event all "missing" (I assumed during a hard drive transfer at some point about 2002-2006 some time) but no matter how many people I mention this fact to, their photos are ALSO MISSING from this once massively PUBLIC WEBSITE that had over 13 MILLION radio show listeners from around the world every night of the week. Art Bell. I'm sure you've heard of him by now. Let me explain...

    So... specifics... The old Art Bell (dot com) website had the ORIGINAL and REAL photos of "Mel's hole" from the FIRST interview(s) with the dude BEFORE the military showed up and harassed him and STOLE his land from him. I saved those same photos along with many others around the world. Who could forget hearing those classic shows live? It was intense... then it all got strange... silly almost... and then, not long down the road, Art was done and George Noory took over and the Art Bell site was taken down. I said "Glad I saved most of that site and stored it in a few places!" Well... Friends come and go, and things "go missing" that's to be expected, and why having 4-5 ("encrypted"?) back-ups of everything is best... and... whenever I rediscovered this folder... most of it was all there, as far as I could tell, so I never bothered to question if 100% of those files were still around since it looked the same... for the most part... until one day when I did a keyword search on my own spare drives.. and... there were no more "Mel's hole" photos ANYWHERE no matter what I did. I mean NOTHING! No spare drives, no other key words worked, nothing I did got me anywhere. Now what? OK, time to call up some old friends. One was still around and I got my files back. Awesome! And again... what's this?! SAME PROBLEM! OK what the hell is going on here? Those were some rough nights contemplating what's really going on in 'reality'.

    So... where does this leave me tonight? It leaves me randomly scanning the internet and finding a series of 'stories' like "Mel's hole" WITH ALL THE WRONG PHOTOS IN THEM that are totally unrelated! (As expected, due to public stupidity and them not being involved with such matters or knowing the occasional guest host of Coast to Coast AM (or some of the guests, or even being mentioned a few times by same during an old program)). Surely after all these years I can't be the only one who KNOWS THIS and WITNESSED THE ORIGINAL PHOTOS with 13 million others in the 1990's and HAD COPIES OF THE ORIGINAL PHOTOS that went 'missing' rather mysteriously... can I? Because if that's the case then perhaps I truly am from a parallel dimension (living inside your fake universe) unlike anyone else who ever lived, and my personal "Mandela effect" is totally exclusive to me alone... and believe me I could pass any form of lie detector you could invent because I LIVED IT FIRST HAND as these stories broke! I listened LIVE! I worked with MUFON and knew people who had inside scoops on things, and that website was PUBLIC by the millions of hits DAILY! I could re-draw from memory those exact photos and even be a consultant for an accurate RECREATION (model) down to exact specifications! So when I say all the other photos are "BULLSHIT", put me to the test... but I sense I might need a personal body-guard the rest of my life if I went "too public" with these facts once again. Here's why I'm saying this now... It really PISSES ME OFF seeing all these 'new videos' out there with BAD DATA everywhere! Garbage in = garbage out! And all those "Mel's hole" images are CRAP!!! That's a fact! Wrong! None of them ever match the description from the original audio from Art and Mel because they are NOT the real photos! That's why! I hate seeing and hearing this crap from these (perhaps sometimes well intentioned) armchair video makers who are copying copies of RE-FORMED BAD DATA to make more copies for other copiers who in turn do the same, like a meme or virus that does more harm and distraction than good.

    Now what?

    Doesn't anyone have the ORIGINAL PHOTOS anymore?
    Where did our copies go?
    How was this even achieved?
    Why aren't thousands of other witnesses (at least to the old AB site) speaking up about what they also witnessed?

    Example: Imagine if you woke up today and you're the ONLY ONE who lost all your chemtrail photos or pictures and documents on HAARP and everyone else doesn't know what you're talking about (like it never happened because they really have no memory of what you CLEARLY recall in great detail (names, numbers, faces, events, interview, witnesses, everything). Just imagine! Imagine the very words and terms still exist, but they don't meant the same things or have any MAJOR importance anymore because they were never used or seen under the same light to others around you. Just imagine.

    How important is/was this event? Important enough for all of you to have NO MEMORY of it or other such places on Earth... or at least to have only tainted silly harmless versions of the real facts...

    That's what I'm still going through tonight, all these years later... every time I see the words "Mel's hole". You see a barely remembered odd story at best and some FAKE photos. Not me... I SEE a lot more! I remember every detail. WHERE ARE MY ORIGINAL PHOTOS?!!! I'll KNOW them when I see them again. 100% (Just like certain other OBJECTS STOLEN by the Vancouver Police (and those who control them) in 1988 from my physical X-Files boxes... you fkn bstrds! You are never forgiven. Never.)
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  • Humans don't want to know you or your life and past influences before they hate you, they just want to hate you, no reason required, or very little reason if any. Why? Love is a huge vulnerability risk for them - and that takes a lot more bravery than most people can cope with. If humans learn about your life and past influences before they decide anything about you, they might find out they actually love you, because they can relate to you after all... and they can't let that happen... it's not 'entertaining' enough and takes too long between their optimal dopamine fix routine of addiction patterning. They need "TV like" or "Movie like" relationships. They want to LEAP INTO a dream with the idea that they can just LEAP RIGHT OUT AGAIN any time they want rather than actually build anything together, slowly... and so with all this time on their hands between the exceptionally rare truly deep relationships, however they obtained them, they are on the internet hating on everyone for the smallest things they can differentiate between themselves and everyone else they perceive as 'non-self'. Are the odds stacked against me to ever have any success in relationship development? Fuck yeah! So many DESPERATE BETRAYERS out there! I've barely survived these losses. A really bad sign is how FAST they want to LEAP into being 'close' to me. Or how 'friends' want to ride on my tail for free wherever I go and if I tell them to stop doing that they tell me 'it doesn't hurt'... yeah... doesn't hurt YOU, exactly. No, it's all just too much work anymore for most people and so look at the world today. Make up whatever bullshit you want in your head to justify your actions against people you don't want to know anyway, or seek someone else's LIES through your technology and blame THEM for your actions against people you don't know... that's your pattern alright. it's what you've become... It's what you are... perhaps what you've always been... and technology has only exposed your root personality as a species. Humans are so far beyond 'racist' to the point of pure neutron star quality narcissism or utter mental breakdown depression. How much longer do you really think your society will last now? Naw, you probably don't want to know that either.

    #Technology #Internet #Society #Humans

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  • Solar Observatory Mystery Solved?
    By Tim Binnall

    The National Solar Observatory in New Mexico reopened on Monday following days of fervent speculation surrounding the mysterious evacuation and closure of the facility earlier this month. The odd series of events, which took place on September 6th, raised eyebrows among conspiracy theorists due to the nature of the site and the fact that the FBI was somehow involved in the situation. Worrisome solar activity, aliens, espionage, and an environmental issue involving liquid mercury were among the various suggestions for why the facility had suddenly been closed with no notice.

    However, a statement issued on Sunday by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA), who oversees the observatory alongside the National Science Foundation, shed a bit more light on what caused the site's closure. According to the group, "AURA has been cooperating with an on-going law enforcement investigation of criminal activity" that occurred at the facility. They went on to explain that "during this time, we became concerned that a suspect in the investigation potentially posed a threat to the safety of local staff and residents" and, as such, opted to vacate the building as a precautionary measure.

    It would seem that whatever the investigation involved, the previously-worrisome security threat at the observatory is no longer an issue as AURA went on to announce that they were reopening the facility on Monday, September 17th. In a testament to the tremendous interest the strange incident generated, the group also noted that they anticipate that there will be "an unusual number of visitors to the site" and, as such, have enlisted a private security company to oversee the facility as they get back up and running this week.

    As one can imagine, the somewhat vague explanation from the group is unlikely to satisfy conspiracy theorists who will argue that it is simply a cover story for 'what really happened.' And unless new details surrounding the criminal investigation involving the observatory come to light, the weird events of the last ten days will likely continue to be the subject of conjecture for quite some time.
    Solar Observatory Mystery Solved? - Coast to Coast AM
    The National Solar Observatory in New Mexico reopened on Monday following days of fervent speculation surrounding the mysterious evacuation and closure of the facility earlier this month.
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