• This is oddly delightful to watch after so many recent losses.
    Pewdiepie finally finds his missing horse who wandered off a few days ago in Minecraft.
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  • Sorni​-​Ekva by Sol Mortuus & Nubiferous

    Released today.

    Sorni-Ekva - split-album of Russian dark ambient \ ritual folk performers Sol Mortuus and Nubiferous. The album draws its idea from the legends of the Golden woman - the ancient goddess of the Siberian shaman peoples. In the compositions involved ethnic ritual instruments (gusli, harp, kalyuka, tambourine) and field recordings of the authors, transmitting the natural spirit of the legend.

    Give it a listen.

    Black Mara is an awesome label with all kinds of related music. Enjoy!
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  • I love fucking with stalkers on Craig's List.
    Post a normal ad. Get attacked by random local strangers. Then the games begin. :>
    Offer home address and they never show up for some "odd" reason, each new fake account they use.
    Maybe it has something to do with our reply, hmmmm.


    Them: "Spencer Dennis: I’m going to make fake accounts and send you emails with interest in the room and make appointments to view it the apartment and not show up. Sooo suck it"

    Us: "Two applicants already chosen, but now we're awaiting your false threats to manifest so we can all have dinner. ^^

    Oh go right ahead. Then you can get brave enough one day so suck on my dragon cock and drink my seed like a good boy for once.

    Meanwhile we have two people both interested in our private room in our private home and we're deciding which one now, but go right ahead. Tell ya what... I'll keep posting the ad just for you, dear, so you can feel your life has at least a tiny little piece of meaning in it, OK babe? *Bugs Bunny kisses to the sweet little boy* My friend right next to me also added they'd LOVE to MEAT you as well. *Nudge wink*

    Oh and be sure to greet the cops if you decide to show up at one of your fake appointments. Officer Michelson doesn't like to be ignored or you end up as his next meal, since he's the head Satanist for BC Canada. See ya here maybe some time, baby boy.

    Maybe we're all just having fun with you and you really do have 'nothing to worry about'.... and those wack-a-doodle conspiracy theorists are just 'mad'. :>

    So go right ahead and make threats and harass us randomly, it's not like we have insiders in national security or anything who already have your IP and are all over your home lines and cell phone already. Just keep talking and by all means PLEASE drop by when you fake us out and get our private home address. Again, be sure to greet the dirty cops when you get here or they'll 'fear for their lives', if you know what that even means. *More kisses to the little innocent know it all boy*

    Hampstead is larger than you think."



    PS: Hey "Spencer Dennis", if you see this elsewhere on the internet, like right here, by all means, the INVITATION to come over for DINNER remains, sweet little boy, that is, after you service all of us first. Then you get to be the feature guest for our meal. Show up, 'buddy'. Be sure to ID yourself so you get to meat everyone. They can get here very swiftly with a tiny little message or one 3 digit phone call.
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  • This would be why Whitehorse rd from Station st to Middleborough rd has been neglected...That would bring too much public attention to these psychopath's activities. The only part of Whitehorse rd with so many schools & a police station, a Masonic lodge, a Jesuit catholic church & a catholic junior primary school, a catholic private girls school, a funeral 'parlor', a high school, part of TAFE & a creche for babies & toddlers & another creche behind the town hall in Bank st...
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  • This makes me sick and very angry
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  • REAd it teach truth stop the devil honoring in your pathetic lives get right with GOD while we still can

    Easter beginnings in goddess Ishtar worship not Christ
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  • PAgan origins of Easter or Ishtar goddess of fertility worship (bunnies and eggs)

    Not Christ at all Passover he was crucified on APRil 19-27th not next week !
    He rose that Sunday not next week !!!!!
    Paganism GOD have mercy on the ignorant
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  • Inspiring video

    Teaching the young CPR
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  • That's an odd place for that magnitude... hmmm.

    Strong M7.5 Earthquake Strikes Ecuador.
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  • Guess he uses a crystal ball like most Globalist asshats if you look out the window no sign of global warming at least for 89% of the planet!!!
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