• This was the moment wildlife enthusiast Ewan Wilson got up close and personal with a herd of giant elephants while retrieving a camera trap in the bush.

    This once in a lifetime opportunity happened on November 24, while Wilson was getting footage of the elephants happily grazing when they decided it was the perfect time to investigate the truck.

    Ewan told Newsflare “These incredible mammals decided to spare our lives that day. They had every right to crush me and flip the vehicle but they didn't.

    "Despite having such a young calf in the herd the alphas kept us alive.

    "Please do not replicate or recreate this event in the wild. I never go out looking for these interactions as the risks involved are not worth the outcome."

    This footage is being managed exclusively by Newsflare. To license this video email or call: +44 (0) 203 937 6280

    One should have the same respect for reptilians and their hybrids. It's not always 'size' that matters most, but other skills you're not even aware of.
    Photographer captures incredible encounter with a herd of elephants.
    This was the moment wildlife enthusiast Ewan Wilson got up close and personal with a herd of giant elephants while retrieving a camera trap in the bush. This...
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  • Beautiful choice for a re-issue. A kind supporter of Chaotic Resonance Radio.

    Birds of Naukan by Creation VI & Ugasanie

    Together with the labels NEBOSVOD and ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ we're glad to present the proper reissue of the work, first published in 2015 in a small edition of 80 copies. This is a collaboration album recorded by the projects Creation VI and Ugasanie and dedicated to several sacred places of Chukotka, such as the Whale Bone Alley on Yttigran island and a collection of ancient rock engravings on the Pegtymel river. The album was inspired by the documentary "Chukotka: The Coast of Memory" directed by Andris Slapiņš and poems of the Yupik poetess Zoya Nenlyumkina, who was born in the now deserted village of Naukan, which at that time was the easternmost settlement of Eurasia.

    Petroglyphs carved on stones along rivers, bird colonies and herds of walruses, whale skulls dug in the coast hundreds of years ago - many images were captured in the sounds of this album. Mouth harps and ocarins, throat singing, field recordings and transparent iridescence of cold creeping ambient, saturated with echoes of shamanistic rituals, cries of bird flocks and songs that the ocean sings to heavens, while playing on coastal pebbles.
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  • He says, "Can't we have just one thing where men are 'permitted' to openly discuss their problems and be HEARD by everyone for once in today's society?!" ...and he's right! Like not as a secret club or some crap like that where we hide in 'secret' to 'open up to each other', but something as bold and 24/7 as Feminism but for men! However... since that's never a thing... instead of speaking 'as a man' I simply speak AS MYSELF (with all those fun titles everyone in society has given me, some I find useful in my self-defense against all these attackers) and people with some brains can figure the 'I have male cells' thing out pretty easily. I don't hide it. If we met in person it's pretty obvious what I was born with. Heck, just hearing my 'radio voice' on my own radio station kinda gives me away... but it takes some brains, unfortunately, for many people to realize that 99% my problems are caused by how people treat white males... because that's what I am, and whether DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY (through lack of SUPPORT in this exact area) it all adds up to a massive pile of societal bullshit and personal trauma that's seriously impacted my life. But hey, after 50 plus years here, I don't think anything's ever going to change how people are against me (for no reason (anti-white anti-male racism and sexism) as I see it) or against any of my white brothers out there.

    Anyway... here's some interesting bullshit from that society out there somewhere that I have little to do with... happily.
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  • I don't get the people of Pitcairn island. (Population 57 or something like that)

    They are 90% dependent on the outside world: Fuel imports for their power system (yes actual power lines), most of their food supply, ATVs to get around with. I mean, it's not like their can mine the place for resources since it's so small. Well, I guess they could eventually make a spoon or something without too much damage to an island the size of your local neighbourhood.

    So unless they are avoiding the 'cop culture' we all have to live with everywhere else or avoiding the entire internet or something like that... I just don't get wanting to be that remote and yet 90% dependent on the very thing you're trying to avoid. I'd much prefer a middle ground like a nice country road far off somewhere and a good functioning farm with 90% of what I need right there, even my own wind and solar powered battery system for most of my gear. Some ethanol brewing for fuel for equipment and so forth, like the old days, basic simple things without having to be a 3 day boat ride from the nearest sea level sand spit airport.

    And get this... "G"oolag street view has already been to Pitcairn and showed me photos of everyone at the dock getting their fuel and supplies. Yup, the almight "G" has already been there and walked around taking photos to show the whole world their faces... slightly blurred out for us but 'on file' for them and everyone in control of the planet of course! They are not as hidden as they assumed they might be because they are so 'special'. If you really want to 'hide', be average, common, boring, not that memorable, and be very independent somewhere common and yet remote. Pretty simple solution because that option exists almost everywhere.

    Island people are strange. They must be lonely too. They're offering free land to anyone who wants to move there. So if you want to be alone the rest of your life with no medical and neighbours you can never drive away from, unless you drive your ATV in a circle for about 5 minutes around the perimeter, then Pitcairn island is just right for you.

    No thanks. Far too visible and deadly for my liking. How many people who have several acres of farmland far off somewhere have their faces on "G"oolag's street view while they are on their front porch that you know of? Not many, I'm sure. Fences, dogs, geese and a bull or two can be very nice for your privacy.
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  • I watched this video:

    I checked my current CCleaner.
    Site from video above:
    Results: "Infected"

    I Revo unistalled the bitch:
    Removed all Folders, Keys, Short-cuts, Settings, Everything.

    Went to CCleaner website directly. Got a new fresh copy.
    File name: ccsetup563.exe

    Ready to install the thing, checked it out. Even MORE "Infected" with blatant trojans.
    VIPRE "Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT" and "Dr.Web vxCube".
    Saved image for my computer tech (screen shot). He'll know how to report this to many others.

    I'm done with CC.

    Let others know.

    PS: Symantec killed the GOOD clean PGP original as well. GPG was the public result. A pattern.

    Check everything you have with several different scanning systems and have then also check each other, and get a really good technician or two and stay alert to everything that gets leaked and exposed like this.
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  • Hey you! ...Former attackers of mine (Goths, Police, Fetish Club Goers, etc) who said there's "no such thing as reptilian bloodlines" in Pagan culture or history and "anyone who believes in such a thing is an evil zealot", even after witnessing the Welsh flag (a whole nation) and so much more over the years! Considering the support of global SJWs that I have including bill C-16 (Our Praegender rights as a TWIN SOUL entity) and global Pagan rights (protected religion world wide)... This one's for you. Still wanna talk shit about a dragon? You'd look so cute immobilized in that little government cage (in this video) having to answer to officials with guns about your internet and physical harassment of a PROTECTED BEING all these years. Oh, believe me, I have never forgotten or forgiven you (As the 'Anonymous' saying goes). I can't... I'm too intelligent to be able to do so. :> *wags tail* Expect us.

    PS: Remember in the 90's when I told you this day would come? Your government ID which will be YOUR FACE will be required for you to even log in to your telephone shortly. WE ALL SEE YOU NOW! Hahahaha! Just wait until quantum computers get a scan of my MEMORIES about everything you've done! HAHAHAHAA! I don't have to do a thing. :> I'd never harm you after all you've done to me.... that's their 'job'. ^^
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  • Purple Crow - Realists make terrible sheep.

    Just to be a realist about things... (No BS of any beLIEf system, including religion, government or societal)

    Those "AA" apologies you get...
    1. They were programmed to do so.
    2. They are doing it to clear their own conscience.
    3. The religious people involved in creating these programs are the same, they do so as a goal to 'get into heaven' (proving their worth to some kind of invisible bogey man in the sky).

    I'd be more likely to believe people who are without 'Programs' and 'Religion' if they discovered things on their own about themselves and then were able to help themselves by themselves. Takes a lot of human will it seems to achieve such, and that's worthy of my attention and respect. However...

    Just like the phrase "I'm from the government, I'm here to help you." Just not worth trusting - especially if we have NO CHOICE (anti-free-will human sheep (government)). Just look at all those cop videos out there - Proof I'm right because it's true. Programmed humans are just not trust-worthy, especially those who are so 'kind' and 'good' in their presentation and plastic attitude... They have the most to hide and are just better actors... sometimes... but I see right through them... even when I'm playing along for my OWN personal benefit. Free humans at least stand a chance, MAYBE, at getting my serious attention for more than a minute. Only THEY stand a chance at truly learning who I really am and thus gaining my deepest respects. (No names, but some internet chatters have actually met me in person at great distance and have claimed to me they left as 'changed people' after only a week together. And that's me in my casual mood for a brief period with a stranger I don't really trust in my home. There's your perspective. They know who they are.) :> (The rest of you... not even on the board yet... apply yourselves, if you wish.)

    Just letting everyone know that I am a realist - I face things head on as they really are, not with 'hope' and other self-created or externally programmed illusions. My OWN WILL has saved my life many times more than anyone else ever bothered to care to bother to seriously attempt.

    If it's your 'job description' it's not real... it's your money talking. You would not give a crap about a total stranger, me, under most if not all circumstances, normally... unless you had convinced yourself (or were programmed) to believe that your chosen 'career' means something to me, and that somehow I'd believe in the same belief system as you, and that somehow that would actually work effectively in 'changing the world for the better'... but frankly I think that assumption is short-sighted... unless you're dealing with sheep. Sheep will beLIEve just about anything - Just look at this world. I've been a 'terrible sheep' all my life. I walk with eyes open and do my best to keep humans away from me after all I've learned. It sucks... but I'm not going around forcing humans to believe me and do as I say at gun-point like the government goes and say "I'm trying to do my job, a career I chose because I care about people". (Groans) Put a sock in it, Lady! Push your keyboard buttons and write your internal memos, fellas! No sheep falls for those games, good or bad. It doesn't amount to anything to the free other than fanciful distractions and 'things to be momentarily occupied by'. It doesn't matter what type of programming you have... "Good or bad", killer or healer, I've never bought into that illusion.

    If you don't KNOW ME, I mean really know me, deeply, personally, directly involved in my life for years, living with me, spent half your life understanding me.... Sorry... it's just scratching the surface of my being... barely even tickles. I honestly think people should rediscover their core motivations to discover just how much their minds have been programmed from society in every way. Religion, government, copying everyone around them ever since they were 2 years old like the little sponges they once were. Language... a meme... or a mental infection that's impossible to ever rid the planet of?... I wonder... I truly wonder. Perhaps this little 'game-breaking' code of words on this plastic screen before your eyes right now 'means something' to you. I don't know... I'm not looking (not even with my Pineal gland right now). But all these 'sincere apologies' from people I've never met who rarely if ever even type to me (digital crap) has got to stop because you're wasting your time. All I read is 'baa baa baa', even if it feels 'so right' to you (subjectively)... you're not even CLOSE to me, stop pretending you are - If you TRULY want to be close to me, apply yourself, TRULY! It'll take YEARS to get there, because that's just how real I am. I'm no sheep. Just brutal honesty from a realist who has no fear about what you 'think'. That's all. I know too much to be a sucker for the suckered or the truly manipulative. No worries though, you've got a billion other 'clients' and 'friends' out there to play with. Considering your life-span I'd say you'll never run out of them. :>

    Realists make 'terrible' sheep.
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  • Washington DC, Malta, Vatican, City of London (within London city), Tavistock... So many places are not what they tell you they are... because you are their 'slave'. An invisible bogey man who lives in the sky named "God" told them so, that's why they are "Royalty" and their little global club of followers, the "FreeMasons", who all suck on Baphomet goat dick (another imaginary friend of theirs), one way or another server their "Royal" inbred Baphomet worshipers. Do you think that's "Baa a a a a ad"?

    Human culture is finished.
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  • As I kid I thought 'lead guitars' must have been pretty heavy to hold while playing them vigorously, and that's why they called it "Heavy metal music". It made sense... until I got the pronunciation correct later that year. In retrospect I like my childhood description better. :> *Does 'air guitar' but slowly leans over and then has to sit down a moment wiping sweat from brow*

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  • BEAUTIFUL dark ambient gold!

    Underworld Narrations by Asath Reon
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