• It's all FAKE since gold was replaced with paper.
    Another JPMorgan Spoofer Pleads Guilty to Gold Manipulation, Will Likely Walk With A Fine.
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  • Worldwide Water Crises Unfolds...
    ...and power supply (that runs EVERYTHING).

    #Dahboo7: Bob Lazar. Element 155 Uup (The balanced isotope (only a couple of many combinations)). All questions answered. Listen to all his Coast to Coast AM (etc) interviews, especially the more recent ones with his reflections on WHY it's STILL all 'secret'.
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  • Three tiers of humans: From Creators to Devil's advocates.

    There are people who create things...
    ...and then there's the majority of the people who talk about the things creators create.
    ...and then there's a very special class of humans who think they are above everyone else who argue about the things creators create as well as argue about the reactions of the people who just talk about the things creators create only do so for the sake of arguing. Obviously they get a dopamine kick out of fighting against everything, you can tell by the smug grins on their faces as they attempt to manipulate you or trick you into agreeing with them. It seems their subconscious is jealous of creators and they know they are at the bottom tier of human creativity... and this is the best they can come up with as a result. It seems they are too stupid to realize what they really are, for if they did, they'd stop doing it - others perhaps are actually convinced that what they do, as arguers, places them in the most important position in a failed society, as a machine of perpetual destruction against all creators above them... like a child kicking at an adult's sandcastle at the beach screaming "No fair!". Devil's advocates, one of their own terms, perfectly describes their place in the multiverse compared to creators.

    Meanwhile, to the majority of humans out there, are you 'training' under someone who calls themselves a 'teacher' in order to become a creator? Doesn't this simply make you another carved stone in the wall of taxation and government control 'until death do you part'? Are you still too unsure of yourself to realize that you are simply doing what you already do your own way with a major portion of the success and with a few self-lessons along the way like the rest of the creators? Are you addicted to approval? Adaption is a fine enough skill. Combining is a fine enough skill as well. But creating is too daring, bold, dangerous, risky, uncertain, for most humans to cope with? Do you need reasons to do almost everything you do, from licenses to degrees, to peer support, the hope of awards and recognition, a sense of potential success before you even begin to create whatever you want, for no particular reason? There is great art in such an action.

    Justification for all actions is a dependency on others to define one's own existence. How many creators do you know who asked permission to be creators, or who received training under another creator, to invent whatever they wanted to create, whether publicly or privately? If so, do you actually think their ideas were not stolen in the very same process of needing the approval to be able to become a creator? Were not all the greatest of inventions "Accidental discoveries" more-so than intentional creations?

    Creators do not talk... they do. Creators do not argue... they already did... for they are creators.

    Only you can stop your addiction to words, reasons and public approval to be free to be yourself and do what you want. Meanwhile, the Devil's advocates have you firmly in their grasp, until you set yourself free, walk away from the bottom of the pit, and fly above the Devil's playthings, and above the banality of the common become a CREATOR!

    August 17th 2019
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  • I was told as a child that if you manufacture glass under the right conditions it will be harder than steel and remain 100% transparent. I asked why it's not done then. All I got was discussions about "Prince Rupert drops" being too fragile and "non-machineable" which seemed to contradict their previous statements. I think given the right conditions (and skills, maybe some technology) whole walls and containers of "Transparent super-steel" could be manufactured. Surely better than the simple 'drop molten glass into cold water' technique, especially regarding the thin tails and 'one small tap there and the entire thing explodes' flaw.

    Anyway, check out how hard these things are at the head!

    How Strong Are Prince Rupert's Drops? Hydraulic Press Test!
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  • Cyberpunk ambient soundscore for your mind.

    Warm analogue bass, textural soundspaces and cinematic build ups combine for a unique look into the future of mankind.

    "Early Spring 2074.

    Some say the old days were different. Before cybernetics and the transhumanist revolution. Before the megacorps bought us and our nations, our hopes and our dreams. People back then did not live, work, eat and sleep their lives away within the towering megacorp arcologies. These days only the lucky do so.

    Before the megacorps developed the semantic networks, there were us - soulless prototypes with imprinted memories and so cybernetically enhanced that we verge ever on cyber-psychosis. Due to our post-human DNA, programmed for resilience, we work and live in areas where Humans cannot - like Sector 417. A quarantined and irradiated zone where we protect and maintain the filtration, power and sewage systems of the Mega-City. The nuclear fallout from the conflicts of the 50's is mostly cleaned up thanks to us, though you would never know it.

    Water is scarce, and the first war over it is already brewing. We see, but lack the capacity to care. The word Humanity now feels on the tongue like some long-lost dream. A vision of freedom and serenity, turned to coarse sand on our pallets.

    We see the riots from up here, red smoke and gunfire as anti-transhumanist chants peal through the city. Humans that are disenfranchised, without value in a new world where semantic networks connect the soulless, making them smarter and more effective. What is a single brain compared to thousands? Sometime recently we diverged from the evolutionary path of the many, and now seem land-locked into evolving into a single mind. A single mind at war with itself and all of creation. A single mind ready to disembowel itself to cut the cancer out.

    To cut us out."
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  • August 12 2019.

    Once again someone who's life I saved from death (a couple times) about 15 years ago (and I've known them the entire time, minus this last year) has gone completely nuts and now claims "Purple Crow doesn't exist and never existed". Seems us hybrids have that effect on weaker human minds after they witness our skills. "Burn the witch!" *sighs* Yes, many of you are STILL exactly like that; you prefer your "bogey man in the sky" ("God" (religion)) to the REALITY of human hybridization with ETs (ongoing since your creation).

    It took over 15 people over a year to track this person down and get the TRUTH from them over the telephone. They were in tears I am told over just the mention of my name. They are doing their best to live the illusion that I never existed and are fighting their own memories to try to get through their remaining days. They went so far as to DESTROY anything I ever said (in text), images of me, items I'd ever sent them, etc, just to try to create this illusion they are making up in their psychotropic infested mind. Yes, humans, psychotropics are BAD for you! But your "Doctors" are greedy humans as well and want their perk money! So you're all screwed and lied to by "professionals".

    The moral is that any one of you reading this right now might do the exact same thing to me in the future, as many have before this new person just did last year, and so I am fully prepared for this 7th or 8th time, whatever number of "missing persons" we are at now, and you must realize that this is why I do everything that I do the way I do it. If this is "confusing" to you, just forget about me right now and let's get this over with, OK? I'd appreciate that. It's easier on me, although, after years of abandonment from people who once claimed they "love me" and "can't live without me" I hope you also understand why I laugh at you when you try to project that nonsense at me in your human way. Just stop. You're wasting your time trying to hype yourself up over "nothing", literally, according to your own future-self. I don't beLIEve you anyway. I know better.

    This is why I no longer do anything "important" or "deep" for or with anyone who fails to prove to me personally that they are indeed far more than just another human being. (And I just stated that in the most polite terms possible, rather than how I really feel, it's so you are not "offended" and miss the point of the core of this message). This is also why I keep my OWN copies of everything and would never "permit" you to have any form of control over anything I do, whether it be mutual art and music we both worked on, or my own food supply (I purchase and cook my own food, thanks), and everything in between.

    In the words of a few of these "Missing Persons" from my past who swore oaths of deep love, loyalty and devotion unto me: "I would never leave you and love you deeply and I do not understand why anyone would do THIS to you!" With the facts of reality that I have learned over 51 years of "playing human" amongst you, scales and all, I know these are total lies spun by your own frightened limited egos for your OWN personal sakes and nothing more... although often you are totally unaware of what you are doing or why you are doing it, so of course you think those feelings are meant for "me" (the non-existant one) when they are merely your own crying out for something you are creating inside your own heads ultimately, your own self-created "Bogey men" in all their unique diversity inside each and every one of you humans. The reason the entire world is "fake" is because you are all making everything up... everything... even your "love" for each other... and maybe one day you'll learn the truth of your own reflections as I have.

    Again if this does not "make sense" to you, move along, this message is beyond your comprehension level. Do not fight yourself or your extreme limitations... you'll end up like the rest of my "Missing Person" ("friends and lovers") out there, desperately trying to cling to yet another illusion or dream, rather than accept what they have witnessed first hand themselves and the truth of their own limited reality and their own genome.

    Humans are puppets for the entertainment of ETs... because they can, and they do, and there's absolutely nothing you, human, can do about it... unless they really like you, or they already KNOW you, or they "gave birth" to you personally. The entire multiverse is one massive distraction from being "nothing at all", and "nothing" more, but there is a distinct "pecking order" and it's fine and natural. Accept it.

    Meanwhile... if you feel "fear" now over what you just learned... laugh, because that's about all you could ever do about this, realistically. Pretending I "do not exist" is just stupid... but perhaps that is your true and final place in the universe... right at the bottom of the pit of self-delusion.

    The more "doubtful" you are, the more "useful" you are as a puppet. (ETs: Sorry for spoiling anyone's puppets, guys, but there are a billion other puppets out there, so don't hate me too much for being "too much like you"... we share the same scales after all... and I just want to see if they can actually grasp what I just told them or not. Thanks.)

    Eternal individual family independence, personal sovereignty, and
    perpetual vigilance in honourable absolution, always and forever.

    Their Omnipotent Highness, Lord Purple Crow.
    (The higher form speaking through, the lower hybrid container)
    Our legal Praegender title/name (Bill C-16 Canada) - Protected expression.

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  • Dead Men Tell No Tales
    We told you (sheeple) ...and maybe now you are woke?
    #Royal #Pedophilia #Trump #Clinton #FreeMasons #Baphomet
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  • "I couldn’t have wished for a better introduction to the work of Purple Crow." Psymon Marshall.

    Purple Crow - Blue Grey.
    August 10, 2019

    Album: Blue Grey
    Artist: Purple Crow
    Label: Self-released
    Catalogue no: N/A

    1. Blue Grey
    2. Pipe
    3. Flowing
    4. Blue Grey (Radio edit)
    5. Pipe (Radio Edit)
    6. Flowing (Radio edit)

    You know you’re onto something when the first track (‘Blue Grey’) by this Canadian project opens with a shimmering plane of ebbing and flowing ringing tones that swing in from nowhere, hovers somewhere between your ears, and has the effect of transporting you outside yourself. You find yourself floating somewhere in the timeless interstitial spaces between being/non-being, knowing/not knowing, active/static. It’s a place where all states exist, and simultaneously where nothing happens. Here is where you swim, insensate and yet aware, existing in a condition of euphoria and beatitude, borne along by unfelt currents. All conditions pertain here: not only is there the feeling of bliss but it’s chased by an undercurrent tending towards chaos, a soft but insistent growling emerging through breaks in the roiling background. It’s not threatening, but it still carries a thrill of warning, signalling it shouldn’t be ignored.

    ‘Pipe’ steals in stealthily, a gentle humming occasionally broken by vibrating drones that hang suspended like motes in sunlight. As it progresses one imagines a blue sky against which white clouds drift past and evolve in slow motion, transforming, breaking apart, and reforming. Shapes and stories can read into the gradual billows and curls unfolding, expanding and contracting, revealing and hiding in a progressive unveiling. It’s a secret language, a natural one, the key to which could lift the obscuring curtain from our eyes to reveal the hidden things. Imperceptibly, however, the clouds grow greyer and darker, perhaps a note of caution that everything changes and nothing stays the same.

    In the last offering ‘Flowing’, a low bass drone flies in as from a distance, a granular buzz that, swirls, gyrates, and propels itself through the stratospheric heights above our heads, perhaps an obscure call from the remote cold and frigid boundaries. It’s an all-pervasive blanket of sound, embracing and enfolding, energising and invigorating. It’s the species of drone that seeps into the skin and settles, suffusing the system with a thrilling intensity. One cannot help but feel carried along with its flow, a liberating cascade of thoughts and feelings, letting the streams propel us wither it wants to roam. It’s exhilarating yet precarious, comforting but simultaneously disconcerting.

    These are scintillating creations, awash with subtle textural nuances and microtonic variations, always hovering somewhere between divine and earthy, free-flying and gravity-imprisoned. Each of the compositions lasts twenty minutes or longer, allowing each one to unfold gradually and logically, but never losing their focus or impetus. I found the suite as a whole strangely compelling, yin and yang in equal measure but with graduated shades in between. The art here though is that, despite an apparently limited palette, there’s still a sense of a broad spectrum of colour and detail, nuanced inevitably of course, but still there. I couldn’t have wished for a better introduction to the work of Purple Crow.

    (The final three tracks are shortened, edited versions specifically engineered for radio broadcast, a précis if you like of the full track.)

    Available as a digital download from:

    Psymon Marshall 2019
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  • Russia Explosions: 100k Told to Leave Homes, Black Rain Reported by Residents
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  • French Court Rules Against Utility Smart Meters Because They Are Making People Sick
    "Told you!" :>
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