• A momentary lack of 'reason' (rant)...

    In over 50 years of life on this planet, NOT ONCE has a single "politician" ASKED ME for help in how to represent me IN THE SO-CALLED LEGAL SYSTEM what so ever! And whenever I have gone into their offices, half the time I AM REJECTED from even having the so-called "privilege" of speaking directly with them, let alone having a detailed telephone call to sort serious matters out that impact thousands of people just like me. What does that tell you about these #FreeMasonic #Baphomet club members and their minions? So why would I ever seriously vote for them other than to fuck the entire system up that has NEVER, NOT ONCE IN OVER 50 YEARS, even considered my life as having any value what so ever! I do a lot more than simply "don't vote", I create memes that collapse worlds (eventually), I plant seeds that cast enough doubt that formerly 'stable' agendas collapse, I speak freely as if every day could be my LAST, because in this shitty nightmare world, it very well could be... and I have been through enough HELL to KNOW exactly what I'm speaking about and why I do what I do. I have no specific details to share, and most I've probably forgotten about over the years anyway because I really don't care about a species that I have not been really that attached to since I was 13 years old - there's SO MUCH MORE to this multiverse (and I've LIVED IT MYSELF, DIRECTLY) that it makes the temporary human paradigm and even their 'containers' appear like nothing at all by comparison. There really is no reason to get attached to this place, any place, anywhere, at any time, let alone anyone in particular. Blame doesn't matter, this planet and species is what it is - whether I was alive or not - the ONLY things that truly change this world, and only barely, are doing what I do, as I do it. You can choose your own path and 'reasons' as you wish, I don't care either way... just make sure you get my direct face to face permission before you do ANYTHING against my will (interdimensional spirit and other non-human lives) otherwise David Paulides might end up talking about your mysterious vanishing along with the other THOUSANDS of 'vanished' people who are no longer in this dimension or timeline. :> Maybe I'm 'just joking'... maybe I'm more powerful than I portray myself in this fake digital public arena, but you'll claim whatever you want about me anyway, and even that I gave up on LONG ago when I retired from the paranormal (with a professional global non-government organization of many years). "Will the real Purple Crow please stand up, please stand up, please stand up" (dances). Now, ask me again why I do or don't 'vote' or beLIEve in 'government' even if I'm playing along to get through another day to see what else collapses tomorrow... or to give 'the system' a little push.... over the hill... to watch it crash below (reboot now!)... and I'll just dance some more as I crank the music on my 'insane' radio station of pure Chaotic Resonance. Hahahaha!

    ...but this is just a piece of something even beyond my own conscious comprehension... and...... WOW!!!!!!!!
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  • Edit: *** ALSO *** A claimed Rothschild DEMANDS public worship of their secret sacred knowledge on the public forum, Gab! *** See the comment section for details. ***

    Why does a 'god' chose to destroy half the universe rather than just create a new one from the 'good portions' of the current one and have two (or more) to work with? Why so limited in thought? If I could figure that plan out, then why can't a 'god'? Perhaps because it's a human science-fiction character written by humans.

    However... What's so 'bad' about Thanos?

    Thanos: Acts like an anti-virus inside a computer... (Cleans the machine out, guts the thing, takes only what is 'deemed' salvageable, burns the rest into zeros) rather than just creates another computer (universe) and takes whoever/whatever he wants to the new one. (Short-sighted?) Have two - One corrupt AF and unchanged and the other 'clean' (and see how long it lasts by comparison). Sounds spiritual, historical, seems true - we see this theme everywhere in spiritual and historical documents. "Cell division". Infinite Multiversal Bifurcation (time-travel included (Each trip 'back' SPLITS things even more, and BOTH options ALL options, always play out separately)). New factions born of old, split in two, forever.

    PS: The glasses look great on you. :>
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  • Another OCD rant brought to you by TOH LPC.

    *Watching/listening to someone's self-promoted 'high quality' content... but it's NOT*

    *Scrolling through comments - everyone's HAPPY about thier 'high quality' material... AND IT'S NOT*

    *No one's helping this person live up to their self-hyped name - shakes head and sighs hard*

    I hate seeing how shitty a certain aspect of something is and knowing what's causing it (glitch and production failure) when no one else is complaining about it because the creator of that content obviously either doesn't care at all (low-grade creator and output) or they assume their audience is too stupid to even notice or care (so why put perfume on a pig?)... and because I'm not an idiot and because I have actual skills in these areas (in such situations - even when producing 'noise art') this pisses me off - but that's just me, and I have to deal with myself, no one else. I'll survive (grumpy as usual).

    *Decides to contact another failing fake over-hyped 'creator' with some simple tech help for FREE*

    *Gets HATE MAIL reply posted in public!*

    Once the creator has been engaged and they give me GRIEF about their chosen methods..... *Growls* Fuck-you. Unless you start a musical project (or whatever) that's an obvious self-parody or parody of other over-hyped garbage or similar, don't promote yourself as 'highly skilled' or even 'amazing' or any other hyped up wordy bullshit when clearly you're anything but average! Stop talking like you're 'awesome' unless you truly are AMAZING or are a clear self-parody of people who talk that nonsense... especially if you HATE hearing that you're flawed or don't really care about your audience.

    What pisses me off the most is having contacted the creator of some messed up glitched out production, they then reply with something like "No one else has said anything (about this technical or production issue) so obviously it's all just you... (nag, bitch, whine, cry and other passive-aggressive trash for no reason other than it is obvious that their over-reaction is caused by them already knowing how crappy their creation actually is on that level)". Look! If you KNOW you're producing SHIT to begin with and one out of 1000 people call you out on it, and those odds really bother you, then DON'T PUT OUT CRAP IN THE FIRST PLACE! Take some serious constructive advice from another professional and ADAPT like a good little evolving monkey or just disable ALL comments and possible contact methods regarding your creations, OK? Don't have "CONTACT me about my amazing art!" blasted all over your pages! Then you won't keep reacting like the jerk that you really are. Accept the facts or close all communications. If you really "didn't care" then that's a whole other problem that could never be fixed through technological or production level advice anyway, and your reaction would be one of casual notice and almost no reaction at all... maybe possible interest in learning something new, but that's not likely at all. (IE: "Oh... I never noticed that before... thanks. I'll look into it, but I'm no professional so... I'll see what I can do.") That I can deal with. But to BARK at me for being as intelligent as you, and for being as SKILLED as you while you intentionally release CRAP to the world and write up self-reviews like you're some kind of "professional hero" and you seriously think you are when you're not and for being called out on that bullshit... without being an actual self-parody....... Man, that's really fucking stupid! Better action: Just don't even reply to me and turn your private contact system right OFF! Moral: Maybe you really do hate all your fans and think of them as pigs after all with all your false self-created hype. Have you ever considered being a punk or noise artist instead? Maybe you just need to end your suffering, seriously, if it's really that bad for you.

    I'm smarter than you in one really important way too... and if you figured that out you'd be happy to have been 'caught' and would want to collaborate immediately. Of course I might refuse you, but that's just my personal choice at the time. Seriously though, open yourself up to greater marketing potential - you might like the extra cash. But first, you have to stop deluding yourself with your own false hype! Cut the crap. Get some FREE technical support from your random fans who have the same skills as you (or maybe better). Did I mention it's FREE?!

    If we went back 300 years you'd be the person who lives in the bush who's still trying to play your banjo with your ass and talking about how good you are at it and how popular you are for doing so while your family considers taking you for a short walk behind the wood-shed. Heck, just go back 70 years and you're the person who's using pen and paper to write sheet music about your art and taking photos of those sheets to 'play them for people' and saying you 'sound the best' while avoiding all early recording studios (some offering FREE TIME with session musicians IN THE STUDIO WITH YOU) to finally get your sounds actually RECORDED the way they were meant to be heard by the masses, some who would actually pay you greatly for the honour (stupid and intelligent alike). What a waste!

    If you have realized what was stated here then the pattern of this message has been received... if not then maybe you're actually angry at yourself for not being able to understand what I already said after all - maybe take up a professional training course in something and grow from this... or hire a writer who'll be more honest about your creations than you are to yourself and your fans. "Average musician, average production quality, occasional glitches and bad frame rates and totally unprofessional production quality in videos, deal with it - buy it or not, the artist just does this for fun and doesn't really care either way."

    #PunkRules apply.

    Important: Just because everyone else is using the same crappy technology and also doesn't know (or care) how to use it PROPERLY doesn't mean us '1 in 1000' won't notice you doing the exact same thing! In fact, even your 'dumb' fans can tell once it's pointed out to them (comparisons), only they are so used to crap from everyone else they think it's 'normal' and 'that's the best current technology can achieve today', thus you've actually helped dumb down society like everyone else. Thanks for that!... asshole. You're NOT doing the inventors of modern technology any favours at all! And thus there's LESS decently created common gear for us to buy either! (We're stuck paying THOUSANDS for anything good anymore because they are no longer mass-produced because everyone's happy sucking on SHIT!)
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  • "Judge" refuses false ILLEGAL charges by CORRUPT COPS. Well, DUH! What else do you think any rational human being would think of this crap? I'd do more than just 'refuse' the charges, if I were a judge (Non-Masonic, of course), I'd have that cop CHARGED with harassing innocent citizens and make sure that any 'payment' for bail comes from his personal paycheque and is NOT paid off using TAX DOLLARS (like they usually do).

    Man Arrested for "Obscene" Window Sticker Beats Charges!!

    Sick of the MILLIONS of sicko #BadCops everywhere! And this bastard is 'tame' by comparison to the rest of these creeps!
    Stupid god damned "little kids" argument for ADULT HUMANS TO CONSTANTLY OPPRESS EACH OTHER!!! George Carlin is RIGHT about "Child Worship". Fuck that BULLSHIT! Is this an ADULT world run by ADULTS or not?! Damned kids get in the way of EVERYTHING thanks to RETARDED ADULTS USING KIDS AS A WEAPON!!!!
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  • 12,500 years ago, Greenland, ASTEROID, BOOM! Hidden from history.

    A comparison:
    America's Largest Asteroid Impact Wreaked Havoc On East Coast.
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  • EXPOSED: People REJOICED As The Notre Dame Cathedral Burned Down – Who Or What Was TRULY Behind This Tragic Event?

    #paris #france #notredame #notredamecathedralfire #qanon #wwg1wgaworldwide #greatawakening #trusttheplan #macron #coverup #conspiracy
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  • Earth is a lot drier than you think compared to other plants and moons!
    EARTH: Water volume is only 0.12 percent.
    See images and comparison below.
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  • Berlin Wall and our wall has no comparison
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  • This man is the worst hitler like prick socialist Natzi he forced PA by a no choice choke hold executive order Act 129 smart meter deployment a deal with energy companies or they shut your electric in winter . I caged that 馃挬馃挬馃挬 quick before we got sick !!!! Wolf is sickening the worst animal ever!!!
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  • There is no comparison with trash to Melania’s huge amount of grace and class !
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