• Stories from my life.

    13 year old cyberpunker kid check-mates massive jocks in school in one move.
    (Alt title: "I've never changed")

    "The law" is a mess, better to just highly disturb people directly, in person, to get them to stay away from you (peace through their fear of your unpredictability - has to be real though - no acting). :>

    Me at 13 walking up to the biggest jock in school. "I can ruin your life." He's PISSED and confused, asks me "How". Me: "I just have to tell you I'm bisexual and you beat me up before all these witnesses and then get expelled by the principal and then you never get into college and thus become a criminal and eventually get shot by cops at an early age.... Or you have to accept that I exist and this knowledge drives you completely mad because you're a fucking dumb idiotic Neanderthal. (long pause) See?" *Waves and walks off as he stands there in shock, lost about what to do, or even think* I was such a punk.

    I still am. You call me a "Shit poster" or a "Boomer" or a "Jerk"... but it's just mixed up words attempting to describe the indescribable chaos of absolute free will. No 'purpose', no 'meaning', no 'reason', just 100% free will.

    Another month at that school: Ernie (big football jock) eventually became my friend from this shit, he used to slam me into the lockers... maybe twice before I took direct action (not using "the system" that I knew was badly broken already (like EVERYTHING ELSE is as we all know by now))... so I made him my pet. He YELLED down the whole corridor once that "If anyone touches my friend Purple in a way he doesn't like I'LL KICK YOUR ASS!" That made the school newspapers. He was 'given a warning' by staff. I never had any attacked for years there. Seems he was smart enough to appreciate my gift and we had a nice mutually beneficial situation there... until I left that school.

    There was another jock who secretly loved me... How would I know? He pretended to beat me up and kept 'missing' and dragged me into the bushes... then cried about his secret confession and flattered me about my bravery. Don't worry Denny, your secret is still safe with me about what you really wanted to do for me next. *Pets your head tenderly* If only you could have come out of the closet... that stress was too much for you, and you only wanted to be free like me. You deserved better... but you never gave yourself the permission in this fearful blind dumb world of planet killers when love is all that really exists if they really wanted to be free, truly.... like me.

    Was the same at home... my 'old hood'. Had a bro. Gang of two. Big thug of a guy. Half Ukrainian half native. Knew each other since we were 7. He was huge. Dude loved my brains - saved his life a few times using only my mind. His brawn was talked about 'down town' where lots of 'stuff went down'... if you know what I mean. Cops later called him "Magic man" because they never figured out how he escaped from jail that one time - since it wasn't me, all they could do to this day is glower at me whenever we were seen together 'just hanging out'. Anyone who talked shit to me ended up with my bro messing up their.... well... their 'everything'. Hahahaha. :> ...unless it was a 'smoking cop' whom Greg had a business arrangement with. Wot?! My past room-mates involved in organized crime with crooked cops and lawyers and judges? No way! (chuckles) I've learned a lot because I started young, folks... Very young. Lived on my own since I was 16 years old - Full time job and all. Anyway...

    There's your story for the moment.

    #NoFear because #LifeIsShort anyway, whatever you do. If life is short anyway, might as well be Joe Pesci short, if you know what I mean.

    #JokerWasRight - Everything really is #Chaos because free will is love is free will.
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  • Yet someone else who assumes I "work for the Illuminati" (Here we go again! Yup! Just like years ago, they come out of the woodwork like insects every so often with their 12 'friends' and claim all kinds of things about me that are used against me but are still tame compared to the truth that I live and am.)

    Their ignorance level is fucking staggering! But that's 'normal' because it's common when one has a broken Pineal gland and can't even see me. Idiots.

    My post they found, which they shared on their page:

    Epstein replaced Savile by order of the Queen who owns 75% of the planet.
    Are you fully comprehending what's been happening for centuries yet?
    Satanic pedophilia is globally run by a WOMAN and the world's largest cult (FreeMasonry)!
    That's what you're up against. The rest is a RUSE to keep you 'occupied', literally.
    Prince Andrew is in the middle of all that.
    It's far greater than most of you will ever accept, and that's how it survived thousands of years on Earth.
    Your Pineal glands don't work (by design) so you can't see anything before it happens. Those who's Pineal glands 'somewhat function' INBREED to keep their 'sacred bloodline' up and ABOVE you. #Royalty
    This is a #PrisonPlanet.
    EVERYTHING is rigged against you... and yet it's all just a dream in a fake reality.
    But whatever will they do about what they CANNOT control. The #Hybrid 'invasion' - The sleepers are already among you... and they see more detail than the current 'managers' of this 3D illusion. They shall decide as their 'voice' matters as they are HERE in the game! Their 'fathers and mothers' shall act upon the will of the #Hybrids.
    Your time is almost up... and you know it. ("Going a little mad, bro?") :>

    Shitposter with only a couple subs added this at the top: #Comedy... you see, people like this end up discrediting Conspiracy Facts. Flat Earth is an example of an agency run project to discredit those who oppose 'official' narratives by associating them with the ridiculous. The Queen is a puppet of the Rothschild Dynasty nothing more. (By EmperorNer0 on Minds ) Subscribers: Them: 59 Us: 1155. Slam dunk and game!

    My reply on their page: So your one person that I didn't mention because I thought it was obvious without having to show the photo AGAIN of the Jew in question and getting 'banned' everywhere for doing so and I'm 'bad' in your eyes... worthy of a post on your page claiming I'm discrediting everything on this subject. I see. Well... I can be just as intense in all kinds of ways, offline included. Care to meet up and bring your facts with you? I'll bring you into some places where you can state it to their faces directly if you'd like. I have. They don't like me... but I'm not the kind of 'thing' they like to kill off. You I can't make any promises about however. So... coming? :>

    Their ignorance level is fucking staggering! But that's 'normal' because it's common when one has a broken Pineal gland and can't even see me. Idiots.

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  • This is one of Steve's best albums I think, and I've only skimmed through it. It contains so many of his styles and elements throughout, I think it's sure to impress.

    Trance Archeology by Steve Roach

    "Trance Archeology is an album I’ve poured every molecule of my being into over the past 2 years. Very excited about this journey that expresses the magnitude, beauty and mystery of life in all its fleeting glory. I want to share this release with as many of my friends of the music as possible, so it’s offered as a name-your-price digital release at Bandcamp this week. The CD is here as well. There’s also a beautiful T-shirt and 12x12 poster featuring the powerful cover image.
    All my best from the deep end of the soundcurrent."

    Steve Roach

    #Free music this week only.
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  • If you want to know more about what ETs are all about, these sources 'know too much'. :> Ignore the title of this video, that portion was expanded on later in the show. Odd the poster would use that title for this clip... even if we are everywhere already. Anyway, good stuff, for those who are truly interested in the bigger picture.
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  • Do any of my NEW readers understand how having an active Pineal gland is beneficial in life? What did I say about RvdB (Robbert) the first time I reported on him? I said it feels like something' interesting' is going to happen, but that it feels more like a scandal than any form of 'future contact' in his regard. I also stated that I sense 'New Age Mumbo Jumbo' at work. I did this BEFORE he became 'infamous' for his 'psychic photos'. Do you get it now? Do you see how being a hybrid has advantages? Would I have taken up working with Robbert if I was offered? No. Would I have sensed even more 'trouble' in the future if meeting him in person? Yes. Did I save myself a LOT of grief and needless suffering and constant explaining years later? Yes, I did, exactly! Get it? THIS is how it works. THIS is what I mean by "Gnowing" things before they happen. (Read the report below about RvdB).

    So... when I tell you 'new readers' about all my past adventures and how I'm still alive because of my skills (such as reporting on Nine One One 3 days BEFORE the event, and also exposing criminals BEFORE they get caught after only meeting them for 5 minutes and somehow Gnowing their future, etc, etc, etc), keep this and all other evidence you've learned along the way in your mind. Stop reading every post as a 'stand-alone' thing, when clearly I'm making over 50 years of evidence about your entire species, generally speaking, and not just stand-alone reports. If you get the bigger picture you'll come to the same conclusions I have, one way or another. Consider me "ahead of the curve", to make the quote from a movie that made 'too much sense'. Sure I'm a 's h i t poster' if you will, but I'm also sharing items that I have found INTERESTING in some way... usually unspoken. I have learned that sharing what I GNOW about what's really going on INSIDE people's minds and 'cults' UNWISE for my OWN personal safety... so I have not done that anymore in MANY years now. I never will. I just make general 'warnings' based on what I Gnow... and in the last few years I don't even bother to do that anymore. I remain silent. Do you not also value your own life over mine? Don't lie... I'll see right through you anyway. I know you do. It's OK. It's healthy and natural. No BS in the way: "reLIEgion, laws, being a nice person, blah blah". If that 'offends' you, stop 'bitching' and use your OWN damned Pineal gland and leave me alone. So before you say I was 'wrong' about ANYTHING, remember these words and note that after all I've exposed, before the internet was even born, I'm still here when everyone else around me is dead or 'missing'. There are truths I GNOW that I refuse to speak... but I still GNOW them! Don't believe me? I don't care. Trust me on this... I will always value my own life more than yours. I have to live with me, but I don't have to live with you.

    No 'offense' meant; just brutal honesty. I am what I am.
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  • I heard from a YT poster that if you 'bleep tone" your YT videos the YT AI will still count that as 'bad words'. The YT AI is a Nazi worse than Hitler and needs to be blasted out of reality for good.

    By the way, this whole 'bad word' thing is because of god damned 'child worship', which is SICK! You're not 'protecting' anyone by CURSING YOURSELVES your entire lives with this CHILDISH bullshit! Adults are BETTER than stupid dumb kids, unless they 'worship' kids, then those adults are WORSE than stupid dumb kids.

    And if you 'don't like' our opinion, then fuck off, child! Go whine to your ROBOT MASTERS, slave!

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  • Las Vegas Shooting: If Paddock is Dead, Who is Firing These Machine Guns..??

    Once again, the official evidence from the LVMPD contradicts the narrative.

    If Stephen Paddock was dead on the floor in room 32-135, as we see on Sergeant Josh Bitsko's bodycam, then who is firing a machine gun at midnight, and then again, 45 minutes after Midnight?

    Is is the Police? If so, who are they shooting at?
    Is it not the Police? Then maybe "Paddock" didn't act alone...

    Watch this video, then tell us what we are seeing.
    Is there a logical explanation for this, with hard evidence?

    The LVMPD has presented zero forensic evidence:
    a. connecting Stephen Paddock to any of the weapons
    b. connecting any of the weapons in the room to the rounds recovered fromt the victims

    This is preposterous.
    Unacceptable. Absurd. A Mockery.

    It will not stand.

    Active duty and retired law enforcement personnel across the country are demanding that Sheriff Joe Lombardo step down or face impeachment for malfeasance. Why is the Media / Press ignoring this story?

    This isn't speculation. This isn't hyperbole.
    We Are John Cullen. We won't stop.

    We have put forth enough evidence to warrant further investigation by the free press, if one still exists. Why do we not see CNN, CBS News, NBC News, ABC News, the NY Times or Washington Post digging in and asking the tough questions?

    If this doesn't spark the mainstream media to re-launch the investigation into the Las Vegas Shooting, they should be ashamed of themselves..

    As the Media / Press has given up on investigating the Las Vegas Shooting altogether, independent journalists are all the survivors and victim's families have to bridge their current situation with an understanding of the true events of that night, and who to hold responsible, ultimately, for this travesty.
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  • Ilhan Omar Poster Leads To Injury, A Resignation In West Virginia Legislature #ilhanomar #neverforget #wtc #gop #republicans #democrats
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  • Impeach this imposter in Nebraska
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  • Gab - Banned Loli art poster defends Christian blind faith and stupidity using 'big words' #Haha
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