• Streaming Services Dropping Passwords for Thumbprints.

    And I warned you all back in the 90's about this day arriving.

    #Biometrics will destroy your chances of survival on Earth.

    Ladies: Think about getting attacked by a stranger and not being 'permitted' to stream your own victimization to call for help because of a post someone you live with made years ago.

    Gentlemen: Think about road pirates assaulting you and not being 'permitted' to stream your own victimization to possibly save your life because of a post someone you live with made years ago.

    What about the next protest that you'll never get to even know exists because their 'government' disabled all their 'permissions' to even use their phones and computers? What if you didn't even know that Hong Kong, Chile, France, and several other countries are in the middle of DAILY 24/7 protests right now?

    If you thought YouTube was 'bad' for censorship... how about big tech and the guv take away EVERYTHING from you? That's next. And I warned you all back in the 90's about this day arriving.
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  • California Brewery Prints "Epstein Didn't Kill Himself" On The Bottom Of Its Cans.
    Prince Andrew flew to Pedo Island with Jeffrey Epstein.
    #Baphomet #Royal #FreeMasons
    California Brewery Prints "Epstein Didn't Kill Himself" On The Bottom Of Its Cans
    The “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” meme has reached an entirely new, unprecedented level as it has officially crossed the line from internet meme into physical reality via the underside of a beer can.
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  • Incredible! I love this album!
    I hope our radio station gets a copy to promote to our listeners. ^^

    Centuries is the eternal ancestral knot that carries us forward through the eras. It is where past lives meet, oversouls converge, and shards of mortality write history across time.

    From our primal beginnings to ancient civilizations to mysteries that scatter themselves across this scarred planet our footprints are left behind. It is a map traversing our DNA from the soil to the stars. A journey that unfolds with hopes that others follow.


    Centuries - это вечный родовой узел, который несет нас вперед через эпохи. Именно там встречаются прошлые жизни, сходятся души, и осколки смерти пишут историю времени.

    От истоков до древних цивилизаций и тайн, которые разбросаны по этой израненной планете, наши следы остаются позади. Это карта, пересекающая нашу ДНК от почвы до звезд. Путешествие, которое разворачивается с предстоящими надеждами.
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  • Ron Paul Warns "It's The Fed That's Seeking to Meddle In Elections"
    Government printing of money is illegal anti-freedom. #Fiat (fake money).
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  • Cyberpunk ambient soundscore for your mind.

    Warm analogue bass, textural soundspaces and cinematic build ups combine for a unique look into the future of mankind.

    "Early Spring 2074.

    Some say the old days were different. Before cybernetics and the transhumanist revolution. Before the megacorps bought us and our nations, our hopes and our dreams. People back then did not live, work, eat and sleep their lives away within the towering megacorp arcologies. These days only the lucky do so.

    Before the megacorps developed the semantic networks, there were us - soulless prototypes with imprinted memories and so cybernetically enhanced that we verge ever on cyber-psychosis. Due to our post-human DNA, programmed for resilience, we work and live in areas where Humans cannot - like Sector 417. A quarantined and irradiated zone where we protect and maintain the filtration, power and sewage systems of the Mega-City. The nuclear fallout from the conflicts of the 50's is mostly cleaned up thanks to us, though you would never know it.

    Water is scarce, and the first war over it is already brewing. We see, but lack the capacity to care. The word Humanity now feels on the tongue like some long-lost dream. A vision of freedom and serenity, turned to coarse sand on our pallets.

    We see the riots from up here, red smoke and gunfire as anti-transhumanist chants peal through the city. Humans that are disenfranchised, without value in a new world where semantic networks connect the soulless, making them smarter and more effective. What is a single brain compared to thousands? Sometime recently we diverged from the evolutionary path of the many, and now seem land-locked into evolving into a single mind. A single mind at war with itself and all of creation. A single mind ready to disembowel itself to cut the cancer out.

    To cut us out."
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  • Mel's hole - The ORIGINAL REAL one - Photo taken from old print out.

    I can't believe I just re-found this!!!!! NO ONE owns the original photo anymore - It's been STRIPPED from the entire internet not long after the military took it over. Even my own digital copy 'went missing' from my own hard drive a few years later and no one knows why!!!

    I could get into a LOT of "trouble" for sharing this publicly. This site has been owned by the US Military since the mid 1990's after Mel went on the Art Bell radio show and described YEARS of paranormal activity at this exact site, HIS OWN LAND, where the seemingly bored out hole is a 'bottomless' pit where even old native legends say to 'Stay away from this evil place'. You can launch whole fridges into this thing and it'll fall a few feet and then go completely SILENT as the fridge, or whatever else you throw down it, keeps on falling forever in silence, hitting nothing else on the way down. No animal will go near this area!!

    There are follow up stories after the original which are all distraction from the original. If you try to get the ORIGINAL DATA and PHOTOS and EXACT LOCATION of "Mels' Hole" (Military location ever since the mid 90's) you WILL LOSE more than just your data and photos, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. This is the REAL ORIGINAL PHOTO from my old X-Files that I just happened to rediscover today... on an old colour printout. Low quality but as I said, even my digital originals went 'missing' and no one can explain why.

    HIDE THIS IMAGE if you want to, at your own risk! Make several copies and stash everywhere if you do... they will 'go missing' otherwise.

    If this was 'nothing'... why and HOW are those involved so intent on REMOVING THIS IMAGE AND LOCATION FROM HISTORY and adding misleading stories and FAKE photos in its place?! And why did the US Military take the entire region over against Mel's will?! Ponder how serious this place must truly be.

    Not even Google AI has any idea what this place is.
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  • Ocasio would have done better to hire a fake then use her dunce cap mind .
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  • Limiting Your Digital Footprint In A Surveillance State.

    Humans are too corrupt to have the 'right' to judge each other's private activities and are harming others in the process.
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  • "The Canadian constitution including both parts of the written and unwritten constitution are both defacto given that the Canadian people have never had national or provincial referendums on choosing the type of political system and laws that reflect the will of the people ourselves..."

    Full received letter below.

    Friends we need to share with email and or printed copy with your local, police, courts, MLA, Bar Association, city mayor & councils, by-laws, all gov departments, Universities, colleges, community centers, unions, trade boards, immigrations departments. RCMP, ports, Chamber of commerce, etc please share this suggestions with others together we are strong!

    Be Blessed
    Tami Dickson

    Issued Friday November 16th, 2018 by THE CANADIAN PEOPLES' UNION FREEDOM 2017, NFP INC.

    Her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette to THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF CANADA The Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould,
    and to
    Blaine Higgs Premier of New Brunswick
    Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario
    François Legault, Premier of Québec
    Stephen McNeil , Premier of Nova Scotia
    Brian Pallister, Premier of Manitoba
    John Horgan , Premier of British Columbia
    Wade MacLauchlan, Premier of Prince Edward Island
    Scott Moe , Premier of Saskatchewan
    Rachel Notley, Premier of Alberta
    Dwight Ball, Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador
    Bob McLeod, Premier of the Northwest Territories
    Sandy Silver, Premier of Yukon
    Joe Savikataaq, Premier of Nunavut


    Therefore; all Canadian Governance levels and all within including all boards of directors and chief executive officers and governors in council are being placed on notice from acting "ultra vires" and all other regular Canadian governing activities shall proceed as usual as not to interfere with the daily management of Canadian governance as only the Canadian citizens have the right and the
    indigenous nations to make critical decisions that affect Canada's resources and sovereign status:

    2.Provincial Government
    3.Municipal governance
    4.Band councilgovernance
    Ultra vires: beyond one's legal power or authority

    Whereas; our Canadian politics and our system of governance is NOT justiciable by the courts and that nothing in law supersedes the will of the people and that our self-governance and self-
    determination is our responsibility as the sovereign co-owners and shareholders of the crown of Canada and of our corporation sole, we as Canadian citizens have had to legally incorporate a not for profit Canadian Peoples' Union as the first of its kind in the world to bring forth our legal rights and to ensure the protection of our country and its people against the oppression of a sovereign people and country into submission without consent by our governments and governing bodies.
    This moratorium and all it concerns will remain in effect indefinitely; pending further investigation and until the Canadian people are satisfied and /or have agreed to them through majority vote by the Canadian citizens as the co-owners, shareholders of the Crown of Canada via national, provincial, municipal and band referendums and to further:

    1. Suspend final decision making authority in all levels of Canadian federal, provincial, municipal and indigenous nations band council governance (an arm of the existing Canadian governance system).
    2. Suspend all Public Private Partnerships (PPP's) and the creation of PPP corporations.
    3. Suspend all government and corporate lobbying activities.
    4. Suspend the financing of the Canadian Infrastructure Bank and the borrowing of funds for Canadian infrastructure through private banking institutions and World Bank Partners.
    5.Suspend commitments to the Bank of International settlements (BIS).
    6. Suspend all Public Private Partnerships agreements both national, provincial and international including the private corporations access and control of Canadian citizen information.
    7. Suspend all International Trade activities concerning our natural resources and lands as it places the Canadian citizens at risk of liability concerning ongoing land claims negotiations with
    indigenous nations.
    8. Suspend all international trade agreements not yet finalized that affect Canadian natural resources and claims.
    9. Suspend all Immigration and refugee agreements.
    10.Suspend all activities where ministers and governance representatives of our public assets and interests to participate on boards or committees that can inadvertently cause conflict of interest such as the Canadian Council of Chief executives and the Canadian Council of public private partnerships.
    11. Suspend all agreements made with the international labour organization as it affects all Canadian employees.
    12. Suspend military funding to international military projects.
    13. Suspend funding to private corporations and private bank bailouts.
    14. Suspend all international laws that affect Canadians and indigenous nations have not been consented to through majority consensus.
    15. Suspend all laws coming into effect without the Canadian and indigenous nations consent.
    16. Suspend the representative and proportional democracy political elections.
    17. Suspend all agreements to the United Nations conventions not agreed upon by the Canadian people.

    The "Queen in right of Canada and The Queen in right of the province"and the Crown being a concept that includes the Crown of Canada and each province, the Corporation sole and all its financial, natural and human resources it encompasses belonging to the Canadian citizens as the legitimate sovereigns of the Crown of Canada and being the official co-owners and shareholders, each holding a one vote right to unlimited final decision making authority on all aspects of Canadian governance, international levels of association and politics and ultimately, possessing veto power over its institutions and constitution.

    Acts of treason have and are being committed against the Crown and the Queen being the Canadian citizens and its Crown corporation of Canada by initiating laws that affect the Canadian citizens sovereign economy and stability and to further abdicating its duty to govern and duty to its constituents through initialisation of privatisation of; their public assets, the public private partnership participating in and advancing global governance and accepting international laws and standards of international organizations such as the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the world trade organization (WTO) and the United Nations Migration Compact without the Canadian citizens and indigenous nations consent.

    The Canadian Government has undeniably committed treason against the Queen (the Canadian Citizens) in right of Canada and the provinces and territories and jeopardized the Canadian peoples' sovereign rights by having oppressed and placed the Canadian citizens and indigenous nations as minority shareholders through the privatization of our public assets, the installation of the Public Private Partnerships (PPP's), the sharing of our private information to private corporations, subjecting the Canadian citizens and indigenous nations to a forced globalisation through international laws and agreements without the Canadian citizens and indigenous nations majority consensus.

    this moratorium is to also suspend "final decision making authority" in all levels of Canadian governments and management including within the management of our treasury, public assets and natural and human resources that may infringe upon and affect the sovereign rights and unlimited participation of all Canadian citizens as holding the final decision making authority and their majority veto power rights through all aspects of Canadian governance to ensure that the Canadian Peoples sovereign economy is no longer transferred and turned over to an international economic sovereignty including its effects to our shared corporation sole without having received the explicit approval of the Canadian peoples and Indigenous nations through majority consensus. The purpose of this moratorium is to immediately and indefinitely suspend final decision making authority in all levels of Canadian federal, provincial, municipal and band council governance by official co-owners and shareholders of the Crown of Canada until referendums can be established in all Canadian, provincial, municipal and indigenous nations territories to rightfully establish rights of one share voter rights of each Canadian citizen and indigenous nations to final decision making authority to all aspects of Canadian or indigenous nations governance issues within each of our internal governances upon receipt of this moratorium.

    Therefore; we can finally instill through our democratic one vote share rights, a true collaborative and liquid direct democracy system of governance for all Canadian citizens and to our fiduciary duty to indigenous nations to reinstate their direct democracy traditional governance within their immediate territories.

    Whereas; as the official co-owners shareholders have the right and authority to command the prorogation of our current governments and all within or to simply remove final decision making
    authority while we as a people through the use of our established governance departments and assets, implement a true direct democracy system with a one hundred percent VETO power as the official final decision makers above and within all levels of Canadian governance, asserts and natural and human resources .

    Therefore; as the official co-owners shareholders, the Canadian people have the right to question, demand and suspend the activities of the elected federal , provincial municipal and band council governments, the courts, the Governor General and Lieutenant governors, the privy council, our treasuries, the boards ofdirectors of our public assets and public and government accounts, public and private partnerships (PPP's).

    Whereas; as the official co-owners shareholders of the Crown hold the right to final decision making authority for our country and our responsibilities as such to ensure the health, safety and sovereignty of all Canadians above its institutions and constitutions and international law not adopted by the official holders of the Crown of Canada.

    Whereas; the Canadian citizens are the owners, shareholders of the Crown of Canada and within each of our respected provinces. Canadian citizens have the right to unlimited participation in the decision making process of our governance, our constitution and its laws and to accept or refuse international laws or convention agreements or concordats at their discretion as the final decision makers and the solemn duty to honor treaty rights and their jurisdictions and to our moral and legal fiduciary duty to them within Canada and the provinces.

    Whereas; the political rights of self governance and self determination regarding our political system, belongs to "we the people" as the official sovereigns; co-owners and shareholders of the Crown of Canada. Thus making the citizens, the official Crown holders as a whole through majority and further having unlimited jurisdictions as "nothing in law supersedes the will of the people".

    Whereas; the term "Queen in right of Canada" and the Queen in right of the province therefore needs to be immediately replaced with the term "the people".

    Therefore; the Canadian constitution including both parts of the written and unwritten constitution are both defacto given that the Canadian people have never had national or provincial referendums on choosing the type of political system and laws that reflect the will of the people ourselves nor protects we the people from corruption and destruction of our unlimited rights by elected representatives in a de facto false democratic system of governance and to have subjugated the Canadian citizens and the interests of the indigenous nations whom we owe fiduciary duty too without receiving either of our consent to a globalised economic system controlled by corporate international law thus silently destroying our Canadian and provincial sovereignty and ultimately endangering by evaporating our economic sovereignty and our public assets including our natural resources and jurisdictions with both the rights of the indigenous nations and Canadian citizens.

    We trust that this will be seamlessly implemented by the Governor general and all levels of Canadian Governance as indicated by the Canadian Peoples' Union as representing the
    Canadian citizens as the co-owners and shareholders of the Crown of Canada to WHOM they serve and not the government itself or a de facto constitution which receives its authority by its employers the Canadian citizens.

    We look forward to hearing from you within 15 days of receipt of this moratorium.

    Without prejudice
    Nicole Lebrasseur
    Director/ CEO
    The Canadian Peoples Union, Freedom 2017
    1845 6th Line
    Ohsweken Ontario
    Tel: 1-226-777-5580
    The Supreme Court of Canada
    The Federal Court of Canada
    The International Crimes court
    The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and;
    The International Police Organization INTERPOL
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  • If you need anymore evidence that our gov't has grown self-serving, over-reaching & tyrannical, I give you @SharylAttkisson...$4K to have a brief printed & bound in a book, $100K in legal bills...I wonder if she's tried the OIG...
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