• I really miss this late night TV show. It's half improvised, stupid, doesn't give a crap, and has punk rock humour, which makes it brilliant... Oh, and it's hosted by a Scot who used to be a drummer in a punk band. Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. If only more YouTube shows were this awesome. It's time for me to watch every episode all the way through I think. Here's a good introduction of a few episodes to start you off.

    Description: " The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson was something truly special. You could try to explain it, but it's something you just had to watch. There were skits. There were puppets. There was musical intros. There was a gay robot skeleton. There was not a real (tootsie-fruitsie) horse. With a rip of the prepared questions, there was the best interviews in late night television. It was truly not like any other late night show. Thank you Craig, Geoff, Secretariat and the Racist for giving us this."

    This opening and monologue. Madness. :> A cat? LOL
    Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 4/8/2013 Max Greenfield, Debbie Reynolds.

    Some of the best zany and raw interviews ever recorded. Guess who makes a surprise appearance. Robin Williams! ^^
    Craig Ferguson & Robin Williams - Tweetmail Nov 2011

    And again... These opening moments are ridiculously edgy and stupid. :> Puppets talking with random members of the audience brought on stage? LOL
    Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 4/15/2011 Robin Wright, Dan Riskin

    These openings! The last show is a great one. :>
    Also says a lot about the history if you missed it.
    Craig Ferguson Show Final Episode 19 December 2014 Jay Leno

    So many episodes to get through. Heck, I might as well get the whole show somewhere, every single episode. I could watch them all for years many times over and still laugh.

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  • Now that's the way to do it! Fuck the damned system! Obey to the point of 'committing another crime', because the entire system is RIGGED AGAINST US ALL! And how exactly is having a body a 'crime' anyway?! That's fucking BULLSHIT and YOU KNOW IT! The next thing humans will proclaim is 'ilegal' is having to take a shit in your own home!

    Woman strips naked in Walmart to prove she didn’t steal.

    Her punk level boldness is worth marrying... and I'm against marriage. That's a woman that I know would have my back (for once).

    #Joker open to applications from potential #HarleyQuinn candidates.
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  • Cyberpunk ambient soundscore for your mind.

    Warm analogue bass, textural soundspaces and cinematic build ups combine for a unique look into the future of mankind.

    "Early Spring 2074.

    Some say the old days were different. Before cybernetics and the transhumanist revolution. Before the megacorps bought us and our nations, our hopes and our dreams. People back then did not live, work, eat and sleep their lives away within the towering megacorp arcologies. These days only the lucky do so.

    Before the megacorps developed the semantic networks, there were us - soulless prototypes with imprinted memories and so cybernetically enhanced that we verge ever on cyber-psychosis. Due to our post-human DNA, programmed for resilience, we work and live in areas where Humans cannot - like Sector 417. A quarantined and irradiated zone where we protect and maintain the filtration, power and sewage systems of the Mega-City. The nuclear fallout from the conflicts of the 50's is mostly cleaned up thanks to us, though you would never know it.

    Water is scarce, and the first war over it is already brewing. We see, but lack the capacity to care. The word Humanity now feels on the tongue like some long-lost dream. A vision of freedom and serenity, turned to coarse sand on our pallets.

    We see the riots from up here, red smoke and gunfire as anti-transhumanist chants peal through the city. Humans that are disenfranchised, without value in a new world where semantic networks connect the soulless, making them smarter and more effective. What is a single brain compared to thousands? Sometime recently we diverged from the evolutionary path of the many, and now seem land-locked into evolving into a single mind. A single mind at war with itself and all of creation. A single mind ready to disembowel itself to cut the cancer out.

    To cut us out."
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  • You can't get more punk than this idea! Free brutally honest digital spray paint graffiti for the masses! Use ANYWHERE!

    Something HUGE Just Change the Internet in a MASSIVE Way!! & CNN Can't Stop It!
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  • Tell Beto we will burry him before our Constitution!!!! Asshat liberal punks
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  • The spirit blade of separation between oblivion and eternity.

    Do you fold when things get really tough in order to survive, to live to fight another day, or do you just go wild, no holes barred, and would rather risk going down in flames and leap wildly into whatever comes next, win or lose, because in that moment you have never felt more alive when so close to a form of death (or even death itself)? That very line of action and reaction defines people so swiftly in those intense moments more than any other events ever possibly could - these are life defining moments, a separation of the wheat from the chaff, a blade that swiftly slashes a us and divides us between oblivion or eternity. No one can know what that means unless they've lived it, and only you, yourself know the truth of your nature... hopefully... if and when they days have arrived in your own life. I know me, all too well... and I know when I'm making a planned orchestrated move versus how I truly feel and why I do or did such and for what reasons I decided at the time. I greatly prefer my most natural self to playing any games of any kind... but that's the very side of me that people most fear, dread, try their best to avoid... or love with a passion and fire almost beyond their own description. If I were a drug, I'd be the one you never start with, but could very well be the one you end with. :> Here's to the fearless rebel punk spirits of all dimensions within the multiverse, you most dangerous independent self-sovereign souls. Cheers. :>
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  • What a punk. LOL
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  • Globalist the punk and his horrible Globalist fascist FACEBOOK 馃敟
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  • Front line assembly is hotter than ever... as hard as that is to believe.
    Just listen.
    I'm really looking forward to the album currently being produced. :>
    #CyberPunk is the best punk!
    #Vancouver BC #Canada
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  • Brand new mad pop-punk singles from my friend Jeff of Those Things!
    And there's NINE more songs on the way on the next full length album (once it's finished)!
    This is just the warm up to what's next:
    Will there be crazy multi-colour vinyl once again soon? (I got three albums last time because they were so wild).
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