• "Silent Hill" scene lands in China!

    Dense fog continues to engulf several provinces and cities in eastern and northern parts of China, disrupting traffic and forcing local weather departments to issue alerts.

    Shandong Province in east China continued to issue a red alert for thick fog on Tuesday as the visibility has been lowered to less than 50 meters in several of the worst-affected areas.
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  • I was born around this time. Some of my parents friends hinted about such. I didn't care about this topic until a few years later... I was too busy dealing with being two or three years old at the time with human parents who couldn't 'hear me' well. However, by 1987 I was on a stage speaking about this, extraterrestrial hybrids living among humans and much more, which got the attention of MUFON and eventually the MUFON President of the Canadian division. The rest you (barely) know already.

    Recording From 1967 Predicted EVERYTHING Happening TODAY
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  • I was somewhere unimportant today and saw some kind of 'thing' taking place and looked over and their banner said "Job's Daughters". Looked like they were selling pies or something. I knew who they were. These are the children of FreeMasons in their own little 'club' by default of having Mothers (Star of ISIS or whatever they are called) who are married to FreeMasons (Baphomet worshipers).

    I kept my Joker smile inside myself and hidden, then 'turned on my Pineal gland' to project a happy casual friendly energy and walked over casually noticing that every single girl present was white and had red hair. "What's this?" I thought... "Weird.... hmmm. Fascinating.....". I got into the 'customer' position looking at about 7 girls between about 10 and 16 and asked, "Is this a FreeMasonic thing?" Two ladies of three present (also white with red hair and one a little darker) turned to me and both nodded and one said "Yes" in a rather jovial manner. "We're selling doughnuts for charity today... one for for blah blah and three for blah blah..." I wasn't paying attention to the prices or boxes as I looked at a couple girls to scan them briefly for anything 'unusual'. I replied "OK... cool..." I paused a moment and then turned to walk away pondering why they all looked the same, pretty much, and remembered everything I knew about such clubs and various related things in human history ... then I decided to 'poke the beast' directly to see if anything showed up. I prepared myself and gave them all a thumbs up when at least half of them were looking at me (the happy casual projected version of me, that is) and said "Baphomet is awesome" (keeping my inner Joker smile well below being sensed, perhaps only by a good psychic... or an ET of course). Two of the adult ladies chuckled and nodded to me and one said "Yes, hahaha." and turned to go about her business. Inside I burst out laughing thinking "No one would believe this, or the skills I have as a hybrid - full confession in broad daylight... and we're all alone"'s usually this way when I'm doing my bet work though - the less humans around me the better I am at what I do - get confessions and the truth from total strangers to old friends... although sometimes they do so just by thinking about themselves 'too loudly' as I say, and they don't ave to say a word to me directly. I see it myself anyway as if I am in their mind already... that's how an active Pineal gland works by the way, for those who were wondering... which is why groups such as these and many related have always 'wanted' me to work 'with them' or to 'suffer' (as I do) for refusing their group activities. A couple girls looked at me a little curiously but the other smiled just as much at the ladies did and they, too, went about their business not even phased at what I stated or their "Mother's" (or "friend's") response to same. I nodded and walk off back to my own path (as usual, in more ways than one).

    Once I felt I was well out of their thoughts several minutes later... I stopped projecting my casual friendly public persona and went back to my Joker smile which is often just barely visible on my face, but can be seen by many as a 'friendly smile' when it's anything but. I smile for my own reasons in this mad world and fake reality and "Reality TV show". I mean, look at what I just got from the world's largest club of Illuminati slaves within seconds while checking out some doughnuts for about 18 seconds. Of course you have to put into perspective 50 plus years of other research well beyond this little 'reminder' while out and about in the 'public' which is one thousand times more intense and rather 'private' at times compared to this little 'moment' that we shared to affirm what I already know. It was... "Something to do" at the time and nothing more. A "Psychic flex" if you will, and nothing more.

    Ponder for a moment the name of this club for the girls of the mothers of FreeMasonic men. Do you know how Job in that Bible story many have an odd fascination with actually goes? He's at home and some male rapists enter his home and want to rape him and his boys and he says something about "No, that's wrong, take my daughters instead, that's at least more natural." Kinda sounds like Islam to me, but whatever... I'm not a member of any of those clubs. Now think about those girls knowing even the word "Baphomet" already and being fully comfortable with it. I'll give you a moment to put the pieces together. Now also think about them doing "Charity work". How can people so 'dark' inside also do such 'kind' things elsewhere? Simple. have you figured out their symbology yet? Black and White everywhere: Checkered floors, Obelisks of black and white with the cap-stones reversed. It's all about balance... but not in a way you're thinking right now (probably). You see... If you want to do really DARK things, what you have to do to balance that energy back out again is to do some really LIGHT things, and then you're OK in the universe and it doesn't want to bite you back with some UNEXPECTED "Karma". It's an 'electric universe', so to speak, all Pagans know this. The more 'negative' you affect things the more charge you build up in the polar opposite sense. The same for the opposite of course. The more 'good' you do, the more charge you build up on the opposite node of your 'spirit body' and the more you need to 'ground' as they say or do things that you might not like or are somewhat critical of such as 'get dirty' (in the physical sense whether it be playing in the mud or you know... something involving your 'base chakra' if you will) otherwise you could find yourself having a SUDDEN DISCHARGE of 'negative energy' at an unexpected time and place. The universe will always seek balance as a circuit, it's that simple. Basic science (Pagan knowledge). So these clubs, to keep humans down and under them, not only do they usually only let those who "can really see well" into the upper levels of influence, they also involve themselves in some rather "Royal" style selective breeding programs. If your Pineal gland works really well, they'll take a 'liking' to you throughout your lifetime, one way or another. Those with the best 'functionality' serve the greatest purpose. This is how they are able to maintain their place and position in the global affairs of the entire human race all the while attempting to appear as 'common' as possible in order to blend in to what you typically consider an average lifestyle, or at least in the common sense, thus they can scatter themselves everywhere in all 'walks' of life and be ready for just about 'anything'. Ponder a moment about their knowledge of the workings of the universal charge and the 'nature of the soul' (for lack of better terms) and take a good look at the MILLIONS of dollars FreeMasons spend on global charities such a 'helping to cure cancer for children' and the hundreds of other such events and activities and think about what kind of charge they would have built up if they never released the opposite node of energy in EQUAL AMOUNTS! Now imagine what that must involve! Now you know why events such as those surrounding the Queen of England, Jimmy Saville, Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew, Hillary Clinton, Gislane 'what's her name' (Jeff's female AND FAR WORSE counter part who's 'gone missing' (from the public eye)) and so forth and many many others continue to exist and never get 'destroyed'... it's because of all the other 'works' these 'great magickians' also perform to keep the balance in 'check' so they can all live another day to do even more 'dark things' balanced out by 'light things' (again, for lack of better words). Make sense? The more you do on one hand, the more you must do on the other, otherwise you are out of balance and your 'charge' being too 'negative' or too 'positive' leads you never knowing when the OPPOSITE CHARGE will suddenly NEUTRALIZE you instantly and *BAM* something really unexpected happens to you that you really DISLIKE. In this regard, this is why they can easily claim to 'Master themselves' and also to 'Master the Universe around them' and thus also are known for their 'Positions' world wide and why things never ever change even if the 'actors' come and go on the world stage.

    Remember the scene in "They Live" where the innocent old lady says into her watch, "I've got one that can SEE!" and then instantly de-materializes. Now you're getting closer to how things really are all around you every day of your life, without even "Gnowing" it ("Seeing" it with your Pineal gland), unless you're very psychic of course... and if you are... then you know all this already and have probably experienced many of the same things that I have for over 50 years as well, and you know I'm right. :>

    Do you understand now why I ended up with this honest Joker smile and yet can still 'fit into society' (FAKE reality) with some effort and skill? :>

    In other words... it was a 'mildly entertaining' moment of my day in an otherwise rather dull day in this Prison Planet we all share.

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  • 6:17 Loop this for a fun beat intro to a song - just give the pup credit. :> "Ding ding, dah-ding ding, dah-ding ding, dah-ding ding..."

    Just more randomness to share to get us all through this hell.
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  • Yeah, fuck their passive-aggressive bullshit. I'd have done the same, bro. You were cool about it. I might have been a little more intense. Your car, your job, they gotta be respectful to get the mutual in return.

    #Uber drivers get respect or guests get the boot. I used to deal with the public as well. Pretty random out there. Sometimes just not worth it at all. I preferred the private work (Butler) as limiting as that is as a lifestyle - Same 'customers' every day at least, you know what to expect. (Another thing I can never put on the resume because it was very private and that's not changing).

    Uber Driver Stands His Ground Against Very Rude Passengers.

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  • This is what YouTube "Rewind" should look like, YouTube! We all know it! And we all know where you're heart is... what's left of it. You've been out done by a teenager... and that says it all.

    YouTube Rewind 2019 But It's Actually Interesting. (And on topic! It's about everything that happened, large and small creators and no fear about events that mattered to us or made us think).
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  • The ONLY News agency recording Julian Assange being taken from the Ecuadorian Embassy (History in the making!) has their press pass PULLED at Nato Summit Meeting and were declared "terrorists".

    The sheep have been programmed to 'blame Russia' for everything. Why? There's something else also going on behind the scenes in the same regard, and there-in lies the truth hidden in plain sight. Putin doesn't play along with every single move globalists make and even calls them out on some things. "Oh no!" "The bad son"? "The black sheep"? Maybe he needs to do more and stop playing along altogether... either that or he'll have to 'shape up' before things get 'worse' by their design. What a world. Fun to watch, though. :> #RealityShowEarth
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  • This was the moment wildlife enthusiast Ewan Wilson got up close and personal with a herd of giant elephants while retrieving a camera trap in the bush.

    This once in a lifetime opportunity happened on November 24, while Wilson was getting footage of the elephants happily grazing when they decided it was the perfect time to investigate the truck.

    Ewan told Newsflare “These incredible mammals decided to spare our lives that day. They had every right to crush me and flip the vehicle but they didn't.

    "Despite having such a young calf in the herd the alphas kept us alive.

    "Please do not replicate or recreate this event in the wild. I never go out looking for these interactions as the risks involved are not worth the outcome."

    This footage is being managed exclusively by Newsflare. To license this video email or call: +44 (0) 203 937 6280

    One should have the same respect for reptilians and their hybrids. It's not always 'size' that matters most, but other skills you're not even aware of.
    Photographer captures incredible encounter with a herd of elephants.
    This was the moment wildlife enthusiast Ewan Wilson got up close and personal with a herd of giant elephants while retrieving a camera trap in the bush. This...
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  • Those born under an 'orange' star won't know any better that the 'red' star phase will still be a few hundred thousand years away. Meanwhile enjoy the 'yellow' (global shifting weather patterns every 1500 years anyway).
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  • Beautiful choice for a re-issue. A kind supporter of Chaotic Resonance Radio.

    Birds of Naukan by Creation VI & Ugasanie

    Together with the labels NEBOSVOD and ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ we're glad to present the proper reissue of the work, first published in 2015 in a small edition of 80 copies. This is a collaboration album recorded by the projects Creation VI and Ugasanie and dedicated to several sacred places of Chukotka, such as the Whale Bone Alley on Yttigran island and a collection of ancient rock engravings on the Pegtymel river. The album was inspired by the documentary "Chukotka: The Coast of Memory" directed by Andris Slapiņš and poems of the Yupik poetess Zoya Nenlyumkina, who was born in the now deserted village of Naukan, which at that time was the easternmost settlement of Eurasia.

    Petroglyphs carved on stones along rivers, bird colonies and herds of walruses, whale skulls dug in the coast hundreds of years ago - many images were captured in the sounds of this album. Mouth harps and ocarins, throat singing, field recordings and transparent iridescence of cold creeping ambient, saturated with echoes of shamanistic rituals, cries of bird flocks and songs that the ocean sings to heavens, while playing on coastal pebbles.
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