• Beautiful choice for a re-issue. A kind supporter of Chaotic Resonance Radio.

    Birds of Naukan by Creation VI & Ugasanie

    Together with the labels NEBOSVOD and ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ we're glad to present the proper reissue of the work, first published in 2015 in a small edition of 80 copies. This is a collaboration album recorded by the projects Creation VI and Ugasanie and dedicated to several sacred places of Chukotka, such as the Whale Bone Alley on Yttigran island and a collection of ancient rock engravings on the Pegtymel river. The album was inspired by the documentary "Chukotka: The Coast of Memory" directed by Andris Slapiņš and poems of the Yupik poetess Zoya Nenlyumkina, who was born in the now deserted village of Naukan, which at that time was the easternmost settlement of Eurasia.

    Petroglyphs carved on stones along rivers, bird colonies and herds of walruses, whale skulls dug in the coast hundreds of years ago - many images were captured in the sounds of this album. Mouth harps and ocarins, throat singing, field recordings and transparent iridescence of cold creeping ambient, saturated with echoes of shamanistic rituals, cries of bird flocks and songs that the ocean sings to heavens, while playing on coastal pebbles.
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  • Punk rockers telling the truth and always get 'banned'. It's never changed for me either.
    This was before Epstein's activities 'went public', both then and before (2015).
    THIS is why things never change (Epstein replaced Savile, MANY more replaced Epstein).
    FEAR creates the 'banning' of the BIG issues like Royal pedophilia and FreeMasonic protection.
    BBC banned Johnny Rotten in 1978 for telling the truth about Jimmy Savile.
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  • Naomi Brockwell TV: Android camera app security flaw. (#BitChute links are banned in #Australia, #NZ and some other countries. Learn how to change DNS, try the Nebulo app, or learn how to use a VPN)
    Hacking Phone Cameras
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  • (See image)

    "Twitter is still the "45 RPM single" (stacked musical 'album' box set version) of the rest of the internet which is the "33.3 Long Playing Record" version that classical artists and art rock artists preferred which eventually led to even LONGER higher-quality formats. #Update!"
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  • Hey (mind controlled weak) Greta! Go attack your targets as planned: China and India. "I DARE YOU!" Hahahahaha!!!

    Toxic haze envelops New Delhi as air pollution rockets.
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  • I really miss this late night TV show. It's half improvised, stupid, doesn't give a crap, and has punk rock humour, which makes it brilliant... Oh, and it's hosted by a Scot who used to be a drummer in a punk band. Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. If only more YouTube shows were this awesome. It's time for me to watch every episode all the way through I think. Here's a good introduction of a few episodes to start you off.

    Description: " The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson was something truly special. You could try to explain it, but it's something you just had to watch. There were skits. There were puppets. There was musical intros. There was a gay robot skeleton. There was not a real (tootsie-fruitsie) horse. With a rip of the prepared questions, there was the best interviews in late night television. It was truly not like any other late night show. Thank you Craig, Geoff, Secretariat and the Racist for giving us this."

    This opening and monologue. Madness. :> A cat? LOL
    Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 4/8/2013 Max Greenfield, Debbie Reynolds.

    Some of the best zany and raw interviews ever recorded. Guess who makes a surprise appearance. Robin Williams! ^^
    Craig Ferguson & Robin Williams - Tweetmail Nov 2011

    And again... These opening moments are ridiculously edgy and stupid. :> Puppets talking with random members of the audience brought on stage? LOL
    Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 4/15/2011 Robin Wright, Dan Riskin

    These openings! The last show is a great one. :>
    Also says a lot about the history if you missed it.
    Craig Ferguson Show Final Episode 19 December 2014 Jay Leno

    So many episodes to get through. Heck, I might as well get the whole show somewhere, every single episode. I could watch them all for years many times over and still laugh.

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  • Your indy news channel...

    It's like listening to a rock song praising how great their rock'n'roll story is... about how great their rock'n'roll song is... about how... yeah......... and on and on it goes. *Dead*

    Journalism that works: Headline, then one sentence facts, in order, zero opinion, zero hype, zero self-promotion, all that shit for the END. Less speed-talking in circles about what you're 'gonna do' and how much you mean to yourselves... and GIT 'ER DONE! You have 15 seconds to get our attention, and only 30 seconds to keep us there.... otherwise we're out for the rest of your video - no matter how long or brief it is.

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  • Guess who's keeping you COMPLACENT and CONTENT that "there's nothing to worry about regarding your planet or your future"?

    Response and questions to him: And yet the magnetic poles flip regularly and have global impact on nature, and the proof is in the bedrock and our own history. So what causes an 'object' or 'field' 'inside' the Earth to do THE SAME THING you just described... unless it's separate from the Earth itself and uneven? Is it a plasma, and does plasma behave unlike all other states of matter? (There are FOUR states of matter after all.) So if we have a plasma core, what does that mean for science? It flips either way we describe it, and the whole world changes every time (survival).

    And yes I watched a whole documentary about spinning magnetic fluids 'flipping' their 'axes' regularly... but I'm sure that's also been scrubbed from the internet for various reasons. The best way to keep human slaves stupid is to do just that... constantly.
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  • Sinkhole Measuring 60 Feet Long Opens Up In Keystone Heights, Florida
    #Karst rock is crap to build on, don't do it.
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  • Humans invent machine that makes a noise that causes panic over other machines that makes noises and throw rocks. I'm not kidding. They do this to themselves. *Face palm*
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