• I was somewhere unimportant today and saw some kind of 'thing' taking place and looked over and their banner said "Job's Daughters". Looked like they were selling pies or something. I knew who they were. These are the children of FreeMasons in their own little 'club' by default of having Mothers (Star of ISIS or whatever they are called) who are married to FreeMasons (Baphomet worshipers).

    I kept my Joker smile inside myself and hidden, then 'turned on my Pineal gland' to project a happy casual friendly energy and walked over casually noticing that every single girl present was white and had red hair. "What's this?" I thought... "Weird.... hmmm. Fascinating.....". I got into the 'customer' position looking at about 7 girls between about 10 and 16 and asked, "Is this a FreeMasonic thing?" Two ladies of three present (also white with red hair and one a little darker) turned to me and both nodded and one said "Yes" in a rather jovial manner. "We're selling doughnuts for charity today... one for for blah blah and three for blah blah..." I wasn't paying attention to the prices or boxes as I looked at a couple girls to scan them briefly for anything 'unusual'. I replied "OK... cool..." I paused a moment and then turned to walk away pondering why they all looked the same, pretty much, and remembered everything I knew about such clubs and various related things in human history ... then I decided to 'poke the beast' directly to see if anything showed up. I prepared myself and gave them all a thumbs up when at least half of them were looking at me (the happy casual projected version of me, that is) and said "Baphomet is awesome" (keeping my inner Joker smile well below being sensed, perhaps only by a good psychic... or an ET of course). Two of the adult ladies chuckled and nodded to me and one said "Yes, hahaha." and turned to go about her business. Inside I burst out laughing thinking "No one would believe this, or the skills I have as a hybrid - full confession in broad daylight... and we're all alone"'s usually this way when I'm doing my bet work though - the less humans around me the better I am at what I do - get confessions and the truth from total strangers to old friends... although sometimes they do so just by thinking about themselves 'too loudly' as I say, and they don't ave to say a word to me directly. I see it myself anyway as if I am in their mind already... that's how an active Pineal gland works by the way, for those who were wondering... which is why groups such as these and many related have always 'wanted' me to work 'with them' or to 'suffer' (as I do) for refusing their group activities. A couple girls looked at me a little curiously but the other smiled just as much at the ladies did and they, too, went about their business not even phased at what I stated or their "Mother's" (or "friend's") response to same. I nodded and walk off back to my own path (as usual, in more ways than one).

    Once I felt I was well out of their thoughts several minutes later... I stopped projecting my casual friendly public persona and went back to my Joker smile which is often just barely visible on my face, but can be seen by many as a 'friendly smile' when it's anything but. I smile for my own reasons in this mad world and fake reality and "Reality TV show". I mean, look at what I just got from the world's largest club of Illuminati slaves within seconds while checking out some doughnuts for about 18 seconds. Of course you have to put into perspective 50 plus years of other research well beyond this little 'reminder' while out and about in the 'public' which is one thousand times more intense and rather 'private' at times compared to this little 'moment' that we shared to affirm what I already know. It was... "Something to do" at the time and nothing more. A "Psychic flex" if you will, and nothing more.

    Ponder for a moment the name of this club for the girls of the mothers of FreeMasonic men. Do you know how Job in that Bible story many have an odd fascination with actually goes? He's at home and some male rapists enter his home and want to rape him and his boys and he says something about "No, that's wrong, take my daughters instead, that's at least more natural." Kinda sounds like Islam to me, but whatever... I'm not a member of any of those clubs. Now think about those girls knowing even the word "Baphomet" already and being fully comfortable with it. I'll give you a moment to put the pieces together. Now also think about them doing "Charity work". How can people so 'dark' inside also do such 'kind' things elsewhere? Simple. have you figured out their symbology yet? Black and White everywhere: Checkered floors, Obelisks of black and white with the cap-stones reversed. It's all about balance... but not in a way you're thinking right now (probably). You see... If you want to do really DARK things, what you have to do to balance that energy back out again is to do some really LIGHT things, and then you're OK in the universe and it doesn't want to bite you back with some UNEXPECTED "Karma". It's an 'electric universe', so to speak, all Pagans know this. The more 'negative' you affect things the more charge you build up in the polar opposite sense. The same for the opposite of course. The more 'good' you do, the more charge you build up on the opposite node of your 'spirit body' and the more you need to 'ground' as they say or do things that you might not like or are somewhat critical of such as 'get dirty' (in the physical sense whether it be playing in the mud or you know... something involving your 'base chakra' if you will) otherwise you could find yourself having a SUDDEN DISCHARGE of 'negative energy' at an unexpected time and place. The universe will always seek balance as a circuit, it's that simple. Basic science (Pagan knowledge). So these clubs, to keep humans down and under them, not only do they usually only let those who "can really see well" into the upper levels of influence, they also involve themselves in some rather "Royal" style selective breeding programs. If your Pineal gland works really well, they'll take a 'liking' to you throughout your lifetime, one way or another. Those with the best 'functionality' serve the greatest purpose. This is how they are able to maintain their place and position in the global affairs of the entire human race all the while attempting to appear as 'common' as possible in order to blend in to what you typically consider an average lifestyle, or at least in the common sense, thus they can scatter themselves everywhere in all 'walks' of life and be ready for just about 'anything'. Ponder a moment about their knowledge of the workings of the universal charge and the 'nature of the soul' (for lack of better terms) and take a good look at the MILLIONS of dollars FreeMasons spend on global charities such a 'helping to cure cancer for children' and the hundreds of other such events and activities and think about what kind of charge they would have built up if they never released the opposite node of energy in EQUAL AMOUNTS! Now imagine what that must involve! Now you know why events such as those surrounding the Queen of England, Jimmy Saville, Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew, Hillary Clinton, Gislane 'what's her name' (Jeff's female AND FAR WORSE counter part who's 'gone missing' (from the public eye)) and so forth and many many others continue to exist and never get 'destroyed'... it's because of all the other 'works' these 'great magickians' also perform to keep the balance in 'check' so they can all live another day to do even more 'dark things' balanced out by 'light things' (again, for lack of better words). Make sense? The more you do on one hand, the more you must do on the other, otherwise you are out of balance and your 'charge' being too 'negative' or too 'positive' leads you never knowing when the OPPOSITE CHARGE will suddenly NEUTRALIZE you instantly and *BAM* something really unexpected happens to you that you really DISLIKE. In this regard, this is why they can easily claim to 'Master themselves' and also to 'Master the Universe around them' and thus also are known for their 'Positions' world wide and why things never ever change even if the 'actors' come and go on the world stage.

    Remember the scene in "They Live" where the innocent old lady says into her watch, "I've got one that can SEE!" and then instantly de-materializes. Now you're getting closer to how things really are all around you every day of your life, without even "Gnowing" it ("Seeing" it with your Pineal gland), unless you're very psychic of course... and if you are... then you know all this already and have probably experienced many of the same things that I have for over 50 years as well, and you know I'm right. :>

    Do you understand now why I ended up with this honest Joker smile and yet can still 'fit into society' (FAKE reality) with some effort and skill? :>

    In other words... it was a 'mildly entertaining' moment of my day in an otherwise rather dull day in this Prison Planet we all share.

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  • I know this is none of my business... but...
    You won't do as I say?
    'I am so sad for you.'
    You are missing out on my
    perfect love and wisdom.
    I don't know you at all,
    'but I thought we were friends'.
    One day you'll see that I
    know better than you.
    I must go now and never speak to you again...
    '...but I love you' (like every other invisible imaginary friend strangers have and project all over everyone else).

    Almost every single human being who's ever contacted me through the internet.
    Ignorant to the Nth degree.

    "All talk and no listen, makes Purple Crow... something something..."
    (Now I have become you on the surface, but inside I am still truly myself, untouched by the influence of your 'perfection'.)

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  • I don't get the people of Pitcairn island. (Population 57 or something like that)

    They are 90% dependent on the outside world: Fuel imports for their power system (yes actual power lines), most of their food supply, ATVs to get around with. I mean, it's not like their can mine the place for resources since it's so small. Well, I guess they could eventually make a spoon or something without too much damage to an island the size of your local neighbourhood.

    So unless they are avoiding the 'cop culture' we all have to live with everywhere else or avoiding the entire internet or something like that... I just don't get wanting to be that remote and yet 90% dependent on the very thing you're trying to avoid. I'd much prefer a middle ground like a nice country road far off somewhere and a good functioning farm with 90% of what I need right there, even my own wind and solar powered battery system for most of my gear. Some ethanol brewing for fuel for equipment and so forth, like the old days, basic simple things without having to be a 3 day boat ride from the nearest sea level sand spit airport.

    And get this... "G"oolag street view has already been to Pitcairn and showed me photos of everyone at the dock getting their fuel and supplies. Yup, the almight "G" has already been there and walked around taking photos to show the whole world their faces... slightly blurred out for us but 'on file' for them and everyone in control of the planet of course! They are not as hidden as they assumed they might be because they are so 'special'. If you really want to 'hide', be average, common, boring, not that memorable, and be very independent somewhere common and yet remote. Pretty simple solution because that option exists almost everywhere.

    Island people are strange. They must be lonely too. They're offering free land to anyone who wants to move there. So if you want to be alone the rest of your life with no medical and neighbours you can never drive away from, unless you drive your ATV in a circle for about 5 minutes around the perimeter, then Pitcairn island is just right for you.

    No thanks. Far too visible and deadly for my liking. How many people who have several acres of farmland far off somewhere have their faces on "G"oolag's street view while they are on their front porch that you know of? Not many, I'm sure. Fences, dogs, geese and a bull or two can be very nice for your privacy.
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  • Purple Crow - Realists make terrible sheep.

    Just to be a realist about things... (No BS of any beLIEf system, including religion, government or societal)

    Those "AA" apologies you get...
    1. They were programmed to do so.
    2. They are doing it to clear their own conscience.
    3. The religious people involved in creating these programs are the same, they do so as a goal to 'get into heaven' (proving their worth to some kind of invisible bogey man in the sky).

    I'd be more likely to believe people who are without 'Programs' and 'Religion' if they discovered things on their own about themselves and then were able to help themselves by themselves. Takes a lot of human will it seems to achieve such, and that's worthy of my attention and respect. However...

    Just like the phrase "I'm from the government, I'm here to help you." Just not worth trusting - especially if we have NO CHOICE (anti-free-will human sheep (government)). Just look at all those cop videos out there - Proof I'm right because it's true. Programmed humans are just not trust-worthy, especially those who are so 'kind' and 'good' in their presentation and plastic attitude... They have the most to hide and are just better actors... sometimes... but I see right through them... even when I'm playing along for my OWN personal benefit. Free humans at least stand a chance, MAYBE, at getting my serious attention for more than a minute. Only THEY stand a chance at truly learning who I really am and thus gaining my deepest respects. (No names, but some internet chatters have actually met me in person at great distance and have claimed to me they left as 'changed people' after only a week together. And that's me in my casual mood for a brief period with a stranger I don't really trust in my home. There's your perspective. They know who they are.) :> (The rest of you... not even on the board yet... apply yourselves, if you wish.)

    Just letting everyone know that I am a realist - I face things head on as they really are, not with 'hope' and other self-created or externally programmed illusions. My OWN WILL has saved my life many times more than anyone else ever bothered to care to bother to seriously attempt.

    If it's your 'job description' it's not real... it's your money talking. You would not give a crap about a total stranger, me, under most if not all circumstances, normally... unless you had convinced yourself (or were programmed) to believe that your chosen 'career' means something to me, and that somehow I'd believe in the same belief system as you, and that somehow that would actually work effectively in 'changing the world for the better'... but frankly I think that assumption is short-sighted... unless you're dealing with sheep. Sheep will beLIEve just about anything - Just look at this world. I've been a 'terrible sheep' all my life. I walk with eyes open and do my best to keep humans away from me after all I've learned. It sucks... but I'm not going around forcing humans to believe me and do as I say at gun-point like the government goes and say "I'm trying to do my job, a career I chose because I care about people". (Groans) Put a sock in it, Lady! Push your keyboard buttons and write your internal memos, fellas! No sheep falls for those games, good or bad. It doesn't amount to anything to the free other than fanciful distractions and 'things to be momentarily occupied by'. It doesn't matter what type of programming you have... "Good or bad", killer or healer, I've never bought into that illusion.

    If you don't KNOW ME, I mean really know me, deeply, personally, directly involved in my life for years, living with me, spent half your life understanding me.... Sorry... it's just scratching the surface of my being... barely even tickles. I honestly think people should rediscover their core motivations to discover just how much their minds have been programmed from society in every way. Religion, government, copying everyone around them ever since they were 2 years old like the little sponges they once were. Language... a meme... or a mental infection that's impossible to ever rid the planet of?... I wonder... I truly wonder. Perhaps this little 'game-breaking' code of words on this plastic screen before your eyes right now 'means something' to you. I don't know... I'm not looking (not even with my Pineal gland right now). But all these 'sincere apologies' from people I've never met who rarely if ever even type to me (digital crap) has got to stop because you're wasting your time. All I read is 'baa baa baa', even if it feels 'so right' to you (subjectively)... you're not even CLOSE to me, stop pretending you are - If you TRULY want to be close to me, apply yourself, TRULY! It'll take YEARS to get there, because that's just how real I am. I'm no sheep. Just brutal honesty from a realist who has no fear about what you 'think'. That's all. I know too much to be a sucker for the suckered or the truly manipulative. No worries though, you've got a billion other 'clients' and 'friends' out there to play with. Considering your life-span I'd say you'll never run out of them. :>

    Realists make 'terrible' sheep.
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  • World's weirdest internet music station.

    Commercial free 24/7 non-stop surreal, ironic, dark, ambient, cyberpunk, electronic, neo-classical, experimental, electro-acoustic, drone, noise, everything rare & often disturbing.

    Donate your strangest sounds.
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  • If someone is born human with a body... where do they go to register it so it's not ILLEGAL anymore? Seems that just having one is 'illegal' here (thousands of years of evidence). It's weird though... if they go to a 'public pool' they can be 'naked in public' (change clothing areas), with total strangers of all ages, and now all sexes included, and there's no 'crime' reported against them which makes sense... but if they are naked in their own homes and people approach their living areas and spy on them and see them there's all kinds of strange issues and attacks that arrive, and the general population seems convinced they are 'sensible' about these backwards situations, which is utterly insane. It's very confusing. There should be a simple way to decriminalize their own natural born forms so they can live in peace. Anyway, if anyone knows where one can get their own body decriminalized so there's no senseless hypocritical attacks anymore, let us all know. Meanwhile, back to your insanity, humanity. :>
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  • Overpopulation of cats on a small island with poor people living there is a serious problem. I'm sure they know how to take care of themselves and their feral cats in their own way that helps them all do their best with what they've got. I evoke the "Prime Directive" here as in most cases. I'm sure they save their money and effort for the seriously injured and get them to a vet as needed. If they were any other animal they'd be lucky with that much attention and care (deer, skunks, moose, whatever) without thousands of strangers being permitted to do whatever they want to their feral cats (including unmonitored feeding (and possible poisoning)). I respect islanders and their cultures and limited resources. Not anyone else's place to infringe. You could have asked as well... you didn't. "What happens when ____? And what happens if ____?" So simple to not interfere without knowing.


    The ban makes perfect sense. I get so tired of people who ACT BEFORE THINKING OR EVEN ASKING. Even if you 'disagree' with someone else's family life or culture, you MUST respect it and them... or you are immediately at war. Honour is knowing this and acting with honour always, no matter what. Is the age of the gentleman totally lost? Am I one of the last remaining survivors of such a noble age? No wonder almost everyone 'dislikes' me... we are not the same.
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  • Streaming Services Dropping Passwords for Thumbprints.

    And I warned you all back in the 90's about this day arriving.

    #Biometrics will destroy your chances of survival on Earth.

    Ladies: Think about getting attacked by a stranger and not being 'permitted' to stream your own victimization to call for help because of a post someone you live with made years ago.

    Gentlemen: Think about road pirates assaulting you and not being 'permitted' to stream your own victimization to possibly save your life because of a post someone you live with made years ago.

    What about the next protest that you'll never get to even know exists because their 'government' disabled all their 'permissions' to even use their phones and computers? What if you didn't even know that Hong Kong, Chile, France, and several other countries are in the middle of DAILY 24/7 protests right now?

    If you thought YouTube was 'bad' for censorship... how about big tech and the guv take away EVERYTHING from you? That's next. And I warned you all back in the 90's about this day arriving.
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  • Epstein and Andrew, meme buddies forever. :> "Oh my!" There goes the "Royal" (God says we're better than you) family. 12 years they hung out together and he 'honestly had no idea' what was going on. No one's gonna buy that... expcept the utterly stupid and legally 'retarded'.

    Here's the "odd" thing about all this... 17 is an ADULT by ancient standards as most girls were getting married by then. And in many countries today it's still normal, and the age gap can be as much as 25 years in many cases of fully consensual marriage and is fully legal in those countries. (No I'm not talking about the Middle-East, that get far far stranger of course). So again humans all disagree on "exactly when" someone is "alive" and "born" versus even the idea of "consensual relations" anyway. Just going to point those facts out here as they are facts and history and NOT m 'opinion' in any regard. Just history and today's 'science' accoding to whole nations of humans who agree with that. And I'm really tired of women who DO all these things with others for YEARS and then suddenly need 'help' and a pile of cash and attention for stuff they never complained about a few years ago... until someone got new ideas into their heads. It seems to happen to women about the time when thyey need a 'perk' in their lives... never when they reach 50 or 60 does it 'suddenly all come flooding back to them' and they need some kind of 'revenge'. And yes I've done my own in-person research over my whole lifetime and many women are NOT complaining at all about being 17 and with an older man back then, they seem to rather ENJOY telling me those stories and "WISH" it was someone as famous and powerful as a 'Prince' or whatever. Again, I'm just adding facts here, not my opinion. But those women never get the MASS MEDIA attention nor do they even want it - far too classy for that 'fame' nonsense. Of course it seems they were never 'threatened' or felt 'scared' and I think that's all it comes down to. One slip in that direction and they start getting 'ideas' from others about 'what you COULD do about it' (etc etc). It's a mental game more than anything it seems in most instances... a 'social-media' game more than ever these days, which I think lessens any power a women could have had by maintaining some honour and keeping things private and if she really felt it was necessary, private legal action or whatever suits her fancy... but 'fame' is often part of the equasion far too often and I'm tired of that whole human situation.

    Anyway, carry on.

    PS: I still think the Baphomet worship and FreeMasonic crap is far more important than 17 year olds liking older powerful men for secret sexual hang-outs who later bitch about it for public attention and 'revenge'. Far too many liars out there ruining it for everyone else when they play that game. (Yes, I know all about those liars making shit up just to get ATTENTION far too well!!!! - The only time I truly want a "Hell" to exist is just for women like that - I'd gladly be in charge of such a place myself after what I've been through)
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  • Money is reLIEgion. Science is beLIEf in strangers (unless directly experienced). reLIEgion is letting strangers think for you. Politics is no different. Organized self-serving plots in any of these groups are a cult. And they are all tangled together in a global malfunctioning knot of immense illusion. It's all fake; they made everything up.
    Yes, Einstein was correct. Did the chicken truly cross the road or did the world rotate under the chicken as he did a little dance? Subjective perspective is everything. Depends where you're standing at the time of any 'changes'... until there's nothing to eat... that affects everyone no matter their beLIEf or 'position'. The only certainty is uncertainty, the only constant is change. :>

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