• BREAKING: High Emergency Alert California
    Power outage 'planned' for thousands.
    PG&E 'reacting' to all the lawsuits?
    #MilitaryExercise? Hmmmmm...........
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  • What if that homeless person you just passed by was a talented music teacher who is a survivor of near death surgery and brutal theft and could get a professional record album deal with a label any moment?... once someone starts paying attention... What if that person, was you? What if your talent is 'invisible', because it's not singing or playing a simple instrument when you are homeless and have nothing at all? What then? Who would ever know you, truly? Who would even care other than "Here's some food" (and walk away). She got lucky... if you can call losing EVERYTHING you once had and being 're-discovered' later in life, older and more broken that before... 'lucky'.
    Homeless LA ‘subway soprano’ offered a record deal after video of her angelic singing goes viral
    Emily Zamourka, a homeless Russian singer who has become an overnight internet sensation, has been offered a record deal by a Grammy-nominated music producer, signaling a reversal of fortunes for the destitute virtuoso.
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  • 1. Humans make one random crow 'famous'.
    2. Fandom and jealousy ensue.
    3. Crow gets 'legal protection' from stalkers.
    4. Someone abducts the humanized crow anyway.
    5. 'Laws' accomplish nothing; humans sworn to 'protect' him take no action.
    6. Thousands of upset humans who would never have been sad before reading about a 'famous crow' cry out 'injustice!' Petition to save that one crow appear. "Thoughts and prayers" (posted everywhere).
    7. I sigh (again) at this global pattern over my entire 50 year lifetime.

    Meanwhile I've known over 50 crows throughout my lifetime, some close enough I could pet them, and all were born wild and stayed wild. My stories would amazing some, but not the native chiefs I've met, who understand us (crow and Crow alike). There's far more to this 'physical reality' than most will ever discover. I have 3 new crow friends at my new home already. (Plus 7 other species of animals (not birds)).

    What lessons are other humans learning... if any? Seriously... put your thoughts into words and explain this lesson to me - is there more than one?


    What I (TOHLPC) see happening: If you make a 'non-human' friend, don't tell anyone, especially the public... humans ruin everything through jealousy and ignorance. You cannot educate every human fast enough to stop bad things from happening by making everyone look at you (share, explain). Animals are better off without human intervention ('laws', 'rules', 'protection', 'parading', 'merchandise'). If you do not understand this then you are not a spiritual being... and at the very least not a wise one. Friendship is one thing, sharing each other is fine, but parading and 'sharing' only makes a mess of things due to human fear and jealousy... every time. Animals are right to avoid humans; the only animal that intentionally creates nuclear waste and are so ignorant as to fear their own bodies ('laws' against having one) while believing in the invisible bogey man in the sky.

    Still... I miss seeing you, Canuck... but I WARNED YOU where this would lead. Now you know I was right (what happens when any creature ignores my wisdom and/or awareness, no matter their excuse).

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  • Something Just Hit Dorian - Corporate Media Silent
    I don't trust any one of these sources. Not one. ...But that's just me perhaps. :>
    Still... I share the data as 'news' just the same.
    This storm looks horrible from any angle.
    I see it as just an effect of the recent solar cycle, the mega-cycle of thousands of years.
    As much as I can blame humans for MOST of the crap on this planet from nuclear garbage to fear of their own bodies all the while claiming they are "God's chosen critters" at the center of the universe... I can't blame humans for this stupid storm... but they WILL blame each other for this as well, of course, as usual. They'll pray to the same "God" for help who "created" this storm to "punish them for their sins", etc, etc, blah blah blah. Humans be crazy.
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  • MASSIVE EXTREME weather for humans is just getting started.

    An Anomalous Sudden Stratospheric Warming Is Forming Over Antarctica Right Now

    Need our help yet? You will... and you have no choice, other than to perish by your own decision of refusal to co-operate by refusing to make FRIENDS with us - Change your mind perhaps? You can start with the hybrids already living among you. Address them formally using their terms and MEAN every word you say, and NEVER break a single word you speak to them. You have a LONG way to go and VERY LITTLE TIME LEFT!!!

    #Telepathy #Hybrids #ET #Gnowing #Contact
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  • Video From Camera Outside Epstein Jail Cell Is Unusable
    "#Technology #Fail" or "#Suicided"? I say BOTH! #Humans... PFFFFT!
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  • Cyberpunk ambient soundscore for your mind.

    Warm analogue bass, textural soundspaces and cinematic build ups combine for a unique look into the future of mankind.

    "Early Spring 2074.

    Some say the old days were different. Before cybernetics and the transhumanist revolution. Before the megacorps bought us and our nations, our hopes and our dreams. People back then did not live, work, eat and sleep their lives away within the towering megacorp arcologies. These days only the lucky do so.

    Before the megacorps developed the semantic networks, there were us - soulless prototypes with imprinted memories and so cybernetically enhanced that we verge ever on cyber-psychosis. Due to our post-human DNA, programmed for resilience, we work and live in areas where Humans cannot - like Sector 417. A quarantined and irradiated zone where we protect and maintain the filtration, power and sewage systems of the Mega-City. The nuclear fallout from the conflicts of the 50's is mostly cleaned up thanks to us, though you would never know it.

    Water is scarce, and the first war over it is already brewing. We see, but lack the capacity to care. The word Humanity now feels on the tongue like some long-lost dream. A vision of freedom and serenity, turned to coarse sand on our pallets.

    We see the riots from up here, red smoke and gunfire as anti-transhumanist chants peal through the city. Humans that are disenfranchised, without value in a new world where semantic networks connect the soulless, making them smarter and more effective. What is a single brain compared to thousands? Sometime recently we diverged from the evolutionary path of the many, and now seem land-locked into evolving into a single mind. A single mind at war with itself and all of creation. A single mind ready to disembowel itself to cut the cancer out.

    To cut us out."
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  • The broken "system".

    Job: "Have you ever been arrested for anything?"
    You: "No".
    Research: "Arrested for cocaine possession."
    Job: "You lied! You're a drug dealer!"
    You: "That was bird poop. They fucked up their own test."
    Job: "Oh..." *Staring at you* "Well the position has just been filled anyway."


    Job: "Have you ever been arrested for anything?"
    You: "Yes. I was arrested for cocaine possession that turned out to be bird poop. They fucked up their own test.".
    Research: "Arrested for cocaine possession."
    Job: "You're a liar! You're a drug dealer!"
    You: "...Never mind..." *Leaving*
    Job: "Oh..." *Staring at you* "Well the position has just been filled anyway."

    Proof that "Accusations/Charges" are NOT CONVICTIONS!!! Fuck your "system" and fuck your PARANOIA!!!!!!!

    Humans are why the world sucks. Get rid of all humans and the whole world immediately stops sucking.

    (See the previous post about cops thinking bird poop is 'drugs')
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  • New York Is Over Due For A Big Earthquake That Could Level Thousands of Buildings
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  • Humans invent machine that makes a noise that causes panic over other machines that makes noises and throw rocks. I'm not kidding. They do this to themselves. *Face palm*
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