• What the democrats are offering up for Presidential candidates is like a bowl of granola: nothing but fruits, flakes & nuts....between burnie, beta, camel-toe, sparta-blow, the aryan injun & creepy pedophile biden, I don't see anyone that can challenge the President. It's only going to get weirder as the regressive liberals get more desperate...
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  • WTF? OK that's just weird and disgusting.
    Grand Canyon Museum Exposed Tourists to Radiation for YEARS, Says Whistleblower.
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  • Language pet-peeves of my bloodline.

    English written words: "Banana river"
    Spoken English: Bah-na-na riv-er
    Spoken British: Bah-na-ner riv-ah
    Imagine if it was written the way it was spoken? Totally different rules of language would have to be applied.

    Adults who sound like they are only foh-ah and a haff ye-ahs owd haff ow-ways made me lawff.

    The Scotts sound like they are speaking Klingon in their version of "English". Frightening, but at least it's intense. If you're going to be weird, at least go for the gold medal.

    Gaelic? Well... How about a 26 letter long written word that sounds like "phaah"? I'd get carpel tunnel just trying to write up my shopping list!

    Perspective is everything.
    Pewspectiv is evrey-fing.
    *Growls, coughs, spits*

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  • WEIRD: Italian comedian Virginia Raffaele repeats the word “Satan” five times during unsettling performance at 2019 ‘Sanremo Festival’ #italy #virginiaraffaele #satana #satan #occult #sanremo
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  • WEIRD! Watch The Nancy Pelosi MK-Ultra “Glitch” During Trump’s State Of The Union Address... #sotu #stateoftheunion #stateoftheunion2019 #nancypelosi #mkultra #glitch #trump
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  • brown simply wants to legislate conservatives out of the state...I think it would be fun to see, if all the conservatives left, nothing but wealthy tech giants, whoreweird & illegal immigrants as the only "citizens" in Kalifornia...
    there would be a wall around whoreyweird & silicon valley...
    Jerry Brown Blasts ‘Rural Areas’ for Not Liking Gas Tax That Disproportionately Harms Them
    California Gov. Jerry Brown (D.) on Sunday blamed rural Californians for not wanting higher taxes to help fight climate change.
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  • Who the fuck asks questions like this?!

    "Hey everybody! What would you do if there was anything dangerous near your place?"

    What a retard!

    What the fuck does that even mean?

    Could they be just a little more specific?

    Seems like the same kind of person who would say something like: "Oxygen is pretty weird", or "cheese has some interesting colours". You know, totally useless bullshit like that.

    To answer my own question as to who asks such utter nonsense? They call themselves "Bright Side"... I'm not kidding! They really do.... and they have the world's most pedantic condescending dumb voice on Earth to match their world's dumbest questions.

    Don't believe me? See if you can get through even 2 minutes of this without wanting to beat the shit outta this smug downtalking fucker. I'll warn you though... if you disagree with me about his voice... You know how to duck fast... right? Dude could piss off kids talking like that to them in person... and I hope they all kick his ass!
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  • So it's a woman's fault if she "puts herself out there" & gets sexually abused...liberals, this is your genocide tool speaking...if they ever get there world-wide caliphate going, whoreyweird is in big trouble...heads will come off of bodies then...
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  • @Rosie, you don't have to be so depressed about President Trump! After all, it's nothing a bottle of sleeping pills & a fifth of your favorite liquor won't & all your whoreyweird friends should have a suicide-in party & end the depression...
    Rosie O’Donnell: Send Military To The White House To ‘Get’ Trump
    'That's actually a pretty good idea'
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  • Hey, first post. I quit using Facebook a couple of years ago because of some weird stuff happening in on my timeline. Good to know there's an alternative.
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