• Any company or group or individual who states "No cursing" as a blanket rule is illegally harassing our white-Pagan-bloodline-heritage. You know we are bloodline Pagan 'witches' and 'cursing' attackers and criminals is our RITE! If you mean 'swear words' then stop holding up your hand in court and 'swearing' to 'Heaven' as well, hypocrites.



    Yes, I could make this a thing too. I've done similar before and won in court and changed national 'law'. Don't tempt me. YouTube would have to "ALLOW" swearing for ALL AGES as a result if I did. Pewdiepie would be "BACK" the way you all prefer him. :> (And a LOT more)

    Remember I sued the police for 5 years and won on grounds of Pagan bloodline rights (religion and Celtic bloodline race) as well as sexual liberty for the individual (fuck fear) before.

    And then there's this little protection I've been playing with for a while now that no one can do anything about without attacking BOTH "SIDES" of this 'argument' at the same time. :>

    Would you like me to LIBERATE "curse words" as well, at least in my massive nation to start? Hey, here's a better idea... how about YOU stop CENSORSHIP YOURSELF! Rock on, baby.
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  • Greta Thunberg is a white child with German pigtails and speaks with 'authority'. What does this remind you of?

    If you have yet to read my recently reposted disclaimer, do so now. :>
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  • White males have the WORST experiences in life on Earth, both historically and today, compared to every other race or gender! If you disagree then your mind has already been programmed by Baphomet goat dick sucking ritualistic possessed FreeMasons and their minions (media, religion and government)... or you're a common non-white non-male privileged ignorant asshole who knows exactly how you personally benefit from this one-sided sick anti-white anti-male world, and you don't want to lose the disgusting one-sided power that you have over white-males that you've always lived with and even ENJOYED all your sick life. You don't care how that impacts the lives of white males what so ever because your heart is already dead (probably died a long time ago) - You might as well join the FreeMasons at this point anyway, because what's the difference? You are a fool because you are the puppet of more corrupt puppets than you; they are demonic to the extreme, and you are their food!

    What about the white male FreeMasons, you ask? Not everyone wants to worship Baphomet and sell their soul for a little piece of evil corrupt power in a temporary life of illusion. Those white males who have already done so obey the commands of Baphomet and oppress all white male NON-MEMBERS to the degree mentioned to try to force the remaining free white males to either "join or die"! That's exactly how bad things really are for us FREE white males! I'm not the first one historically to be correct about these facts! There is indeed an evil international clique, global in power, who subvert everything that is good, natural and pure in the world, and they have gone so far as to recruit non-white and non-male members over the years in order to remain in power and influence over EVERYONE, especially white FREE men!

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  • Non-white racism is 1000 times more prevalent than white racism globally. I know first hand for 51 years! This is why I hate humanity. Hypocritical extremism and stupidity everywhere!
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  • "I couldn’t have wished for a better introduction to the work of Purple Crow." Psymon Marshall.

    Purple Crow - Blue Grey.
    August 10, 2019

    Album: Blue Grey
    Artist: Purple Crow
    Label: Self-released
    Catalogue no: N/A

    1. Blue Grey
    2. Pipe
    3. Flowing
    4. Blue Grey (Radio edit)
    5. Pipe (Radio Edit)
    6. Flowing (Radio edit)

    You know you’re onto something when the first track (‘Blue Grey’) by this Canadian project opens with a shimmering plane of ebbing and flowing ringing tones that swing in from nowhere, hovers somewhere between your ears, and has the effect of transporting you outside yourself. You find yourself floating somewhere in the timeless interstitial spaces between being/non-being, knowing/not knowing, active/static. It’s a place where all states exist, and simultaneously where nothing happens. Here is where you swim, insensate and yet aware, existing in a condition of euphoria and beatitude, borne along by unfelt currents. All conditions pertain here: not only is there the feeling of bliss but it’s chased by an undercurrent tending towards chaos, a soft but insistent growling emerging through breaks in the roiling background. It’s not threatening, but it still carries a thrill of warning, signalling it shouldn’t be ignored.

    ‘Pipe’ steals in stealthily, a gentle humming occasionally broken by vibrating drones that hang suspended like motes in sunlight. As it progresses one imagines a blue sky against which white clouds drift past and evolve in slow motion, transforming, breaking apart, and reforming. Shapes and stories can read into the gradual billows and curls unfolding, expanding and contracting, revealing and hiding in a progressive unveiling. It’s a secret language, a natural one, the key to which could lift the obscuring curtain from our eyes to reveal the hidden things. Imperceptibly, however, the clouds grow greyer and darker, perhaps a note of caution that everything changes and nothing stays the same.

    In the last offering ‘Flowing’, a low bass drone flies in as from a distance, a granular buzz that, swirls, gyrates, and propels itself through the stratospheric heights above our heads, perhaps an obscure call from the remote cold and frigid boundaries. It’s an all-pervasive blanket of sound, embracing and enfolding, energising and invigorating. It’s the species of drone that seeps into the skin and settles, suffusing the system with a thrilling intensity. One cannot help but feel carried along with its flow, a liberating cascade of thoughts and feelings, letting the streams propel us wither it wants to roam. It’s exhilarating yet precarious, comforting but simultaneously disconcerting.

    These are scintillating creations, awash with subtle textural nuances and microtonic variations, always hovering somewhere between divine and earthy, free-flying and gravity-imprisoned. Each of the compositions lasts twenty minutes or longer, allowing each one to unfold gradually and logically, but never losing their focus or impetus. I found the suite as a whole strangely compelling, yin and yang in equal measure but with graduated shades in between. The art here though is that, despite an apparently limited palette, there’s still a sense of a broad spectrum of colour and detail, nuanced inevitably of course, but still there. I couldn’t have wished for a better introduction to the work of Purple Crow.

    (The final three tracks are shortened, edited versions specifically engineered for radio broadcast, a précis if you like of the full track.)

    Available as a digital download from:

    Psymon Marshall 2019
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  • Keep picking on white people, see what happens to you, historically.
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  • The whole world is anti-white-male. I fully understand this man's situation!
    Another Dad killed.
    And who runs the banks and debt system? "The usual suspects".
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  • An artist I admire had this public complaint: I've finally given in to the ultra conservative numb nuts in the music industry. A censored version of the artwork for the album is now available for wide distribution on iTunes, Spotify etc. You can of course still obtain the original cover with "Nazi Iconography" as they call it from BandCamp.

    My idea: Want to start a movement with me? Change all of our album covers on Band Camp to Thor's Hammer or some ancient Pagan symbol that's "as yet to be banned by idiotic paranoid ignorant leftists and SJWs" from our shared history with calm pride standing our ground for (or in solidarity with) white history, culture and 'religion'. Should these things not be treated as equally protected by law? Why are they not? It's about time for re-balancing our representation. No fear. Keep your original covers but place them as 'additional items/artwork' on your releases in this idea for this movement. Imagine every genre of music doing this and having the same (or similar) artwork as a movement against leftist extremism, fear, paranoia and ignorance to re-balance our culture as EQUALLY REPRESENTED and PROTECTED in today's unbalanced ridiculous over-reactive, over-sensitive society. Just an idea... what do you think? What's your input? Just planning this today.

    What about you?
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  • "Racist" moves to all 95% black country while "Non-racist" lives in 95% white only region and tell the "racist" that he's, uh, well, "racist"? Yup! Left SJW politics suck Baphomet goat dick.
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  • Ban my culture and heritage and I'll 'ban' your face.

    "Swedish government planning on banning runic alphabet, as it is used by white supremacists (including our black U.S. Marines here). Note that Elder Futharks precedes the Third (and now Fourth) Reich by nearly 2,000 years."

    "At this point, we deem the Swedish (feminist) government an enemy of Scandinavia and the greatest threat Norse culture has ever faced."
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