File upload max size and extensions


Max file size

  • 995 megs

Current File extensions accepted

  • txt, zip, rar, jpeg, gif, jpg, winrar, winzip, tar, exe

Max video size     

  • 995 megs

Current File extensions accepted

  • MP4, MOV, MP3, MPG, AVI, JPEG, GIF, JPG, MPEG, MPEG4, MPG4, MPG3, MPEG3, AVI, ASF, QT, AVCHD, FLV, SWF, WMV, H.264, DivX, 3GP, mp4, m4,

Max audio size     

  • 995 megs

  • Current Audio extensions accepted

  • mp3, wav

Max pic size           

  • 51 megs


*Will be adding more extension over time. If you need a file extension for something please post it on the Voice page*




Voice Anything affiliate program for everyone that you send your affiliate code to as long as they sign up for the site that's all they have to do you're going to earn $0.03 it's my way to say thank you. The way to get your affiliate link is go to your profile and go to update profile and it will actually be its own little section called affiliate.  It should look like this except the USERNAMEHERE will be your name “https://voiceanything.com/?ref=USERNAMEHERE”.

The minimum payment request is set at $100 currently but that may change that in near future.


Picture, Video, Audio Rules

Please don’t upload copyrighted materials that you don't own the rights to. I don't agree with the copyright laws currently in place but they are the law at this time ” there are workarounds for the laws at this time, but it's not my job to tell you how to legally protect yourself. Do the research learn the laws to cover your own self legally. Any copyright notices I will have to look at and contact the user in question and see why he thought he had the right to use it, and is there a way for them to keep the content up. After those steps are taken I will make a decision on to remove it or deny the copyright request. This is a platform about freedom of speech  and I PROMISE to do what I can to make sure I uphold that on all aspects.


Nudity and or porn is allowed because our Democracy voted to make it legal here, and it is covered under the 1st amendment. It doesn't matter if you or I agree or disagree with our elected officials on this. They have voted and made it acceptable under certain conditions. The rules are pretty simple on this and they are as follows.

“Any illegal type’s of pornography and or nudity will be instantly turned over to the Sheriff's Dept, Local Police, FBI, and any other agencies that will be formed to combat Child/adult  exploitation, Capital offenses”.

So common sense will be your friend here and just to make sure there is no confusion, I will lay this out pretty simply.

  • All models, actors, and actresses must be 18 yrs old or older

  • Videos of actual rape are not allowed

  • Videos or Pictures of murder or necrophilia not allowed

  • Please use common sense if you have to refer these rules to see if something is allowed or not then you just shouldn't post it. I'm not going to go through every law because unfortunately every state is different on that.

  • All Nudity or porn pages must be labeled under Nudity NO EXCEPTIONS


1. My birthday is showing up how do I hide it?

A: Click the dropdown menu in the corner. Select settings. You should see an option for Privacy. After you click privacy an option will show who you want to see your birthday. Simply just select the option "me only". 

2. How do I create an Advertisement? 

A: Please see this article: https://voiceanything.com/blogs/22440/Introducing-Wallets-Send-Money-To-Friends-Avoid-Processing-Fees-Avoid

3. How I create a page?

A: Simply click pages in the main menu on your feed. From there you will be directed to a page where there is a green plus sign. Click this green plus sign to create your new page. 

4. How do I create a group?

A: Simply click Groups in the main menu on your feed. From there you will be directed to a page where there is a green plus sign. Click this green plus sign to create your new page. 

5. It is really slow right now. What is happening?

A: We constantly are battling attacks from the Deep State trying to DDOSS servers. They send packets constantly. It may be just a short term hinderance. Just refresh the page. 

6. Will my information ever be sold?

A: No. It is part of our mission here to make sure people's data is safe from the Deep State. 

7. Can I donate to the website? 

A: Yes, we have a GoFundme page here: 

8. How do I share this place?

A: We have many icons from many different platforms to help you share. 


I don't like something someone has to say!!

Then don't follow them or go to their profile or pages they run or that they moderate or admin over. Once again please use common sense I'm not your babysitter I'm not going to sit in the sandbox with every user of the site and say please stop being mean to her, keep your hands to yourself, share your toys etc. People forgot that social media is like being on the playground if you do like someone when you were in grade school you just don't play with them. Social media should be the same thing if you don't like someone don't talk to him. I refuse to have my day filled up by me having to go through a billion request to have someone banned because you don't agree with them over something.


I am being harassed

Block the person, it's a simple solution. If there a death threats or threats of violence then please contact me so it can be resolved.


These rules will grow as we grow and situations may occur. If you're ever in doubt

or you need something clarified please msg or email me.