I started this website  because over the last decade I have noticed more and more every day that we are losing the ability to speak what we Think about a subject or event Unless it's agreeable what everyone else.  I remember years ago when I was a professional musician when they were just starting to run the test on blacklisting people on Facebook and Twitter and other social media sites and it was the weirdest thing I would meet some people after a show and they were unable to actually add me to Facebook or Twitter unless they would go through a mutual

friends list that was the only way they could actually find me at the time even if they had my real name the school I graduated from and everything else they could not find me and well now we actually know why because that was just the beta test of their whole control system and technically we can even go even further back than that  I believe it was the early seventies when the doors play The Ed Sullivan Show and you couldn't say the word higher on network TV and they were trying to get Jim Morrison of all people to actually change his words well if you know anything about Jim Morrison you'll know That he hated censorship of any type especially towards the Arts. So to the Network's horror he gave them a big fat fuck you! So the network was actually true to its word it never did have him back on The Ed Sullivan Show but he didn't need to be back on that show because his Fame just kept going higher and higher and higher.


The moral of the story is basically that they've been at this for a very long time and they have dumb us down and have trained us to accept them taking more and more rights away from us daily. So I've decided to become a thorn in the side of the so-called people in charge, the people who want to run and manipulate our Lives. I still believe in this country and I still believe for everything it stands for to the point that I have actually put the rest of my savings into the website and server. Also into making sure that I can offer other services that can generate money to keep this site up and running.


With all that being said I hope you enjoy the site and enjoy having your freedom of speech restored back to you but remember freedom of speech is a double-edged sword so even if you don't agree with what someone else has to say they still have the right to say that.

God Bless America and God bless all humanity.